Rang Rasiya 29th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Rang Rasiya 29th April 2014 Written Episode, Rang Rasiya 29th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
paro comes in room and says you ate parsad but didnt take aarti, she says i will leave you take aarti, she says you will take it? paro says okay dont look at me, its enough for me that you came in pooja, rudra is sweating, paro is about to go out, rudra says paro, she turns. rudra feels dizzy as poison gets circulated in blood, he tries to get hold of himself but falls on ground. diya falls off, paro shuts major sahab, chacha and maithili comes there, they see rudra lying on ground, paro keeps holding his neck and says bubbles are coming out of his mouth, she ask chacha to call hospital, mohini and sumer smirks. they take rudra to hospital. doctor after checking says that poison was given to him, iron content got mixed in his blood, maybe some food had great iron content, mohini says this paro was taking his life by strangling him by neck, doctor says she saved his life, if you hadnt grabbed his neck then poison would have gone in whole body, now poison is in his neck only which is good but one bad news is that poison is circulated in brain, if he doesnt become conscious till tomorrow morning then.. he says only one person can stay here at night, paro says i will stay, he says you can meet him. sumer says to mohini that she will save rudra, mohini says i will not lose in this life.

Scene 2
rudra is lying on bed, paro is sitting infront of him and puts hand on his neck, she says i remember bholenath seeing you like this, he drank poison and his neck also became blue, maithili comes and says seeing you i remember maa parvati who also put hand on bhole’s neck to stop him from gulping down poison, paro says i dont understand how he had poison, maithili ask do you remember he ate anything in morning? paro says no he only brought coldrink and juice which i drank then he ate parsad… paro looks on.

SCene 3
sumer says to mohini that they will know truth, chacha ask where are you going? she says paro said she will stay so we are going and also i have to pry for rudra’s life, she ask him to bring maithili, chacha comes to maithili and ask her to come. maithili says to paro that we all ate parsad if it had anything then we all would have.. paro says i firmly believe that someone did that, i need your help till i come home you keep watch in home and if you find anything then tell me, i have to find proof. maithili nods. mohini says to sumer that rudra will leave this world i promise.

Scene 4
samrat comes to maithili and says to her that rudra is strong he will be fine, maithili says dont know whats happening 1st dilsher and now rudra, samrat says its bad time, he ask her to give milk to maasa, she nods.
in hospital, paro is tensed thinking about rudra, she recalls how rudra eat that laddo taking from paro and recalls maithili saying that we all ate parsad, paro says no i didnt eat that laddo.
mohini is mixing something, samrat comes screaming what are you doing, powder falls on ground, she says nothing, she leaves the powder bottle there. they goes..
paro calls maithili and says i remember that the plate was different from which all ate laddos and rudra plate was different, mohini and sumer leaves from behind of maithili, maithili says this means someone from home did that, paro someone did that purposely and i was target, she ask maithili to see everywhere in house, maithili ask about rudra, paro says he not right, i am worried, morning is about to come, maithili says have hope , your morning will be shinny.

Scene 5
mohini says to suer that today rudra will breath last as when this iron powder will be given to him then he will go, sumer says when you will give injection then there will be spot, mohini says who will see it on dead body and when paro will sleep then i will attack rudra.
maithili comes to mohini’s room with milk, she calls her and sees iron powder lying on ground, she opens the jar and says its iron powder and recalls doc saying iron was given to rudra. she runs out..mohini and sumer comes to hospital, mohini says light is off of their room so paro is sleeping. maithili comes to sunehri’s room and takes magnet
from there.
mohini sneakingly comes to rudra’s room, she comes forward to rudra.
mathili comes to mohini’s room and moves magnet on iron powder, it get stuck on magnet, maithili says this means it is iron powder but here? she recalls how mohini says laddo cant be eaten before pooja, she says what i will do now, should i call paro, maithili says no 1st i have to confirm that maasa did..

Scene 6
mohini takes out injection. otherside maithili collects powder in jar, samrat comes and ask what are you doing here, she says i came to give milk to maasa. mohini points needle on rudra’s and says go with peace and easiness, bye. she is about to inject it but light is turned on. mohini is stunned.

PRECAP- maithili tells paro that i got iron powder but i will investigate more then tell you who was having it, paro says rudra only ate half laddo and half he took to room, you go there and check, maithili finds laddo and says i will check it with magnet then will call you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. today episode quite nice bt precap sounds great….. i hope paro will reveal kaki sa

  2. Plzzz be fasst..

  3. What precap yaar

  4. hope rudra will get conscious by 2molo

  5. its very interesting episode

  6. Hi guys….. i dont think rudra vl think anythng against paro as paro knws vry wel dat he doesnt eat sweets…. n his conclusion vl b dat paro was in dangr n unknowingly he tuk it on her n vl c how paro has takn pain to save his lyf.. so he vl turn more softr towrds her

  7. omg…cant wait anymore for the upcoming scens…!

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