Tumhari Pakhi 27th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 27th November 2013 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 27th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Pakhi hugging Anshuman and the song Bol dil se…. playing in the background. Anshuman leaves while she looks at him. Bua tells Girish that she wants to meet Pakhi as she can seen her on tv and she found her smart. Lavanya argues with Bua. Bua says I can tell at once who is smart. Lavanya taunts Bua and they bring Girish in between. Girish smiles listening to both of them. Bua says what gift shall I take when we meet Pakhi in the evening. Lavanya says Girish has a meeting. Bua says cancel the meeting. Anshuman asks the men to bring on the power. Pakhi says I m feeling hungry, even you might be hungry.

Anshuman does not answer her. She smiles and goes to the tiffin. She says fine, I will have food and starts eating. Anshuman looks at her. He was about to come to her but turns when she looks at him. Pakhi laughs and says I told you, you hide whats in your heart but i understand you. Come and eat if you are hungry. She convinces him and gives a roti roll to him. He says I don’t need this. She insists. He accepts it saying now that you are forcing me to take this. She says thankyou. He says thanks. She also eats sitting at the terrace. Anshuman tastes it and likes the food. Pakhi smiles seeing him.

He says what? She says nothing and turns. She gives him another roti roll. He eats it and then says I don’t want it. She says I thought we might late here, so…. He does not give it back to her and eats it. Maa ji gives the updates to Lavanya. She says I don’t know what to do. Lavanya says I m coming there. Pakhi and Anshuman see the view of the city of Shimla from the terrace. Anshuman says whats new in this. She says nothing new, but we are seeing the view together, so its special. Music plays…. They have an eyelock.

Pakhi smiles looking at him and he walks away. Maa ji tells Lavanya that Pakhi did not come till now. Bua says she is a smart and educated girl, she will be back soon, don’t worry. Lavanya says lets go now. Bua says we will meet Pakhi and go. Lavanya plays with Naina and Girish sees her happy as never before. Anshuman tells Pakhi to come as they got a stair. He holds her hand and they both come down through the stairs. Anshuman says the power should never go. Pakhi says yes, and if it goes, it should not come so early. Anshuman looks at her.

Lavanya says I think we should leave now, I tried calling Anshuman and it looks like he is busy. Everyone are shocked to see Anshuman bringing Pakhi in his arms. Bua and Girish smiles. Girish says great. Bua says they are looking so good together. Anshuman says she got hurt. Lavanya looks at Anshuman and he says actually we went to construction site and she got hurt. Lavanya says what was she doing there. Girish says Bua came to meet Pakhi, she was waiting for a long time. Bua ia happy to see Pakhi and says she is very beautiful Anshuman. Pakhi respects her and Bua is impressed and taunts Lavanya.

Bua asks Anshuman to take care of Pakhi’s foot giving it a jerk. Girish says how can he hold her foot, he is her husband. Bua says he can, if he can lift her then he can do this too. Girish says yes, you are right. Pakhi says no, I m fine. Bua says come, sit. Anshuman sits by Pakhi’s side and says I m not going to do this. Bua says it will be fine, come on, a husband can to take care of his wife as a wife can only trust her husband. Anshuman looks at Pakhi and holds her foot and gives it a jerk so that her strain goes away.

Pakhi shouts and Bua says enough. Now hold her hand and make her stand, she is fine now. Anshuman gives his hand forward and Pakhi looks at him holding his hand. She gets up and stands by his support. Lavanya is annoyed. Pakhi says I m fine now. Bua says I told you that it will be fine.Pakhi greets Bua by touching her feet. Bua blesses her. Pakhi asks who is this baby. Girish sas she is Naina. Pakhi plays with Naina and laughs. Pakhi says Naina is cute like my niece Chutki. She says I m waiting for Ayaan.

She asks where is Naina’s parents. Girish says her parents died in a road accident. Bua says I m worried about her. Pakhi says we are for her, she can stay with us. Bua praises Pakhi and says I brought something for you, this is your Mu Dikhaai, keep it. Bua blesses her. She says lets go Girish. Pakhi asks Naina to come again and they leave. Pakhi is happy and talks to Anshuman. She says I m laughing thinking about Bua’s words. She says if you knew Bua would tell this, you would have not brought me in your arms. He says no, I would have still done that. Pakhi smiles.

Pakhi thanks Anshuman. He says fine. She says thankyou. He says you are welcome. She says itf for something else, actually I have a good news. Anshuman is shocked and says what. She says sit, see I was tensed seeing the big bills, but its looking fine seeing you. She says I heard you talking to your employees and I learnt from it. She says I have thought of avoiding extra expenses and maybe I will win Lavanya’s heart. She asks are you happy. he says yes ofcourse. She says thanks. Anshuman gets Mr. Rana message which says he hopes that Pakhi leaves before he comes back and Anshuman gets worried.

Anshuman tells Pakhi that he would take her on lunch. Pakhi is very much happy and gets ready. Girish says maybe Anshuman and Lavanya made some plan again to hurt Pakhi.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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