Tumhari Pakhi 27th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Tumhari Pakhi 27th December 2013 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 27th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ayaan telling his teacher that Pakhi did this, she has tied the rope to his legs. His teacher thinks that she saw Pakhi buying the rope in the market. Ayaan acts innocent. The teacher feels bad for him and says Pakhi looks so innocent, how can she do this with you. Ayaan says she is doing this for me. He cries and says how Pakhi punishes him. He cries. He shows her his mum’s photo and says Pakhi has torn this too. She says I will talk to your dad. Ayaan says no use, even he takes Pakhi’s side, I tried but failed.

He says my dad likes her and does not listen to me. The teacher says I will help you, don’t worry. She leaves and Ayaan smiles. Its night, Ayaan and Anshuman are playing games on their tabs. They act similar. Pakhi comes to them

and says I made something special for Ayaan. She says I know you like Pasta. Ayaan thinks what to do and thinks of eating it. Anshuman thinks Pakhi knows Ayaan does not like spinach and wahts to find out what will Ayaan do, she is doing this to catch his acting. Anshuman says Ayaan won’t eat spinach but Hatim eats it so will you. He talks about Hatim. Ayaan and Pakhi have a laugh.

Girish and Lavanya comes and Girish does some shayari and says we are glad that this is looking like a happy family. Lavanya says we have come to incite you as Naina got a new tooth. Pakhi is happy and says but why the function. Everyone look at her for asking again. Lavanya asks Ayaan to come along. He promises her that he will come. Pakhi is outside in the lawn thinking about Ayaan. She feels cold and Anshuman looks at her. He brings an extra shawl and covers her saying its very cold. She thanks him.

He says don’t think about Ayaan this much, he is a moody kid. She says I m thinking that parents celebrate and throw a party when a kid gets a new tooth. I m thinking what to gift. Anshuman says you were thinking about gifts, whats the big deal, we can gift anything. He suggests her and she says right, I thought we have to gift something good else everyone will laugh. She gets him in her shawl and smiles. He says its such a good weather, look at the moon, its so beautiful.

Its morning. Anshuman sees Pakhi in the garden. She makes a big tooth. She asks Ayaan why are you not ready. Ayaan says I won’t come as my tuition teacher is coming. Pakhi says you have to come, I will call my teacher and ask her not to come. Ayaan asks her to message the teacher and not call. Pakhi messages the teacher that Ayaan won’t be having the tuition today as he is going out with his family. Ayaan asks everyone to go and he will come with the driver. Pakhi says we will wait for you.

Anshuman says its ok Pakhi, let him come late, we have to go early. Pakhishows him the gift for Naina and says I have a gift for Ayaan too. She gives Ayaan a wallet and says this is for the smart Ayaan. Ayaan takes it and sees his mum’s photo in it. Pakhi smiles. Ayaan looks at Pakhi and says it has money also. Pakhi says because the wallet is not gifted empty, did you like it. Ayaan says yes and leaves.

Pakhi gets ready and Anshuman sees a sticker at he back and tells her. She says sticker, where and tries to remove it. Anshuman says there, somewhat down. She says you remove it. He comes to her and removes the sticker. She laughs seeing it. She says its good you removed, else everyone would have laughed on me. She thanks him and says lets go. He says I forgot the file which Girish gave me, you go, I will come.

Ayaan talks to Maa ji about his new mission against Pakhi. Anshuman hears this and is happy. He says Ayaan does not need me as he has Maa ji with him, smart boy. Ayaan asks Maa ji to call the teacher. Maa ji calls her and asks her to come and take her fees. The teacher says I will collect it today. Maa ji says no, please come today else Pakhi will get angry. Maa ji speaks bad about Pakhi and gives a wrong image to the teacher. The teacher says ok I will come. Ayaan says lets celebrate and drinks cold drink with her and says now Pakhi will be out of this house.

The part has begun at Lavanya’s house. Pakhi and Anshuman talk about Ayaan. Pakhi says I felt he won’t come, I m missing him. Anshuman says chill, he will come. Maa ji gives the fees to the teacher and gets Ayaan’s call. Ayaan asks him to say as he say. Maa ji says Anshuman needs the accounts file, I will check, but how will I know about the file. She asks the teacher to help her in finding the file. The teacher agrees to help. Maa ji takes her to Anshuman’s room. Pakhi talks to Girish and says I m worried Ayaan did not come till now. Lavanya treats Naina well. Girish says its strange, Lavanya accepted Naina and I love her even more now. Pakhi says I don’t know when will Ayaan accept me as his mum. Girish says he won’t get a better mum than you.

The guests talk about Lavanya adopting a child and talk ill about Naina. They laugh on Lavanya and she hears them. Lavanya confronts them and asks them to come inside as she is doing an important announcement. The teacher hears Ayaan crying. She sees Ayaan in a cupboard crying. She is shocked.

The teacher says now I have to talk to your dad about your mum. Pakhi thinks of talking to the teacher. Ayaan does naughty things again to trouble Pakhi..

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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