Ek Boond Ishq 27th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Boond Ishq 27th December 2013 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 27th December 2013 Written Update

Taara showing lifeline and fate line to MJ on his hand and remarks that he has a long life. MJ tells that his life is short as there is death sentence on his head. Taara becomes sad and emotional. She says to MJ that his long life is sure since now she has performed KC for him.

She goes to sleep. MJ gets a call from Kaka. Kaka informs him he will be late as there is no auto available. MJ asks him not to worry and forbid him to come and says that he will stay with Dadu tonight. MJ comes to the room to check Taara and leaves. Kaka says to unknown girl he couldn’t leave her alone and she says to take care and MJ shouldn’t know about her.

Tara wakes up in the morning and finds MJ is missing. MJ is in Stable with Dadu. He says its time to leave this place and he needs to

check outside. And then he notices Tara coming here. He hides Dadu and comes outside. Taara asks him what is he doing here. MJ says he has to manage some stuffs. Taara is about to enter Stable to help him but MJ stops her and says that he wants some water. She says she wants to help in household work. He says when he is asking for water she is not giving him. Taara then goes to get water.

Aradhana worries about Taara as she didn’t call her.Nandu gets angry on this and tells her that Taara is happy in her palace so not to worry for her.

Taara returns with water and finds MJ is missing. She decides to stay in stable until MJ comes. Baba and meethi also comes to stable, she complains them about MJ”s leaving her alone. She says she won’t come until he comes here to take her back. She says MJ doesn’t consider their relationship to be true but Baba says if he doesn’t value their relation he won’t have come to break her fast. But Tara is adamant to get answers from MJ.

FC reaches to the said address to get the parcel for RP. He Comes to another address to leave the parcel, he knocks the door, a man is inside, but he is not opening the door. FC is thinking RP has stuck him with a Dabba Kam.

Baba is still in the Stable and trying to convince Taara to come back home. He says that he will speak to MJ about this matter but Taara says it’s a matter between husband & wife. MJ comes and Tara asks Baba and Meethi not to ask anything to MJ. MJ comes and MriAra face to face.

FC knocks the door and that baba opens the door. FC is surprised to see him. He gives the parcel to him and asks him what’s in it. He says it’s something to change the future i.e. some valuable books. FC leaves but he left his phone there. The guy pulls out his fake beard and mustache. He opens the Parcel and it’s revealed its gun inside. And this time their target is Jayraj.

Taara is angry on MJ asking whether he is still thirsty. MJ asks Baba and Meethi what are they doing here and says let’s go back to home but Tara is adamant she won’t leave until MJ tells her the truth. MJ says he went out as he got an urgent call. Taara asks him he should have informed her and not left like thief. She wants him to say sorry to her. MJ is shocked that she is stretching a small thing into big one. He advices her to leave the topic and to come back home. Taara refuses.

FC comes back to take his phone. He finds the phone near where the gun is hidden. Fake baba is worried but managed the situation and FC didn’t see the gun.

In Stable, Taara still not wills to go back to home, even when MJ tried to take her. Baba asks him to say sorry but he says he won’t and let her stay here if she wants so and thus Maria will also get a company. He leaves.

Precap: MJ makes chaat for Taara. She asks him it is his mistake if he thinks he can escape from saying sorry by making chaat.

Update Credit to: PrincessN

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