Tumhari Pakhi 26th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Lav excuses herself to walk outside. Anshu congratulates tanya’s fiancee. Fiancee goes to make a call and Tanya does chance pe taandav dance aka starts insulting and taunting anshu how he messed up her life. She goes on and on even cuts anshu off when he says he is really happy for her. she reminds him how lav is waiting for him in car.

deepika is all excited for receiving first pay cheque. Anuja asks for party, she agrees. All three enjoy in the chandani chauk, paratha gali, walk on the street for window shopping when a guy repeatedly eve teases deepika. Pakhi encourages her saying to tolerate injustice is bigger crime than injustice it self. She tells her to be strong, take a stand etc. Anuja says her family always tell to keep quite both the incident gal is the one who gets defamed so are not you going to do something. Deepika goes and slaps the guy, yells at him, crowd gathered around asking what has happened, she tells the truth public start beating him.

Pakhi and anuja seem proud on her. She goes for group her, when invisible boy friend prateek suddenly becomes visible calling her name. he drags her to home, sees alcohol bottles, starts blaming her, insulting her, questions her life style, stops anuja to intervene, when deepika tells the truth, he blams her to provoke the guy, final nail in the coffin is he calls her characterless. All three are shocked for their own reasons.

Deepika stands up for her and gives tight slap to him. He too in return raises hand, pakhi stops him, deepika gives him reality check, how he too got caught for eve teasing, he keeps on insulting her, threatens her for the sake of family marriage etc. Deepika throws ring on his face and throws him out too. She comes in starts crying. Anuja-pakhi gives her courage, they hug but she was crying how he had called her characterless when she has changed so much fo him. She says to pakhi now she understood what she meant by self respect.

Anuja pakhi sitting in room, anuja self talk that every guy think and afraid that a woman can have her own life, she should not be going ahead of them, she should be able to lead, all men can think of is suppressing woman, best way to control blame on character etc. She takes all her frustration out finally in vocal and ends up saying nothing has changes all still same only style, pattern has changed first anuja, then pakhi now deepika. Pakhi gets it. Pakhi says she has refused to give agni pareeksha. He came to apologize, tries to pacify me but I did not go. Anuja replies I knew you are away but did not know why. Pakhi asks anuja has not she ever felt for her kids? Has she not thought of going back for kids? Anuja is shown to gone in FB where she begs to her hubby to let her be for her kids but he still kicks her out. Pakhi says many times she feels Ayaan is paying for no fault and she at least should go back for him leaving all aside. ( very good meaningful dialogues)

Anuja says my kids would have grown up by now with her bad memories. They must be feeling their mom left them when they needed her most. I livehappily keeping their picture in my eyes, as I do not even know how do they look now. ( i guess anshu’s family was in rajasthan earlier, she too lived soem time with her bro, that’s how she does not know now they are in Shimla). Pakhi says relation can never break, may be path gets different, Every one watns to be free but practically it is not possible. She says a love without self respect brings you down in own eyes.

Back at Shimla, lav says I can understand her self respect, hence she never tries to search for us, now she has her own family . For us it is enough that she misses us.
Other side in Delhi Anuja telling pakhi she misses her kids every day, she cried a lot but now she has learned to live in their happy memories. She tells pakhi that she is very lucky to get a chance to speak with her son every day. She says the boy is very good looking, what is his name pakhi smilingle tells Ayaan, anuja says his eyes are like my son, pakhi asks what is her son’s name? twenty two minutes are over so screen freezes before anuja could answer : Anuhman

Tomorow: Tanya is again after a married guy
Anshu bumps to gal, who happens to Prachin’s wife. She drops her marriage certificate. Anshu goes to tell truth to Tanya, who thinks he is taking revenge and offers her to marry her if he wants her.

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