Maharana Pratap 26th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 26th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with phool thinking about competitor rajkumari’s wordings. DB comes and says, you will definitely win. Phool says, i dont believe that these rajkumari’s are of my status. I will not take part of this competition. DB says, i know you are eager to take part of this competition. Phool says, yes. Ajab says, pratap will help you for this. Phool says, then you will help me in this. Ajab says, i cannot take part in this competition. Phool says, if you will not help me then how will i win this competition. DB says, are you sure that you wont marry with pratap. Phool says, yes, she will not. Pratap does conversation with rawal ji and says, trained these soldier and they will definitely become our brave soldier. Pratap meets with phool and ajab. Ajab says, give training to phool for competition. then pratap bring phool and ajab with him for training.
JB gets tensed about ajab and ask from sajja, where is she? Sajja says, i dont know. DB came and taunts to JB, why are you eager for pratap and ajab marriage. So please allow pratap and phool’s marriage. JB says, pratap and ajab is made for each other and soon both of them they will propose each other.
Pratap gives training and says to phool, bring up this kaawad, and collect water. Phool says, how will i do this? Ajab encourage her. Pratap helps her and says, now you will able to handle it, as pratap removes his hand, phool fall down. Pratap says, come ajabdehi and teach phool. Ajab thinks about phool’s wordings and says, step back from me. Ajab then collects water. Phool gets surprised. THen ajab says to phool, now you try. Phool says, i cant do this.
Ajab ordered to phool, go and pull it up. YOu are really brave, you always fight with your brother for me and mughals then what about this kaawad. Phool then pick up the bucket and ajab encourages her. DB again taunts about phool and JB says, what about competition, ajab is not taking part in competition, first of all go and convince ajab for competition.
Competition starts and first task is of bear down of effigy with sticks. Pratap inaugrates the competition. All rajkumari’s get sticks to bear down effigy. None of the rajkumari’s does the task. Ajab gets excited about competition. Jb gets annoyed from ajab.

Precap:- All the rajkumari’s cant do the task and all rajkumari taunts about ajab.

Update Credit to: tushar

  1. I love the chemistry between pratab and agabDi

  2. I too love chemistry between pratap and ajabde

  3. Me 3 love chemistry between pratap & ajab 🙂

  4. mad serial..for mads

  5. man me infity i love pratap and ajabde chemistry, i just can’t stop watching the dang serial man, i love it cant wait for tomoroww when pratap proposes to ajabde as i saw in precap

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