Tumhari Pakhi 20th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Tumhari Pakhi 20th December 2013 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 20th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Pakhi telling Anshuman that Ayaan is really different. She says you should have not scolded him and talk to him nicely. He says when you spend some days with him, you will know it. She says how much do you love yourself, as Ayaan is exactly like you, she laughs. Ayaan is playing a game and Maa ji comes to him speaking to him sweetly. She asks are you annoyed with me, I know its my mistake, I should have told you about your new mum. Ayaan says don’t be over dramatic, she is not my mum, but dad’d new wife. He says why did you come here. Maa ji says the food will be ready in some time, come. She leaves.

Ayaan and Anshuman have a cute talk over lunch. Anshuman calls Maa ji and asks who kept this dessert on the table. Pakhi says I kept as I wanted him

to have sweets as he came here after many days. Pakhi asks Ayaan to eat anything he wants. Ayaan says can I have it now. Pakhi says ofcourse and serves him and Anshuman. Anshuman says I…. Pakhi signs eat it. Ayaan says someone came to shut Anshuman. Lavanya calls Anshuman and asks him what is his new plan. Anshuman says I don’t know. Lavanya says you are losing to Pakhi, why so, you have to think harder.

Lavanya sees a file and she is shocked to see its adoption related file of Naina made by Girish. Bua is massaging Girish’s head and Lavanya comes to him. She throws the adoption file and asks whats all this. Girish is tensed. Lavanya says you did not even tell me about this big decision. Bua leaves. Girish says Lavanya….. Lavanya says you should have discussed with me, I m your wife. Girish says I m fearing of your reaction. She asks will you be happy with this decision. He says you know it very well. Lavanya says my happiness is in your decision, its fine. Girish says I m not forcing you. Lavanya says I m happy. Girish thanks her for giving him this happiness and hugs her.

Bua sees them and smiles. Its morning, Anshuman is getting ready for office. Pakhi stops him and brings the sindoor box and reminds him of his promise. He says whats this in morning. She says sindoor is applied only in the morning. He says my clothes will be spoiled. She covers his blazer by her saree. Bairi jiya……… tumpe piya………….. plays while he fills her maang with the sindoor. Pakhi closes her eyes and Bol dil se…………….. plays…………… Anshuman looks at her.

Pakhi is happy. She stops him and says close your eyes, there is something. He closes his eyes and she gets an eyelash and says give me your hand. He says what. He gives his hand and she says make any wish. He says I don’t believe in this, I don’t have time. She says fine, I will make a wish. She makes a wish and blows it. Anshuman looks at her. She says done. He asks what did you wish. She says you don’t believe right, I won’t say before it gets completed. She leaves. Anshuman says how will that happen what I want, when will you go away from this house Pakhi.

The servants are having a talk about yesterday. Ayaan is playing at the garden. He sees no one near the car and thinks of driving it. He goes to the car and thinks how he drove the car in his game. He sees the car has keys and gets in the car. He starts the car and the car moves forwards. Pakhi comes outside the house hearing the horn and is shocked to see Ayaan driving the car alone. She runs after the car shouting Ayaan.

Ayaan does not know about the consequences and is happy. Pakhi gets in the car and applies the break before the car hits the gate. She asks are you fine. Ayaan says chill and gets out of the car. She stops him and asks him to stop it. She says don’t try to be my governess. Anshuman hears this and shouts Ayaan. He gets angry and all the servants comes.

Anshuman comes to Ayaan and scolds him. He says will you drive the car. Ayaan says yes. Ayaan argues with Anshuman. Anshuman is about to slap him but Pakhi stops him. Ayaan pushes Pakhi. Pakhi takes Anshuman with her and they come to the room talking about Ayaan. He says did you see how he is replying to me, you can’t tolerate him. She says calm down and explains him. She says we have to act as elders, we can’t beat them to explain them, they will be annoyed with us, we have to find a way to make him a smart person.

She says we have to do something different. Ayaan is in the hall and Maa ji is trying to make Ayaan angry saying Pakhi might be talking to Anshuman to punish Ayaan. Anshuman and Pakhi come to Ayaan. Anshuman says Ayaan, and looks at Pakhi. He says I know it was not your mistake, you are small, you don’t know whats right or wrong for you. He says because of Pakhi, I made a decision for you, that you won’t live here, and go to boarding school. Ayaan and Pakhi are shocked.

Pakhi says what are you saying. Anshuman says Pakhi you were right, the best thing is to send him to boarding school. Ayaan says I won’t go and says you decide your life, let me decide my life. Anshuman says its decided. Ayaan cries and runs to his room. Pakhi goes after him and knocks his door asking him to open the door. Ayaan says don’t disturb me. He opens the door and is packing his bag. Pakhi says what are you doing. Ayaan says you wanted this, are you happy now. Pakhi says listen to me. Lavanya comes calling out Pakhi. Pakhi goes to her and Lavanya scolds Pakhi for separating Ayaan and Anshuman. Pakhi is shocked.

Pakhi tells Anshuman to give her 15 days and she will change Ayaan. She says else you can send Ayaan, and even I will go from here forever. Anshuman is happy to hear this.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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