Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 20th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 20th December 2013 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 20th December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with shail telling dayal that he does not need to go as she will go and ask for forgiveness from them from everyone. Dayal tells that why will she go? , and tells that if he has been mistaken then he will go and ask forgiveness and then he tells that he will only go with rachna, shail says ok. Then at home KT is talking with flight bookers and he gets to know that there is no need ready tickets for the New York flight and that the flight will be very late, i.e. after many days. Then kt says that he will talk later. There rachna and dayal come and then kt sees them and he remembers what dayal had said, then he tells that you are welcomed, dayal tells sorry to kt and tells that he was very tensed that day for rachna as she is his daughter and

a father is always very caring towards a daughter. Then he tells that he was very tensed so in that tension he said so bad to him and lost all temper. Then kt says its ok and tells that he understands, then kt goes inside and dayal smiles at rachna and tells good day and goes. Then kt comes out and tells rachna to trace the designed dress kept over there, rachna says ok.

At home mithoo shouts loudly and vikram goes running in the room and then closes the door and asks mithoo what happened? Then mithoo removes her ghungat and shows her face to vikram and vikram sees that the face is filled with rashes and that mithoo tells him that she is feeling very itching on the face. Vikram asks how did it happened? Mithoo tells that it all happened because of buah and now she is feeling very itching and her face has got all rashes. Then vikram tells that he will call shail kaki and that tell her to do something, mithoo says no and then vikram tells that he will call doctor and do her treatment, mithoo gets scared that everyone will see her face so mithoo says no and vikram gets angry. At kt’s home rachna is going to take the designed dress when nani comes and rachna meets her and then looks at her and asks her that did anything happen, nani says nothing and then asks rachna that did anything happen yesterday, rachna remembers the fight and then tells nothing and then asks why? Nani tells that kt was very angry yesterday and then she tells that they are going to New York forever and kt wants to go there back. Then nani asks rachna many times and rachna’s face is sad.

On the other hand, In kabir’s office kabir is packing everything in his bag and then rachna goes there, then she tells that is he going because of what dad said yesterday, kt tells no and tells that he doesn’t want to live in India anymore. Then dadi comes and tells that now she understood why he is going and looks at him angrily. Then kt looks at rachna and tells that she has told everything. then dadi tells him that talk to her and tells that do not blame her as she only asked her and told her to tell everything. then dadi tells that there is nothing in that and dayal said it by mistake as anyone will do it for one’s daughter and then tells that they know dayal since so many years and he is a good man and he is very kind hearted and that he did not do it purposely and then tells that she will not come with him anywhere and will stay in India. Then she takes rachna and goes, kt calls her but she goes away.

At home vikram tells mithoo that he will call the doctor and tell that if not the doctor then he will call shail and everyone and tell them to treat her. then he goes and calls everyone even when mithoo says that she does not need any treatment. Then he tells everyone that mithoo has got rashes on her face and then they see her half face from down and then say that the rashes are very bad and they should do something and call the doctor after seeing her face that how much her face has been infected. Then seema tells that she will see her face and that they will then tell the doctor, seema is excited and then charu tells no and tells that her mannat will break and then vikram gets angry and tells her to keep quiet as for him her health is the first priority. Then buah and seema tell that they will catch her hands and then see her face. Then buah catches her hand and seema tries to remove her ghungat and then mithoo makes an idea and then she removes her hair pin and then pokes buah stomach and then buah gets hurt and says she got poked and then mithoo tells that she got poke isn’t it? And tells that she will get poked like this only if they come near her as they will get infected and then they will also get rashes and itching. Then seema gets scared and buah also and tell that they will stay away from her. then mithoo says that she only needs rose water and then she will get ok. Then they all go in the hall and then buah says that they should instead give her a cream and her face will be ok and then charu tells loudly that give her ice. Then gunjan brings ice but the ice falls by mistake and then she picks it up and tries to look at her face from down but mithoo hides her face from down. Then she picks the ice and gives to charu and then charu takes the ice and then buah tells that why is she putting ice and not going to doctor, then charu gets angry and then makes an idea and then she hugs buah tightly and then quietly puts the ice in buah’s back and buah starts dancing and jumping as the ice is very cold and as it is the winter season she feels numb at the back. Then charu says sorry and tells that the ice slipped off her hand and fell back in her blouse. Then shail removes the ice from the back and throws. Then the bell door rings and then gunjan opens the door and she receives a courier for vikram and then calls vikram. Vikram comes happily running down and then tells that he is very happy as the courier has come. Then he tells everyone that the courier Is having mithoo’s photo. Charu gets scared and tells that why does he want to show the photo and tells that her mannat will break. Then vikram says nothing will happen and that her he has talked with a saint and the saint told that nothing will happen. Then gunjan tells that show us the pic. Then vikram says that the mu-dikhai will not be done so easily. Then gunjan snatches it and tells that she got the photo, then vikram tells please and then tells ok and tells that first shail aunt will see the photo. Then shail takes it and opens it and then sees the photo and then gets shocked and gives the photo to gunjan and then she is also shocked and she gives the photo to seema and buah and they are also shocked to see the photo.

Precap: mithoo tells that she is sorry for this and asks forgiveness, gunjan and seema tell that they will never forgive her for that.

Update Credit to: Vishwal

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