Tumhari Pakhi 1st April 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 1st April 2014 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 1st April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Tanya giving money to Maa ji for getting the ration. Maaa ji says it will cost Rs. 10000. Tanya says I have Rs. 9000 now. Tanya says I have my ATM cards, I spend crores for my habits, she shows her the cards. Maa ji says if Pakhi comes to know, then what. Tanya says she will not know this, she is not a Lord. Maa ji says she has some Devi or a ghost, she knows everything. Tanya says its my account and only I will know, she is a fool, I will go and bring money. Pakho bumps into Tanya and her wallet falls. Pakhi asks where are you going. Tanya says I m going to bring ration.

Pakhi says what will you eat, have something then go. Tanya says I m getting late, let me go. Pakhi says order by phone. Tanya leaves her wallet and turns to see. Pakhi cuts her ATM cards. Tanya

runs and says what are you doing. Maa ji looks on. Pakhi says you would have lost the challenge if you used money from this. Maa ji says I told her. Tanya says I was not using it. Maa ji asks Tanya to take money from Anshuman. Tanya says yes, he will not say me no.

Tanya comes to meet Anshuman at his office and asks him money to give her. She asks for Rs. 25000. Anshuman says why, try to manage for one day. He says no, I won’t repeat my mistake. He says Pakhi has bear so much, I have cheated her and did you forget, how was guilty I was feeling, I wanted her to forgive her, I don’t want to fall in my eyes, you have to play fair. I won’t cheat her.

Pakhi hears all this and is happy. Pakhi comes and gives tiffin to Anshuman. Anshuman asks what are you doing, you said you will leave and make my bond strong with Ayaan, if you don’t want to win, why are you doing it. Pakhi says maybe you don’t know. Anshuman says I know you are doing this for our good, tell me why are you doing it. Pakhi thinks once you understand Tanya’s truth, it will be good. Pakhi says there is no relation between strangers, I m not doing any favor on you. She smiles and leaves.

Tanya says how does Pakhi come to know everything. She talks to Maa ji. Ayaan and Pakhi see them on laptop. Ayaan attached the camera to Maa ji’s clothes. He gifts Maa ji a watch. Lavanya thinks about Vikram’s demands. Vikram messages Lavanya to come to him soon. She looks at Girish’s photo and holds it. She imagines Girish scolding her for giving up to Vikram. Lavanya says I was helpless. Girish says why, could not control your lust, you don’t deserve anyone’s love, get out. Its her imagination.

She records a message for Girish telling him everything about Vikram and crying. She keeps it near the phone and leaves. Tanya comes to Lavanya’s house and goes to her room. She steals some money from Lavanya’s cupboard. Pakhi comes and confronts Tanya. Pakhi calls her a thief and taunts her. Pakhi tells Maa ji’s words. Tanya is shocked. Pakhi laughs. Tanya says you will be leaving Anshuman’s house. Pakhi says go home, get the ration. Tanya leaves in anger. Pakhi keeps the money back in the locker. The recorder falls and it starts playing. Pakhi hears Lavanya’s words.

Lavanya tells everything about Vikram and his wrong demands. Pakhi is shocked. She says Vikram is blackmailing her to spend a night with him, I m going to him, I won’t be able to face anyone now. I m sorry. Pakhi thinks about Girish’s words. Pakhi says what to do now, Lavanya is in big problem, I have to save her. Pakhi says Vikram can’t harm Lavanya. She calls Anshuman but his number is unavailable. She calls on office but comes to know Anshuman went out of city for an important meeting.

Pakhi calls Girish. Tanya says its good Pakhi is not at home. I will going to take money from my friend. Ayaan sees all this and says I will stop you. He puts a skateboard there and also some small round stones. Tanya comes with Maa ji and falls. Ayaan is happy. Tanya asks whats all this, can’t you clean the house. Maa ji lifts Tanya and takes her to her room. Ayaan smiles.

Pakhi and Girish come to save Lavanya at Vikram’s house. They save Lavanya and Pakhi makes a plan. Lavanya makes a drink for Vikram and mixes a tablet in it. Vikram doubts on her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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