Dil Dosti Dance 1st April 2014 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 1st April 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 1st April 2014 Written Update

Rey and Kriya are on the call. Rey, ‘Hello Kriya! Hello’. Kriya says Rey! But call drops. Kriya gets frustrated that this calling card had to end just now. Rey says that Kriya’s college is keeping her from coming to Mumbai. They must do something about it. Sharon tells him to calm down and control himself. Rey says that there is solution to every problem. This one must also have one and I’ll find it anyway.

Swayam brings Ruhi to the bedroom. He tells her that he is in the next room if she needs anything. Ruhi says that she never got a friend like him. She feels herself lucky now as her parents always gave priority to her brother over her. She wished she was there in place of her brother, but today she realizes that someone can take care of her as well. She was crying. Swayam

tells her not to cry and be positive about life. The door bell rings. Swayam goes to see it and comes back with a nurse. Ruhi asks who she is. Swayam tells her that Sharon sent a nurse to take care of her. Swayam gets a call. It was Sharon. She tells him that she felt guilty about yester-night so she asked her father to send a nurse for Ruhi. Swayam tells Ruhi that Sharon’s way of expressing concern is different, and leaves. Ruhi gets a message ‘Hope you got your gift. Sharon.’

In the morning, Swayam wakes up at the scream of Ruhi. He runs to the room, she was in bathroom. Swayam asks may he come in. Ruhi says yes please as she is unable to walk. Swayam tries to help her, then lifts her up and takes her to bed. The look into each other’s eyes. Sharon wakes up screaming and wonders how bad a dream it was. Kaka asks what happened. She says nothing; it was just a night-mare.

Sharon gets doctors call from Indore. He inquires why she had contacted him. Sharon thinks that she must be hiding this from us from the beginning now. She tells the doctor that Ruhi got an attack again, she had miss-placed her prescription and Sharon is her friend. Doctor suggests that he could mail her. Sharon gives her email ID to him.

Rey tells Swayam that her college is not allowing Kriya to come back India. They goes to VP. He tells them that he had informed her college about the management issue. Rey says you should not have done this. VP asks why they make issue of such petty matters. You people are young, don’t let a small defeat effect you adversely. Rey says that when they are so effected, Kriya must also be. She had left so much for this affiliation.

Sharon tells Swayam that some people followed her last night. Swayam gets angry and says from now onward he will drop her. She says they will have to bring change in the country through votes, as elections are near.

Kriya remembers Rey and herself. She thinks please university, I want to go to my friends. I don’t want to live here.

PRECAP: Everyone is in dancing hall. Rey says that he knows this is a big risk but they’ll have to take it. Are you people with me?

Update Credit to: Niki

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