Tumhari Pakhi 19th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 19th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Riya asking she assisted Lavanya and she knows shoe design. Pakhi says so you mean you will work for one month and get Ipad at month end, I m sorry I can’t wait, and even Lavanya won’t keep you here, as you are here with us. Riya says Lavanya used my designs, I will make my catalogue and get orders, and get the ipad. Pakhi says think well. Riya says you don’t know how people can pay for my designs. Pakhi says fine, lets test it, Lavanya is doing her shoe exhibition, I can arrange for you to arrange there as well, this is a good chance, else you agree you are useless and can’t do anything without Veer. She says Lavanya is old in this field, you are new….. you have to compete Lavanya. Riya says she is ready. Pakhi smiles.

Riya says she will take part in the exhibiton, and will prove everyone wrong. Pakhi says thanks Girish, this work is done. Veer talks to some men at the office. He asks them to repair the tablet but the body should be original. Pakhi comes and says new is coming. Veer says no, Anshuman gifted Ayaan, so we will get it repaired. She says Riya said she will buy a new one. He says how. She says Riya agreed to take part and showcase the shoe designs. He says great, but how. She says I asked to go east and she went west. He says I think we should celebrate, tell me what to do. She says not now. He says something like Golgappa. She says its my fav, but not today.

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He says about Ajmeri Golgappa. She says she eats 50s. He laughs and challenges her. He says I can eat 60s. He says lets go and see who eats more. She says then hurry up. He says she talks about reverse psychology and I tried same on her. She comes on the chaat stall and says we had many here. Veer says spicy…. Fine. He starts getting tensed. She says lets start and give us till we stop you, lets see who wins. They start eating the Gopgappas. Veer puts in her plate and acts like eating it. He feels its very spicy. She also keeps in his plate and laughs. He smiles seeing it.

He thinks she forgot to live for herself, its good she will live for her now. Anuja smiles seeing them. She says I wanted this that you get busy in your life, that I take Ayaan from you and you don’t know it. She leaves. Veer takes a break. Pakhi asks did you lose. Veer says no. The man says both ate equal. Pakhi eats the winning Golgappa and Veer smiles. Riya teases Ayaan and asks why is he sleeping so soon. Ayaan comes to her and says about early to bed and early to rise make a man healthy and wise. He asks her to sleep too.

Riya says I m working, the light will be on. He says can’t you see I m sleeping, light will be off. They start fighting. They argue a lot. He pulls her hair and she asks him to leave. She pulls his cheeks and scolds him. Pakhi and Veer come to sort their fight. They both complain about each other. Pakhi says fine, Ayaan has to sleep and you have to work. She says both things can be done. Veer brings a lamp and keeps on the table. He asks Riya to do her assignments there and Ayaan should sleep. Riya says I can’t work here. Pakhi says no way out then, go there and complete designs, I will off the main lights. Riya and Ayaan agree to this solution. Pakhi and Veer leave.

Anuja comes and taunts Pakhi about the fights. Pakhi says kids are innocent, their fight will go till morning, don’t worry, we can give new room to Riya but I want them to be together, this fight is healthy for them. Anuja thinks to break apart Riya and Ayaan’s bond. She says I will make them hate each other. She says Pakhi can’t sleep peacefully from tomorrow, wait for the morning, as kids will not be together, but they will hate each other. She smiles.

Pakhi sleeps. Veer sleeps on the couch and talks to himself. He says his stomach is aching a lot. Pakhi gets up and laughs seeing the Golgappa effect. She teases him. He says nothing. She says Golgappa is such thing, it does not get digested easily. They have a talk. She gives him the Kada for his relief. He still praises himself. She says the medicine is bitter and jokes on him. She asks him to drink it, and sleep. Anuja comes to Ayaan’s room at night. Riya sleeps at the table after working. Anuja keeps something in Ayaan’s bag and leaves.

Ayaan’s school principal calls Pakhi and veer and shows cigarette packets from his bag. Ayaan says he does not know who kept it. Anuja says I know, Riya did this.

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