Rang Rasiya 19th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Rang Rasiya 19th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
maayra finds locket which rudra has placed alongwith letter, she cries seeing it, Maithili comes and ask why are you crying maayra? maayra shows her letter and says e left, he left leaving me, I knew that he came in my room yesterday, maybe he came to say bye but why he didn’t wake me up? how can he not give me chance to say bye to him, how can he leave me like this, he just wrote e letter and went away like this leaving me behind, Maithili says you have left him not him, he said what was in his heart that he loves yoy but you decided to marry rohit, maayra says I am just fulfilling my promise to rohit, why cant rudra understand this, how can he leave me like this, he could have stayed here till I am here, Maithili sasy what would he do staying here? see marriage of the girl whom he love, maayra says he could have fought for his love, Maithili says its not late now, you can fight for your love, maayra says for whom should I fight? rudra? he left me without telling me, how can I fight for him, sometime I think he doesn’t care about anyone, Maithili hugs her, maayra cries.
rudra is driving , he looks at paro’s anklet in his hand and says I lost paro, I lost, as you said, I told her what was in my heart, I tried to make her realize what was in he heart but she declined me, I lost, I couldn’t make her agree.

Scene 2
rohit is calling someone, he says today is my marriage and you are asking me to check mail, he checks his mail and says I will call you back after checking your mail, winds starts blowing heavily, rohit says it was hot till now and suddenly winds started, he closes windows and finds rudra and paro’s pictures on wall, he is shocked and says maayra?
maayra is getting ready for marriage, she recall how she got hurt in head and rudra got worried, she takes tissue to wipe her tears and finds rudra written on it, she cries, maayra sees rudra’s locket, she recalls how rudra professed his love, he said when you will look in mirror, you will feel I am seeing you, she wipes her tears.
rohit finds rudra, paro and baby dhruv picture and says maayra? whats happening here, he finds maayra’s mail, which had maayra’s video message in which maayra said that I should tell you truth, I don’t know how to tell you but I will be honest to you, I am in love, and the person I love is not you, he unexpectedly came in my life and I know I want to live with him, I am sorry rohit, I cant marry you, rohit gets angry seeing video.

Scene 3
rudra is driving and recalls how paro said that to leave me and find love again and his new found love is maayra, how she said that you can love again, don’t stop yourself, go to maayra, its not late now, rudra listens paro’s voice whos says everything will be fine, she stayed with you, made you smile and you are running from her? say her bye goodly, rudra recalls his moments with maayra, how she kissed him how he saved her etc, rudra says I have to do it, for paro, I have to, he turns his car and goes back to his house.
maayra comes in hall dressed as bride, rudra is going back to his house, mohini says to dhruv and koyal to call samrat and danveer, she ask Maithili to go and prepare for puja, Maithili goes, mohini talks to maayra and says I wanna ask something? where is your groom?
rohit gets angry in his room and recalls how rudra held maayra’s hand, how he said that he know maayra better than rohit, how rudra said that if I had doubt that someone loves my fiancΓ©e then I would have beaten him, he recalls how maayra saved rudra and got worried for rudra, how she hugged him, he is tensed.
mohini says to maayra that think with calm mind, we have two cars, one in which rudra is gone and other is with sumer, he can take you to rudra, I can see that you and rudra have something between you both, very deep, I have given wounds to rudra, I have hurt him a lot, I have taunted him a lot, I cant rectify that but I can do something for him and that is you, I ask you to go to rudra, don’t tell me that you don’t love him, I can see that you love him a lot, so I am asking you to leave that western style guy(rohit) and marry rudra, I will handle everything here, you just go to him, I know he went from here as he is stupid but you are sane so go and bring rudra here back, just go from here, danveer calls mohini, Maithili ask maayra to come and sit in mandir, maayra says no I cant do this, no.. mohini smiles, danveer says come fat, pundit is calling you, maayra s confused and runs from there upstairs, mohini says why did she go upstairs, gate is on other way.

Scene 4
maayra comes to rohit, she says I am sorry rohit but I cant marry you, rohit says so don’t do it, I didn’t force you ever, maayra says listen to me, before you came here, I sent you a video message In which I said that.. rohit says you said that you love someone else, I know that, I saw the video, maayra holds his hand says I am sorry, I didn’t want to do ti with you, you are my best friend but marriage.. I am sorry, rohit says when everything is ready, you are saying sorry, rohit takes off his hand and says go from here, go to your love, for whom your heart beats, go to rudra, I know how it feels when you lose your love so go to him, find him, maayra says are you serious, rohit says yes, finally I will get rid of you, I will find my princess in world, go to your love, maayra hugs him and says thanks, she runs from there.
maayra comes in hall, she runs outside of house, all are shocked. rudra comes back home, maayra comes infront of his car, he comes out and says are you you mad, what if you would have crushed under car, maayra says nothing happened and you are shouting on me? you didn’t say bye to me and went away but you will not accept your mistake, you just wrote a letter and went away like that, that letter was even weird than your recorded sorry message, rudra says what would I do then, it was difficult for me to see you getting married to someone else, maayra says really, it wasn’t easy for me too, rudra says I came back, maayra says should I say thank you, rudra says what are you doing here? maayra says to get crushed under your car, rudra says don’t say that again, maayra says why did you come back? to see did I marry but I am sorry, I didn’t marry,she says you wanna know why I don’t want this marriage to happen, rudra says enough, he cups her face and comes close to her, maayra says I love you rudra, rudra is relieved to listen this. they hug each other tightly, rangrasiya song plays, rudra kisses maayra on cheek, maayra closes her eyes, dhruv comes and ask where were you papa? did maayra being you? rudra says no not maayra but mummy, will you call her? dhruv ties thread to maayra and says now I will call her maayra, all family members come there, maayra says one selfie is must, they all take a selfie.
(will miss to update for this show)

Show ends on happy note

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I have no guts to read today’s update I’m totally broken I’m broken ☹ will miss u SANISH Best of luck to u both and to all the cast member

  2. pls fast

  3. really iam in tears today. how can they end such a beautiful show atleast not one year have been passed. miss u pa(my)rud. miss u rangrasiya πŸ™

  4. omg!!! what will I watch from now on… i cant c this end…:'(

  5. mayraa you only stupid you only proposed to rudra first when he was in paro’s memory why you does not fought for your love with rudra you also leaved him with out saying bye to rudra you came back for dhruv health only
    you never think about rudra always you were hurt him lot when he realize his
    love with you as mayra he told you that say yes i will solve all the problem but
    you doesnot agree with him for your promise mayraa character is sobad

    1. you bit confused love – your english is appalling

    2. you are so confused your english is appalling

  6. it really hard to accept that rangrasiya is end.my one fav show end today and another one saraswatichandra will end trm.oh no it feel bad.but koi bath nayi we wish they will back again with another show.sanaya irani and ashish sharma u guys rocks always and made us happy.thank for that and thank for whole rangrasiya team ka bhi.we wish u guys all a very happy journey yaar.finally three cheers for u guys.hip hip hurray,hip hip hurray,hip hip hurray! and finally ashish sharma ka paro ka major saheb and our major rudra partab rawanat congrulation for winning the dance show jalak dikala jaa yaar. i heard it from tellyexpress that ashish sharma wins the title.iam really happy for u.from starting i want ashish to win and finally he win it also.goodbye rangrasiya.we will miss u guys lot.goodbye!

  7. NOOOOOOOOOO…………………………………………
    But it Happens.
    I Miss U PARUD & MYRUD…..
    congratulations to ASHISH for winning JDL7

  8. why they are ending the serial as quickly i am watching this serial on you tube only nearly 20000 people were watching daily on you tube even in you tube they have some audio and video problem also do not know about other website any way all the actors in this serial is very talented actors but the
    script writter , director and chennal does not use their talent properly ashish
    is a best actor i have seen all the best to all

  9. ooooo rr ends
    tbey should have shown marud marriage

  10. Its tim to say goodby and boycot colors I hat Colors n wil always.. BIG BOSS should hav to flop (AMÊN)

  11. DId ashish win jhalak dikhla jaa

  12. I am feeling very bad

  13. RR forever

  14. I’m crying..i can’t control my tears…
    How can rangrasiya end????
    This can’t happen… πŸ™

    @sigma yeah Ashish won Jhalak

  15. Omg RR ends I can’t take this. Why colors ?? Big boss will be big flop for sure. Whats the next project of ashish??

  16. Noooooo… RR come back on the chennal.. u cnt end it like this colours -.- will miss parud n marud lobe you ashish n sanaya n congrats ashish πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

  17. frm now onwards i dont hav any reason to watch colors…. No RR means no colors for me… it is such a beautiful story… according to me much better den beintehaa… y didnt dey gav RR team a new time slot??? ds week both d shows where ashish is present r ending…. i feel lyk cryin now….

  18. yes…. yes… yes… ASHISH WON JDJ7….. He is d best… n my only reason to watch JDJ7… usually after his performance, I used to change d channel… πŸ˜‰

  19. why did they swap rangrasiya with that copy of big brother : bigg boss 8 which is so boring and audience just basically are interfering into their lifes by watching what they do

  20. bye RR we will miss u a lot plz come with part2 after sometime.

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