Tumhari Pakhi 18th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 18th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pakhi and everyone being shocked seeing the red marks on Ayaan’s back. Ayaan lies and says he slipped. Pakhi asks how did you get hurt, you did not tell me. She asks Sukhi to bring Haldi Lep. She says you should have told me. Ayaan says you were happy and I did not wish to make you sad. Pakhi hugs Ayaan. Veer says always tell me first, nothing is important to me than you, your happiness is most important. She reminds him his promise that he will not hide anything. He says yes, I will say. She says I will apply haldi lep. Anuja says this is mum and son’s love, see Ayaan you made your mum cry. Ayaan holds his ears and says sorry.

Pakhi says lets go to your room, you will get fine, take rest all day. Ayaan thinks what to do, as Aditya will be angry if he does not go. Aditya comes to meet Ayaan, and Ashok informs Ayaan. Pakhi asks him to send him here. Pakhi asks is he his new friend. Aditya greets Pakhi and lies to her that he is his senior and coaching Ayaan on football as he is the cricket captain of the team. Ayaan asks Pakhi to bring some food and she leaves to get some snacks. Ayaan tells Aditya that he got hurt in practice. Aditya says now she won’t let you come.

He says everyone is trying hard, I feel I can’t participate if I make you my partner. Ayaan says no, I have to participate. I will do my best and see we will win. Aditya says become strong. He closes the door and asks Ayaan to drink the energy drink. Ayaan looks at the can. Pakhi is in kitchen getting the juices. Aditya asks him to drink it. Ayaan says Maa says its not good for health. Aditya says its not bad. Ayaan agrees to drink it. Aditya smiles. Pakhi comes and brings juices and cookies. Ayaan hides the can. Pakhi asks Ayaan to have haldi milk.

Its night, Riya is angry on someone and shouts on him. She warns him not to trouble her again. She breaks her sim and throws it. Girish gets it and gives her. He says Lavanya was trying your number, but I think your phone was busy, Lavanya said you can go home. Riya says fine. Girish says I think you should not drive scooty now, as your mood is bad, I will ask my driver to drop you. Riya says fine, if you say so. She thanks and leaves.

Veer tells Anuja what can we do now, Pakhi got the blueprints and the meetings went well, just let it be. Anuja cries missing out Aryaman. Veer asks him not to cry. Anuja says my Aryaman will be in jail. He says I came to help you, tell me what to do. She says she is feeling bad as she fell in his eyes. He says we can do one thing, as relations matter a lot to Pakhi, its her strength, if we make it her weakness then. Pakhi talks to Anshuman’s pic and says about the meeting with the investors. She says she will fulfill his drea,s soon and smiles.

Veer says Anuja to think before talking his advice. Anuja says yes, she can die for her relations. Anuja says yes, Aryaman has to come home once, she will forgive him, everything will be fine. She says its great day tomorrow. Its Janmashtami tomorrow. Aryaman will come back to me. She leaves. Its morning, Pakhi makes Ayaan ready. Ayaan thinks its finals today and he will give all money to Maa today. Anuja says its Janmashtami today, we will break Dahi haandi today, no school today. Ayaan thinks how to go and says its important. She touches Pakhi’s feet to get her blessings, as he is going.

Pakhi blesses him and smiles. Ayaan leaves. Anuja calls the servants and asks them to start the preparations. IT dept people come to talk to Anuja. Pakhi calls Anuja. Anuja comes and they ask about her companies, as they came to know she is in defaulter list and she has to pay 25 crores. Anuja and Pakhi is shocked. Pakhi says we have always paid tax. They say the firms are not from Rathore group, we have to take her. Pakhi stops them and says lets talk. They take Anuja. Veer comes and stops them.

He asks the necessary orders and checks the docs. He says he is Veer Pratap Singh, their solicitor. They say we are taking her for questioning. Pakhi stops them and asks Veer to do anything. Veer says we can’t stop them, its just interrogation, not arrest. Veer tells Pakhi that he can’t stop them. They ask Pakhi to bring Rs 25 crores in six hours and free Anuja. Lavanya comes to them. They say they are arresting Anuja now. Lavanya says you can’t take her. They say Anuja has confessed and it will be criminal case on her. Pakhi says she will pay the tax with fine. They ask Pakhi to bring Rs 25 crores in six hours and free Anuja. They say she can even go to jail. Pakhi is shocked.

Lavanya scolds Pakhi and says you don’t worry for my mum, as you are not our blood. Pakhi agrees to bail out Aryaman.

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