Gustakh Dil 18th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 18th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ranawat coming to his study and seeing Lajjo. He says you. Lajjo gets tensed and turns. He asks what is she doing here. She says coffee. He says don’t come here again. Lajjo lies to him and says she did not know whose room is whose. He says this is my study room, understand this and don’t come here again. He corrects the things kept on table and says I can sense who cam ein my room seeing the things kept in my room. He asks her to go. She breaks a vase and he gets angry asking her do you know its price. He gets a call and leaves. She sees the vase and doubts on it. She keeps the mic bug there and leaves. She tries to see where he went and hear his talk.

Nikhil comes to meet Khanna and acts cool as ever. Khanna asks him to go for his next venture, he has to do the work assigned to him. Nikhil says right. He says if there is no way to run, then I will work all by my heart and its good earnings here. Khanna asks does he want any increment. Nikhil says no, such a big office and a big smuggling racket with big names involved, but the way is old, outdated and boring. He fools Khanna in his words.

Khanna asks what do you mean. Nikhil says find some smarter ways. Khanna asks what do you think. Nikhil says how can I say anything. Khanna says tell me. Nikhil says next time. Khanna asks why. Nikhil says I will tell Ranawat, as you will take the credit, I want to go far. Khanna says very clever. Nikhil says yes. Khanna says Ranawat does not meet kids. Nikhil says fine, but if he wants to use kids’ brain, then he will meet me. Nikhil leaves. Shalini comes home from shopping and sees Ranawat working. She asks did the maid give you coffee.

He says did you not tell her not to tough anything in my room. She says no, its her first day, lets see her work and then decide, the food was good, and kitchen was also neat. She says she is better than the first maid. She sees him busy in work and goes to change. Its morning, Lajjo works in the kitchen and says she will leave now, as her children are waiting. Harry sees Lajjo and stops her saying he saw her somewhere before. Lajjo hides her face. He asks her to show her face and pulls her Ghunghat. Shalini comes and stops Harry. Shalini says she is the cook here, why are you stopping her. She asks Lajjo to leave.

Shalini asks her to come on time tomorrow. Ranawat comes and sees Harry. He asks is he not ashamed to flirt with a maid. Shalini says yes, in cheap way, this is too much, do you have any status or not. Harry says please understand, I have really seen her somewhere. Ranawat does not believe him. He asks him to grow up. Nikhil comes to meet CBI. Miss Roy says Lajjo is safe. Nikhil says what is your agent doing. DK asks him to understand that he is stuck in this case, Lajjo is bearing this because of him. They argue.

Lajjo comes there and everyone is glad seeing her. Nikhil hugs Lajjo and says thank God, you are ok, are you fine. She says she is fine. Lajjo says she has placed the device in Ranawat’s room. DK asks was it in, we did not hear anything. They try to hear whats happening there. Amit says the sound is coming, but not clear. Lajjo says I can’t go there again, I took great risk. Ranawat gets angry when I went in his room. Miss Roy says this happens, she has to keep the device so that they can hear well. Nikhil says Lajjo won’t go here again. Lajjo says she will go for his sake.

Ranawat and Shalini have dinner and she talks about their son. Ranawat is stunned. He asks her not to talk about him. He says he is useless, and not able to do anything for him. he says he finds wrong things in me, he had everything ready for him, and he did not accept this and went from our home. Nikhil lifts Lajjo in their room. They romance. Music plays………………they run around the living room. Barkha sees this and says she is dancing on my head when I accepted her. She thinks she can’t see all this and she has to do something. Barkha sees the two invitation and says if one can work, why does we need two. She tears Nikhil’s invitation to create a drift between Nikhil and Lajjo.

Lajjo thinks where to keep the bug so that voice can be clear. The dog comes and barks. Lajjo gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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