Tumhari Pakhi 17th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 17th January 2014 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 17th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ayaan misbehaving with Pakhi. Anshuman scolds him. Ayaan says its good Im leaving from here. Pakhi is upset thinking about Ayaan’s words. Bua comes to Girish and asks him to have food. She says Lavanya will be coming late. He says till Lavanya comes back, I can’t have food. Lavanya comes and taunts him. Girish stops her. She says leave my hand, you have lost this right now. He says listen to me, I know I made a big mistake, thats I m apologizing, I know I can’t change the things now. She says yes, but I will do everything now.

He says what if I did not tell you the truth. She says you have done a big favor by telling me. She shows him the ideal couple mug which Tanya gifted them. He says I m apologizing, what are you and Anshuman doing with Pakhi, even you are cheating her. Lavanya says Anshuman is doing this to hold up his family name, so he brought Pakhi here, he did not see Pakhi with wrong sense till now, but what did you do, you should be ashamed, don’t take Anshuman’s name again, else I will see you.

She sees a note and reads the Shayari which Girish wrote for her. She tears it. She gets different notes in her room. Lavanya cries. He wipes her tears and she looks at him. He says forgive me, don’t leave me, else your Girish will be lost. She says she can’t forgive him and says you will get divorce papers tomorrow. Girish is shocked and cries.

Its morning, Pakhi wakes up and thinks where is Anshuman. Anshuman is in the garden thinking how did Ayaan agree to go to boarding school. Pakhi sees him and says its hard for Anshuman too, he does not say anything, hides his pain always, I will talk to him and see. Anshuman sees the car alarm’s ringing and wonders why. He goes to see with a rod. He opens the door and its Tanya inside. He falls on her and says you. She smiles and flirts with him.

He asks how did you open the car. She says I did this for you. She says was it not romantic. He says Pakhi is at home. She says you are behaving as if she is your real wife. Pakhi walks towards the car looking out for Anshuman. Anshuman says there are too many things, I m worried. Tanya says let me see and holds his head and says you are thinking how did Ayaan agree for going to hostel. He asks how do you know. She smiles. He says you did this. Tanya asks Anshuman to take her on long drive and she will tell him how she convinced Ayaan.

Anshuman sees Pakhi coming in the mirror and is tensed. Tanya insists. Anshuman says drive. Tanya drives and they leave. Tanya is driving very fast. Anshuman asks her to drive slow and apply brake. She laughs. He asks how did you convince Ayaan.

Tanya says I met him in the club and convinced him to go to hostel saying him the benefits of hostels. She convinced him so easily. She says Ayaan was looking so innocent and cute. Anshuman smiles. He thinks about Pakhi’s words. He says you are so smart, you handled everything so well. She says I will make everything easy for you, Ayaan and Pakhi will go and I will be engaged to you. Saiyyan……… plays as he thinks about Pakhi.

Tanya and Anshuman play truth or dare. She asks Anshuman did you fall in love with Pakhi. Anshuman says ofcourse not, she is nice, take care of everyone, positive, caring, she is good person, she did not ask me anything from me expect filling Sindoor. Tanya says she took your moment from you and says Pakhi’s lines. She says Pakhi loves you. Anshuman says who told you this, Pakhi. Tany says I understand, its strange she did not try to come close to you. He says she is from a small town. Tanya pulls Anshuman’s leg and asks him to take Pakhi and go on a holiday. Anshuman looks on.

Tanya and Anshuman have a talk. Tanya asks him to take Pakhi on a holiday. Anshuman talks to Pakhi. Ayaan is leaving the house.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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