Pavitra Rishta 17th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 17th January 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 17th January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Kinnari asking Ankita whether she did not know dancing. Naren says, not Ankita, but Ahana. Kinnari says, I am trained western dancer. Naren says, so what. We will also dance. He tells Ankita that you are also a good dancer. Ankita says, that was Indian dance. Sunanda asks, are you comfortable in the new room? Naren says, very comfortable. He says, I forgot something in my old room. Kinnari shouts. Ankita and Naren goes to her room. Naren asks, are you hurt? He asks to the cactus plant. Kinnari thinks he is asking her. Sunanda asks Raunaq to get first aid box. She asks Kinnari to relax. Sunanda asks Naren to take his cactus plant in his room. Kinnari says, why you have kept this cactus on the chair. Naren says, it is my favourite plant and it is its room also. How can you sit on it? Naren says, we have to take it to the doctor. Ankita laughs on Naren. Kinnari stops Ankita and asks, are you laughing at me? Ankita says, no. I was laughing at Naren’s sir talks. Kinnari says, I will show your place and value at the sangeet function. Ankita calls Mansi and says I need to talk to you something important. She says, Raunaq’s marriage mahurat is before your marriage. I was tensed how to manage. But it is good that your marriage is after his marriage. She asks them to come. Mansi refuses to come there. Ankita asks her to tell what happened? She asks, did Raunaq misbehave with you? Mansi doesn’t say anything. Ankita gives her promise and asks her not to hide anything from her. Mansi thinks to tell Ankita but then thinks to hide it. She thinks to avoid the function.

Kinnari is resting on the sofa, meanwhile Raunaq is learning dance from dance instructor. She asks him to take care until she comes back. Raunaq tells Kinnari that he is not interested to dance. Kinnari says, this marriage is not happening with my consent. It is happening as your attu wants. She says, I can get a good guy. She speaks about his wandering ways. Raunaq says, I know about your character. Kinnari says, my driver was good but was poor. She praises her driver. Raunaq asks her to marry him. Kinnari says, I am marrying for my parents happiness. She gets her friend’s call.

Naren and Ankita dance on the song Mere Haath Me Tera Haath ho…Fanaa.,…Naren teaches her dance steps for the sangeet function. Ankita asks him about their meetings. Naren tells her about his meeting with Ahana. They start dancing….Electricity goes off. Naren says, still I can feel the current. Ankita asks, how we will dance? Naren switch on his mobile flashlight and they dance on the fanaa song. They dance passionately. Ankita comes to Naren’s doctor and says I needs to know about Ahana. She says, if I understands that girl then I can help Naren sir. Doctor says, frankly we don’t know him. He says, we only know that Ahana died in an accident. He says, there is so many things for Naren to express. When he speaks about it then he will be perfectly alright.

Panditji takes out the date for Mansi’s wedding. Sunanda says, it means Mansi’s marriage is 4 days after Raunaq’s marriage. She says, then Mansi’s sangeet clashes with Raunaq’s marriage. It is impossible and tells Shashank that she can’t postpones Raunaq’s marriage. Shashank says, we will post our marriage. Naren says, it will not be postponed. Naren says, Raunaq will marry in day time. And Mansi’s sangeet will be at night. Raunaq says, bro is night and says sorry to Mansi for not coming to her sangeet. Mansi says, can you manage jiju. How will you manage two functions. Naren says we will manage the arrangements. Shashank says, we will do. Naren asks him to enjoy the functions. Ankita says, I want to spend time with Mansi. I don’t have any problem.

Raunaq tells Mansi and Shashank that the door is jammed. He says, he wants to open it himself. Shashank and Mansi leaves. Raunaq tells Kinnari that Mansi tried to flirt with him. Kinnari says, you are a dog and I won’t believe you. Raunaq says, I bark and bite too. She was after me. Kinnari believes him.

Ankita and Naren get ready. Naren puts black spot on Ankita’s cheek. Ankita puts black spot on him. Naren says, people calls me mad. Ankita says, you are not mad and it is because of that accident. Naren asks, what? Ankita says, you get scared with camera flashback as you fears for Ahana. Naren says, my Ahana is with me naa. He thanks her. Ankita says, I didn’t compliment you. She says, you are looking handsome genuinely. Naren smiles.

Naren promoting DID Salman Khan special episode.

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