Tumhari Pakhi 17th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Tumhari Pakhi 17th December 2013 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 17th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Pakhi telling Anshuman that even touch conveys a message. Anshuman laughs hearing this. He says its a gesture, I did not feel it till now. Pakhi says maybe you felt but did not nitice. She says its a feeling. He says ok, so hold my hand and tell me what your language of touch says. She holds his hand and they have an eyelock. He smiles. Pakhi looks at him and feels his touch. He asks what happened, did you not get any feeling. He leaves her hands and laughs. Pakhi is serious and looks at him. She says I felt always from your touch that you are troubled, I felt you want to do something but you are unable to do it. Anshuman is shocked.

Anshuman looks at his hands and says how can anyone tell this by only a touch. He says this is nonsense. He takes out his

files and they fall. He sees Pakhi coming. Pakhi says what happened and comes to him. He says I will pick it up myself. She says I will help you. He is shocked to see divorce papers. He stops Pakhi from seeing it and hides it. He gets sprained and Pakhi asks now what. He says nothing, I will pick them up, I told you. He keeps the files in the drawer and says its just a sprain. She cares for him and massages his neck. Bairi jiya……………. tumpe piya……………. Bol dil se……………… plays……………. Anshuman feels good and closes his eyes. He smiles. He then thinks about her words and says I don’t want this. He gets up and says I m ok.

He says I mean you might be tired, sleep now. Pakhi gets upset seeing his rudeness. He says Pakhi, what you were talking about touch, did you feel like this before for anyone. She says yes, remember when you came to my house, and my hand touched yours, I understood its you. Anshuman is shocked. Music plays……………. Pakhi goes to sleep. He thinks about her and says why don’t I feel the language of touch.

Its morning, Anshuman is in the garden. He talks to Lavanya. She says congrats, you became a Page 3 husband. He asks what. She asks him to read the newspaper and everyone are praising Pakhi. He ends the call and checks the newspapers. Pakhi comes to him with Maa ji. He says join me, its you everywhere in the newspaper. Pakhi is happy to see her photos. he says its great, you became a Page 3 celebrity. Pakhi says yes, its true, I got the media attention. She says its not fun to get media attention, I want my husband to praise me. Anshuman leaves. Pakhi laughs.

Lavanya is angry and sees Naina playing. She smiles seeing Naina and comes to sit with her. Girish sees Lavanya with Naina and is happy. Bua sees them and smiles. She tells Girish that I know what you are thinking seeing Lavanya like this, she says before Lavanya hides this love, talk to her about adoption. Girish says I know Lavanya very well, if anyone tells her, it will be wrong, but if she says it herself, it will be right. She has a big heart, I have to wait till she talks about adoption herself.

Pakhi comes to Anshuman and says the media made me a celebrity but I m not like this. She says I mean what they are thinking I m, I have to become like them. She asks where would I get modern clothes, now I will have to be like this. Anshuman says no need. Pakhi says what will people say about me. He says you are far better than them, you look beautiful in sarees. Pakhi smiles being happy. Music plays……. She asks what did you say, how do I look in sarees. She says its tough to get praise from husband.

His file falls again and the papers spread…… He picks them up and sees the divorce papers under the bed. He gets hurt going under the bed. She says I will help you and she also gets under the bed. She reads the papers. He says its confidential, give it to me. She says I m your wife, I have the right to know everything about you, including your pay. He asks her to give him the papers, saying its important.

Pakhi picks up the divorce papers. She does not give him the papers and asks him to come out of the bed. She says come out and take it. He gets hurt again. he gets our from the bed and asks her to give him the papers. She teases him and runs away asking him to come and take the papers. She laughs. He says this is serious, give it to me. She says you have to do something to take these papers. He asks what. She says like you were saying about me and my saree, you can continue. He says alright, you are very beautiful. She laughs and says say in a good way and something new. Like praising my hair….. He says fine, your hair are really beautiful. She asks what more. He says your eyes are nice.

He says now can I have my papers back. Pakhi says hair, eyes, and what….. He says your cheeks are like Shimla apples. She says not Shimla, Kashmir apples. She says you have to do something else. He says what, bring stars for you. She says no, a gift. He agrees and promises her. She teases him and gives him the papers back. She says remember my gift. He asks what do you want. She says I need 24 hours to think, it should be special. She smiles looking at him.

Lavanya meets Anshuman at his office and is shocked to know that Anshuman promised Pakhi a gift. He says what could I do, she was having the divorce papers. She says let me think what will she ask if her husband is a millionaire. She names expensive gifts. He says she is not materialistic, I m sure its something different. Lavanya scares Anshuman saying do something, else you will regret being trapped. Anshuman is tensed. Lavanya says she will ask for a child, that you be with her always, don’t agree to this, buy anything for her but not this.

Pakhi gives hints asking Anshuman to guess the gift. Anshuman thinks she will definitely ask for a child.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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