Do Dil Ek Jaan 17th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Do Dil Ek Jaan 17th December 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 17th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Maai talking to Manohar and scolding him for making mistakes. She says I will kill you and Rasika if you do another mistake. Manohar is tensed and says you have fooled Raghu and made him go against Antara. He praises Maai and she smiles. Maai thinks how she fooled Raghu. She saw Ruksana leaving from Raghu’s place and goes to Raghu crying. She accepted her mistake infront of Raghu. She says Antara loves you but is with Satya now, she wants to trouble you and hurt you much, so I decided to end it all, so I gave her the poison, but it came to you.

She says call the police, and change your statement. She says I will go to jail as I don’t want to see all this. She says I can’t see Antara hurting you. Raghu says no, who was I, an orphan lying on the

road, you gave me my life, I would die for you, you won’t go anywhere, even if Antara says. Maai tells Manohar that motherly love is such that it never fails. She scolds him and leaves. Raghu comes to Maai and asks did you call me. She says yes, and asks him to sit.

She cares for his wound and does the first aid. She says kids can hide their wound, but not their pain from their mum. She says a mum knows well when her child is hurt. She makes him eat food by her hands and shows her love for him. He says I will eat it myself and starts eating. She looks at him and smiles. Manohar sees this and says Maai’s love, I should be away from it. The next morning, Satya sees Antara sleeping in the room and wonders why is she sleeping late. He touches her and sees she has hih fever.

he says oh not today, I can’t let this happen in my plan. Raghu talks to Maai about some land work. Maai asks him to get himself immersed in work so that he does not have any time for love. Satya comes to them and says come with me. Maai asks where. Satya says agree sometimes without asking me. He says we have to go to registrar office for my and Antara’s marriage registration, even you wnat it right. Raghu gets angry. Rasika comes and says great, have sweets.

Satya shows his hatred for Raghu. Satya says Kaki, Antara is having fever, bring milk for her and without any poison. He says send her to the registration office on time. He leaves with Maai, Raghu thinks about Satya’s words. Raghu goes to the kitchen and Antara comes there. Raghu looks at bher. Sad music plays……………. They have an eyelock.

Satya comes to the registration office and says we got 3pm slot. Maai says you should have brought Antara with you. Satya says talk to me. Maai says respect me then you will get my blessings. Rasika calls Maai and says Antara is not well, Raghu asked me to call the doctor, what to do. Maai says call the doctor as Satya wants her to be with him here. Maai says Raghu worries about Antara a lot and makes Satya angry. She says they still love each other. She says I don’t wnat you to burn in the fire of their love. Satya says she is my wife, my love.

He says if possible, bless us, but I want Antara here till 3pm. Maai says fine, if you want so. Maai calls Raghu and asks hi to bring Antara to them. Raghu says but…. Maai says she is not fine, bring her in the car. She says bring her at 4pm. She smiles planning something again. Rasika says the doctor will come till 3pm. Maai laughs as Antara would be coming here at 4pm, the time which she decided. She says I hate love, be it anyone’s, lets see where the love takes them in next one hour.

Satya is waiting for Antara. Maai says its 2.45 and she did not come till now. She says maybe she does not want to come here. She says they are together at home, who knows what can we see now. Antara tells Raghu that she has to go and its important. Raghu says let the doctor check you. She faints. Raghu brings her to her room. The doctor asks is she your wife. Raghu says no. She asks him to go outside. The doctor checks Antara. The doctor tells Antara not to worry and tell her family about it. Antara asks the doctor not to tell everyone till its confirmed.
Maai taunts Satya saying Raghu and Antara are together. Maai says the truth won’t change if you can’t see. Satya asks her to stop it. Maai scolds him. The doctor tells Raghu that not to worry, it happens sometimes by weakness. Satya comes and asks Raghu why are you here, near my bedroom. He asks the doctor what happened to Antara, I m her husband, tell me. The doctor says I took her blood sample, we will do some tests, don’t worry, I think the news is good. Satya says I told you Raghu not to be near Antara, your story is over now. Raghu says do you know she is ill, still you left her and went.

Antara says I was coming, but I got fainted. Satya says enough and gets angry. He leaves without hearing her. Antara says I want to be alone for some time and starts vomiting. Raghu is shocked.

MachMach tells Raghu if Antara vomitted, it means she is pregnant. The doctor confirms Antara that she is pregnant. Antara is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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