Tumhari Pakhi 15th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tumhari Pakhi 15th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pakhi and Veer talking on the way. He thanks her for giving him 30 days with Riya. She says she has a motive to prove him as a good father to get Ayaan’s father. He asks is this the only reason. She says I understand your sacrifice for love and you agreed to become Ayaan’s father, you can’t be bad. She says its enough to trust him. Lavanya scolds Riya asking why did she agree to stay in her house. Riya says she will make every day hell for Veer, don’t worry, he won’t make me tell he is best father, I will take revenge and I m doing your work. Lavanya says fine, you have 30 days to prove Veer is a very bad father.

Lavanya and Anuja leave. Riya says she said yes as Girish is on Veer’s side, I don’t care who wins, I want to be with Girish, I know my love will win in just 30 days. Veer brigs tea for Pakhi. She thanks him. She says I misunderstood you, I m sorry. He says I got new names, I like it. He laughs and says new medals. She says I did not know that you are going through same pain, hidden in heart. He says you trusted me soon this time. She says if there is experience, it comes to mind easily. He says I tried hard but could not make trust in Riya’s heart, she hates me and this challenge won’t be easy.

She tells about Ayaan not accepting her at first, he did a lot to kick me out, hating me a lot and today we are each other’s life, 30 days are much, Riya will love you a lot. Veer says I trust fate, how it brings two people, we were so apart, Bua called me for Aryaman and now we are together, I really feel our fate is similar, and we can atleast become friends.

He says friends and forwards his hand. She smiles and shakes hand saying friends. He says I owe you for this, I will not forget this favor. She says for keeping our kids with us, Riya will trust and love you, and even Ayaan will be with me. Her saree gets stuck in the door and he helps her. Lavanya asks Anuja not to worry, as Riya will not support Veer, Pakhi can’t change Riya. Anuja says you are a fool, Pakhi won Ayaan and Anshuman’s heart, she made you support her too. She says even Veer is supporting her now, she will bring Riya near Veer. Lavanya says no, its impossible, if Pakhi wants to prove Veer is a good father, she should go with Veer.

Anuja says Ayaan will go with her, don’t forget our aim, Aryaman did not come back, we have to pressurize her. We have to take Ayaan for her and now we have to stop Riya from coming close to Veer. Riya packs her bag and says who is going for Veer, I m going for Girish. She calls Girish and talks to her. She thanks him for suggesting her to give last chance to her and Veer’s relation and he also gave advice to follow dreams. Girish says you are smart girl. Riya gets glad. Girish says I think you can do well. She says she will shift today and will manage. She says she does not have money to shift. He says I will help you after doing my work. She says no, its fine, I will manage. He insists. Riya says fine, I will be ready, thanks. She says she is so happy and this 30 days will start with Girish and he will be hers soon.

Ayaan asks Pakhi who is Riya. Veer says she is mu daughter. Pakhi says your elder sister, like Lavanya is your dad’s elder sister, she will stay with us. Veer laughs with Ayaan’s innocent words. Ayaan thanks them for bringing a sister for him. He says his friends also has elder sister, I will share everything with her. I will make space for her in my room. Pakhi says no, she will stay in other room. He says no, its my big room, I will clean the room, I will set it. Pakhi says fine. Ayaan sends them out.

Maha ji and servants asks Pakhi about the court result. They praise Veer and asks when is Riya coming. Pakhi says anytime, welcome her well, decorate the house and I will cook food for her, its her first day. Lavanya asks Ayaan what is he doing, making space for Riya. He says yes, help me. She says we have many rooms, she will stay anywhere. Ayaan says she is my sister and will stay with me. Lavanya says she is not your sister, but step sister. She fills his ears. Lavanya says step sisters are very bad, and Riya is very bad, she does not love you and Pakhi.

Ayaan says I won’t tell this to Maa, there is nothing like step sisters, she is my sister, all this is wrong, Riya will love us. He says Maa will turn her into good and she will love all of us. Lavanya gets angry and leaves.

Girish comes to pick Riya and asks her why does she hate Veer. He holds her hand and she holds his hand as he moves away. Music plays………….. She thanks him for understanding her. He says lets go. The servants make welcome arrangements. Sukhi makes Bhelcome board. Ashok sees it and Maha ji comes. They see the mistake and scold Sukhi. He writes Riya’s spelling wrong and its Rai.Pakhi asks Ramesh to get fresh pastries and sees the board. She laughs and says its limit. You will annoy Riya by doing this. Maha ji says no, she will like it and will wish to stay here. Anuja and Lavanya see this. Anuja thinks she won’t let Pakhi win, Riya will ruin her hope.

Pakhi falls on Veer. Riya comes and sees them. Pakhi sees a nightie and angry as Veer gifted it. Veer gifted something else and asks her to wear it as they have to start it some day. She gets annoyed being mistaken.

Update Credit to: Amena

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