Hamari Sister Didi 15th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Hamari Sister Didi 15th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The bad boys come to take Karan to dance. Amrita also bucks them. Karan asks for a drink, some healthy one; as he is standing away from these drunken men. Malika mixes whisky in the ‘Lassi’ for Karan. He feels dizzy while the boys come to him again. He says that he isn’t interested. Amrita asks why he just came to battle-field when he didn’t have to dance. Amrita says that these are big people, and for dancing there should be the calculations of heart. Karan stands up and says that anyone can do the dancing, but he isn’t that type. The dance begins. Amrita and everyone is shocked to see Karan on stage performing.

After the dance performance, Karan comes to consciousness. He leaves the stage. In the parking, he says what you did doctor Karan? With what face you would go tomorrow. He laughs, when Amrita and all the girls come laughing on his dance. Amrita sees them all off, then turns to Karan. He laughs, while she too abides by.

In the morning, the guard dances looking at Karan. He stops by but leaves without saying anything. The nurses also laugh looking at him. He gets angry. Malika was saying in the hall, that it was all because of her. Bobby says that he had called him there. Malika then mimics his dance. Karan stood there, listening to all this. He asks it were you people who called me there. He tells them to stay in their limits as he isn’t their friend. Amrita says she is saying sorry to him. He asks why is she saying sorry? Its not your mistake.

Amrita notices Mrs. Kapoor and Dimple going upstairs, while Sooraj and Khushi come inside. The kids tell her that they had much fun with dadi mummy, while eating their breakfast. They run again to meet her. Mrs. Kapoor takes leave from Dimple, when the kids run to her again. Amrita comes behind. Dimple asks shall she drop her, but she says that she will manage. Karan comes out, and Amrita asks Karan to speak to her about the fund. He comes there, and talks to her while Sooraj and Khushi insists about going to drop her. Amrita allows them.

Mrs. Kapoor appreciates the charity idea. She asks whose idea it was? He looks at Amrita, she says no to him. Karan says it was Dimple’s idea. Dimple boasts, while the kids run to the car. Amrita touched the feet, while she leaves. Karan apologizes about taking Dimple’s name but Amrita says that he did it right. Amrita asks shall she go to leave the kids, he allows. The kids wave Amrita while Mrs. Kapoor watches her and tells the driver to take the other route. The kids excitedly talk about aeroplane experience. Sooraj asks can they see their papa from plane. Dadi mama gets quiet, while Khushi tells Sooraj to be quiet now.

They reach the station. Dadi mama thinks that one day she will have to accept them. Life is small, it doesn’t allow anyone to regret in one’s lifetime. Avinash had said that he bet she will look back, as he always win the betting game. She turns back and falls on the ground. The kids shout her name. Amrita and the kids run inside.

Amrita calls Karan, he tells her to calm down. He stops his car and reach the station in urgency. People there had gathered the stretcher. Amrita sits beside her in the cab, they race her to the hospital in a severe traffic jam.

Karan comes out of the car, requesting people to give way, but the traffic is jammed.

Amrita tells her children that she will be fine. The road passage is closed for train crossing.

PRECAP: Karan bucks Amrita to do a puncture of Mrs. Kapoor. Amrita resists that she is her mother-in-law. He tells her to leave the emotions aside, as she became a nurse for this day.

Update Credit to: Sona

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