Tumhari Pakhi 12th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 12th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pakhi booking Anshuman’s ticket from Jaipur to Shimla. Anshuman says make two tickets for Anshuman and Pakhi. He says I came to make my wife happy and take her with me, make two tickets and keep it open. Pakhi leaves. Anshuman comes after her holding an umbrella over her head. She says don’t follow me, go from here. She slips and he holds her. Saiyyan………………..plays………….

He says I m not following, I m going my way as my destination is you. She says go. He says I won’t go without you. She says the way ends here, go. He holds her hand and says fine, answer my question. He holds her and keeps her hand on his head. He says swear on me and say you don’ love me. Pakhi takes her hand back and looks at him. He says I got my answer, if you love me, then Pakhi every love has to go through a test and you passed in every exam and I failed in every test, you have forgiven me always, I know this time I did a big mistake and it can’t be forgiven, but I m sorry, I know you will forgive me, I know I crossed every limit, calling you characterless and kicked out of the house. Pakhi thinks of the moments and cries.

He says you told everyone you came to see Tausa, but I m sorry. He says I promise I will not do this again. Please come back home. He folds his hand and says forgive me once. She looks at him and leaves. Anshuman says you did not say anything, but I will tell everything to them, all the truth, if they forgive me, maybe you will also forgive me. He goes after her. Bhaisa heard their conversation and gets angry. Anshuman comes home and everyone look at him with anger. He looks at them and is puzzled.

Anshuman tells Tausa that he need to talk to him. Tausa slaps him. Anshuman falls. He gets up and says I made a big mistake. Tausa slaps him again and he falls. Tausa says you went on your dad, how can we think you won’t become like him, your dad called your mum characterless and she left, but Pakhi is not an orphan, she has a family. He says you came to beg us to get Pakhi, so that you trouble her and insult her. He says Pakhi is my bride, no one dares to see her, how dare you call her characterless. Anshuman gets up and folds hand.

Tau sa scolds him and says Karsan Singh Rathore came to us to ask for Pakhi, we gave him Pakhi but what did you give her, a 18 year old, you are getting respect her because of Pakhi. He says you don’t deserve this, this time you won’t succeed. Everyone are respecting you, but enough, we will kill you now. Anshuman says hear me once. Bhaisa shouts and Anshuman goes to him. Bhaisa says I told you I will kill you if you trouble my Pakhi, you harassed her, you called her characterless. Bhaisa beats him a lot. Everyone looks on.

Bhaisa says I should have killed you the day when you and Lavanya insulted Pakhi, in your house, but I stopped seeing Pakhi, I told you Pakhi protected you, but I will kill you if she leaves you. He beats Anshuman and he starts bleeding. Anshuman says its my mistake, beat me if you want, as I did wrong, but I love Pakhi a lot. Bhaisa kicks him and says don’t take Pakhi’s name else we will cut you tongue. Anshuman says I broke Pakhi’s heart and came here to win her heart, I will not go without taking her. Bhaisa says you won’t go alive from here. Saiyyan……………………..plays………………. Anshuman looks at the blood and says Pakhi waited for me for 18 years, please give me Pakhi. Bhaisa says you don’t deserve her and beats him.

Bhaisa says I will kill you if you take her name. Anshuman says I don’t know any other name except Pakhi. I will go with Pakhi. Bhaisa beats him. Anshuman says she is my life. Bhaisa beats him more. Anshuman says I love Pakhi. Bhaisa says I will kill you and takes big rod to hit him. Pakhi comes and calls out Bhaisa. Bhaisa stops. She sees Anshuman and cries. Saiyyan………………plays…………….. She comes to him running and sees her wounds. She stands infront of him. Bhaisa says move, he called you characterless, don’t save him, his dead body will go from here. Pakhi says mind it, he is my husband, I won’t bear this.

Anshuman looks at Pakhi. Bhaisa is shocked and throws the rod. He cries and says my flower like sister, I gave to him and he has ill treated you and dumped you in dirt. Pakhi says you did Kanyadaan, now you don’t have any right on me. Did I complain about him, I did not tell you I left my house, so no one has the right to beat him. Everyone are shocked. She says you can’t see tears in my eyes, then can you see me becoming widow? Bhaisa says no, forgive me, its my mistake. Pakhi says its my personal matter, don’t say anything, else I will go from here.

Tausa says this is your home, how can you go. Pakhi melts seeing Anshuman’s wounds and takes him to the room. Pakhi takes care of Anshuman;s wounds and says I called the doctor, he might be coming. Anshuman sees her goodness once again. She says change your shirt now, its not clean. I will send haldi milk for you. He asks did you forgive me and holds her hand. She takes her hand back and leaves. Pakhi comes to Tausa and everyone. Pakhi apologizes to them for shouting on them. Tausa says no, its not your mistake, but mine, as we have sent you with him, without thinking the man who cheats once, will cheat again, he pointed on your character, we can die and kill for respect. Pakhi says we regard guests as Lord, even if its enemy.

Anshuman asks Bhaisa where is Pakhi. Bhaisa says she left home. Bhabhisa says she left not only you but us too. Anshuman runs to find Pakhi and she is at a bus stop leaving.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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