Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 12th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 12th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avni and Sanvri argues about Raj doing dance with Avni. Sanvri says that I went to his home to tell him not to come here, she is about to tear the list. Avni snatches it and asks her how can she do it, he is her best friend, how can she tell him not to come here. Bhawna comes there and listens to the argument. She shouts her name. Avni tells mother to look at Bua for what she did, Raj is not wrong. Bhawna tells her to stop it, she is talking to her elders like this for the first time. Avni says that she will apologize bua but she will have to say sorry to Raj first. Bhawna holds hand to slap her, but stops. She says she hurt her a lot today, for a friend of a few days she disapproved her brought-up. She says she has told her so many times to take care of Samarth but she is always talking about Raj. She goes away saying no one should arrange any party for her now.
Avni apologizes Sanvri. Sanvri says she gets angry very easily but Bhawna never gets angry quickly nor gets rid of it. Avni cries saying she wont call Raj to party but she must get Bhawna agreed for party. Sanvri says she will try.
Bhawna comes downstairs. Abhaas, Akshit and Arpita were packing gifts for the party. Bhawna tells them that there will be no party in the house. Sanvri comes from behind saying she must not let one thing ruin the whole party. Avni also comes and tries to hold hands of Bhawna. She gets rid of her and leaves telling her to stay away from her. Akshit and Abhaas come to Avni and ask why mother is so angry. Sanvri says she is just upset because of Avni going to leave the house after marriage soon. She tells them she will talk to bhabi and asks them to go to their rooms.
Raj comes to Avni’s place in the car. He thinks what he should do to make her understand that they both are made for each other. He comes in and sees Avni standing in the garden. He calls her, she gets worried seeing her and comes to him. She tells him to leave. He asks if she is angry at him. She says its her mistake. He insists upon telling him the truth. She tells him to come outside, and tells that mother is angry and has denied to come to party even. He says that if he is being a problem for her, he wont come to the party. She must celebrate Mother’s Day. He tells her to arrange for the party, she is reluctant saying she has denied for it. But he says he will find a solution for it.
Samarth comes to Bhawna in her room. She asks if it is something special. He says he has heard she said no for party. Suket also comes there and asks why she is denying. She says she doesn’t want the party. Samarth leaves saying it is ok. Avni overhears them and thinks now she only has one plan i.e of Raj.
Abhaas brings flowers. Avni asks she wanted him to bring lilies. He says Lilies weren’t available. She tells him she made all the favorite dishes of mom. Bhawna comes and scolds Abhaas that she told him she doesn’t want a party. Avni says dad told them to do the decorations. Suket comes and tells her that this party is to welcome his college friend Mansi who is coming to Jaipur for some business. He gets a call and tells the driver that she is a very special guest she must be brought with care. Bhawna leaves.
She comes to kitchen. Sanvri tells her that a special dish is being prepared for Mansi, as she is coming after a long time. Bhawna asks who she is. Sanvri says that she is a very special person; she had a big crush on Suket and wrote a lot of letters for him. He also liked her. Bhawna looks at her quietly. Sanvri says that meeting old friends is always fun. Her tea boils, Bhawna leaves.
They were on the breakfast table. Akshit tells Samarth that dad beat him in jogging today. Suket says he wanted to analyse is he still young today like the college days. Suket tells Bhawna that he won’t have paratha today, as he feels dizzy after having it. Today he has to be attentive for the party. He asks Sanvri where is the best saree shop in the city, he has to buy gift for Mansi. Sanvri says she has already told him a lot of times that she put the card in his bag. Bhawna thinks suket never did such special shopping for me ever. She must attend today’s party to see who this Mansi is. Akshit asks mother are you coming to the party. She replies she will have to, as a special guest of his father is coming. Avni thinks about Raj’s plan.
Sanvri comes to Bhawna’s room to ask about a lipstick from her. She asks her why she didn’t get ready. She says she is ready. Sanvri says she need to look best today and takes a saree from the cupboard for her. Bhawna says she told her already she doesn’t want to change, who is going to see her. Avni comes and brings a photo of mansi. She says to Sanvri she is so young. Sanvri says Suket always liked her choice, and asks Bhawna that she must change the saree. She takes Avni along to let Bhawna get ready.
Avni calls Raj. She is happy saying his idea was brilliant. Her problem got less to mom and that Mansi became a bigger problem for her. He says he is very happy because of her. She says she will miss him. She says she would have performed with him if you were also here. She says she was thinking if he had a girl along him no one would have any problem with him. He is lost in thinking. She says that she misses him so much that she begins getting awkward ideas. Raj is elated to have this idea.

PRECAP: Mansi and Suket greet each other in the party. An old lady comes to their house and says she must meet Bhawna in any condition.

Update Credit to: Sona

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