Tum se na ho payega – (Chapter 4)

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Tum se Na ho payega…… (Chapter 4)
Hello people!
I am really sorry for not posting chapters for so long. Actually I was sick and was not able to write. So as I am back with my fourth chapter of TUM SE NA HO PAYEGA. Hope you’ll enjoy it.

Chapter 3


Scene 1
Next day, when Shivaay came with breakfast for his Annika, he saw Annika’s brother there. Shivaay went to him and greeted him;
Shivaay: Hello sir. Annika’s Brother, right?
Annika’s Brother: Yes. Shivaay, right? Annika always talks about you. I have heard a lot about you. Annika only talks about you. She shares everything with me. How can you break my sister’s heart? She likes yo…
Shivaay was shocked. He was going to ask more but Annika’s brother left. Shivaay was dumbstruck. He sat on the bench heavily with a crash. He was feeling like what should he do? He was not able to smile nor able cry. He was shocked that how can he hurt a girl who has same feelings for him like he has for her. He was just lost in his thoughts but was disturbed by a sudden shake. It was Shivika with a huge bandage on her hand.
Shivika: Hey Shivaay! Are you okay?
Shivaay: Yeah I am fine, but what about you? Do you also become the victim of Mallika?
Shivika: Yes. I was coming to tell her about Mallika’s deadly plan but before that she closed the door and my hand got sandwiched between the door and the wall. Anyways, I want you tell something about Annika. She is fallen for you. She is head over heels for you and your lie hurted a lot. Yesterday when you left, I came to meet her. She was crying like anything and got fainted crying. She is hurt a lot. You should go and say sorry to her. Go Shivaay; else it will be very late.
Shivaay: I am not able face her. I have given her so much pain. I will not be able to look in her eyes.
Shivika: but you have to do this.
Shivaay: I’ll try (He wipes his tears and goes inside Annika’s ward)

Annika was sleeping but tears were flowing off her eyes and this was enough for Shivaay to understand that she was in pain. He went close to her and wiped her tears. Annika woke up by his action and she turned her face.
Annika: Why are you here? Who called you here? I told you that I don’t talk to cheaters and heartbreakers. You may leave. (She broke in tears and was not able to control them)
Shivaay: Firstly, you stop crying. Annika please! Stop crying. I can’t see tears in your eyes. And the circumstances made me lie. Please let me stay with you.
Annika: Why do you want to stay with me? Go and stand with that blo*dy Mallika. She is your everything because I thought you are my friend but you cheated me, I told you everything but you always hide everything from me. You saved Mallika who tried to take my life. If it was somebody else rather than you, I must have not been so hurt, but it was you. I am very much hurt because I lov….
Shivaay: You what??
Annika: Nothing.
Shivaay: No you were telling something.
Annika: I was saying that you need to apologize me. (She writhed in pain as her leg moved a bit)
Shivaay: Are you okay? Should I call the doctor? (He went outside) Doctor! Where are you? Annika is crying. She needs you. (He goes inside) Annika! Are you okay?
Annika: I want a sorry from you. If you are so concerned for me, then why can’t you speak a small word SORRY. (She sobbed a little because of pain)
Shivaay: I will not. You are not understanding the situation. Please stop crying.
Annika: You have to say sorry (and starts crying)
Shivaay: Okay. I will. Let me focus. (He breathed in and out for few seconds)
Annika: Are you done?
Shivaay: Will you keep quiet for some seconds? (Annika looks on.)
Shivaay: I….. I a…. I am …… I am so……. I am so SOR…… I………..
Annika: Leave it. TUM SE NA HO PAYEGA!! And yes, why will Shivaay Singh Oberoi apologize to a girl whom he doesn’t consider even a friend. Go away from here.

As Shivaay was going to say something, a nurse entered and told them that Annika has to go for changing and will be shifted to a different hospital for better treatment.
Shivaay: Why a different hospital?
Nurse: Actually, Mr. Shakti Oberoi gave these orders to help Annika in fast recovery.
Annika and Shivaay looked at each other with their eyes filled with tears. The nurse takes Annika on a wheelchair. Annika cries. Shivaay controls his tears and runs to the parking and sits in the car. He asks driver to take him to the Oberoi mansion. Annika is annoyed and is crying and leaves in ambulance.

Annika is tested by her doctor. Annika has a big smile on her face. Her hair is tied in plaits and few strands of her hair on her face. Her long plaited hair is in front, giving her a beautiful and simple look. She is blue hospital dress in pajama and very loose t-shirt (don’t know what it’s called). A big blue plaster is there on her right leg starting from her lower calf covering her feet till her toes. Shakti, Pinky, Annika’s brother are inside her room. ShivOmRu are waiting outside in the corridor.
Doctor: Her recovery on fast track. But care is required. Her wounds are filled but as it is multiple fracture, she will take more time to recover. I am discharging her but please do take care of her and come for regular checkup.
Annika: When will you take out this AJEEB sa plaster? I am fed up.
Doctor: Aww dear! Don’t worry. It will take one more month and your leg will be fine. (Annika makes a face like of not understanding what was the meaning of Aww, like she did when Shivaay in the show said Aww)
Annika: I hate you for tying this plaster. (She made annoying but a cute expression).
Everyone laughed at this. Doctor called her cute and tells her;

Doctor: You will be missed here in this hospital. Your tantrums are all around the staff of this hospital and your words became very famous here. I am in love with your line “O bete ki”. You will surely be missed.
Annika smiled. She came out on wheel chair with a smiling face. She IGNORED Shivaay and talked to OmRu. Annika struggled with her eyes not to look at Shivaay but failed. She looked at him, but controlled her eyes not produce tears. She turned her face. Shivaay was looking at her. How can someone look so beautiful even in hospital dress? She is ignoring him and he is continuously staring her. Roke Na ruke naina………plays……. . Annika is taken to change and then discharged. She is helped by her brother and a male nurse to a car. Shakti tells that he has given a car and a driver to Annika as she requires regular checkup and it would be easy for her to go by car, rather than a scooty. Annika and her brother thank him and say that this was not required. Shakti says
Shakti: Are no beta. You are now a part of our family. This was required as I was guilty that Shivaay hurted you. you can keep this as a gift from my side.
Annika looks at Shivaay with an annoyed face. Shivaay looks on.

PRECAP: Shakti and Pinky talk about Shivaay and Annika. Annika dreams about Shivaay. She wakes up and smiles. Aadha ishq…………… plays. She blushes seeing Shivaay.

Alright everyone, hope you like it. Please do comment and let me about your views on my fan fiction. Actually, I was not well and was not getting time to write. I will try to post next part soon. Do comment and suggest if you want any improvement or changes or if the story is turning boring because I am feeling so. I will add GauriKa/ OmRi and RumYa also in this fan fiction, maybe in the next chapter. Okay, thank you everyone for reading this and showing your love. Keep reading, keep commenting.
PS: The song “Aadha Ishq” is from the movie “Band Baaja Baarat”. If you want to ask anything related to songs or anything, do comment. I will reply.
Thank you.

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