Tum Saath Ho Jab 5th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Imran asks Mariam if she considers herself as a heroine of a film, he isn’t ready to listen to anyone. He also forbids Najma to interfere and asks what is he to her. He is a neighbor, then why she gave the jewellery. He says she is even worse than Najma, he thought her as mature. He hands her ring back to her. Altaf also asks her to take it back. Imran takes Mariam’s hand and puts the ring in it.
Mariam and Najma come home. Nasima’s amma was against Mariam’s leaving, Nasmia asks where was Mariam. Mariam says she went to get the ring polished, Nasima shows it to ammi. Younis comes there, ammi asks him to come along to jeweler. Younis was worried and asks Najma to leave. He tells them Shabbir’s mother has come to know about Naeema’s age and she has broken the proposal.
Altaf says to Imran, he took her the ring on the right time. Imran says he didn’t care about Younis but he had to keep Mariam’s respect. He looks at Mehak’s photo and says he knows how is it about the things that are your loved ones. He says the lady who loves her husband a lot, keeps her ring mortgage to help a drunk neighbor. Today, her good as defeated him. Altaf asks him that why he scolded Mariam so much. Imran is concerned and says he will ask for apology.
Nasima and ammi cry. Younis says that Naeema used to meet Shabbir. Ammi isn’t ready to accept. Mariam says this is true. Nasima asks why she didn’t tell them. Mariam says she told Naeema to talk to them. Ammi says what was so wrong in meeting. Younis says Naeema told Shabbir about the fake certificate. Abba ji curses him for getting the fake certificate, as he talks so much about the religion. He considers them all responsible. Ammi says to Mariam that she keeps a bad eye on her Naeema, Abba ji scolds ammi. Abba ji as left. Ammi also leaves.
Mariam thinks that Naeema was to marry Tauseef as ammi had said to her. Imran watches her lost, and crying. He calls her name but she doesn’t hear. Altaf comes there, Imran calls him and says Mariam is crying. Altaf says she is crying because of Naeema, he heard on the road what was being said. Imran says they must not say anything now.
Imran leaves feeling bad for her.
Tauseef had told Mariam that he denied for Naeema’s proposal. Mariam talks to the ring, he told her Naeema wasn’t between them.
Nasima and Younis tell Mariam they are going to ammi. Mariam says she will handle the household. Younus gets Shrivastav ji’s call, he asks to talk to Mariam directly, Younis says he doesn’t want to do business with him. Mariam tells him to calm down, they must talk to him about the rules of family.
Naeema cries that the bastard betrayed her. Saba says it was her mistake, but Naeema isn’t ready to accept. Waqar assures that she will get married soon, Naeema watches Imran come to the terrace. Naeema wipes her tears and tells the children to go downstairs. She asks Saba is her make up looking well. She says God does everything for a reason, someone else is in her luck. Saba is worried, but Naeema says she will only marry Imran. Imran goes inside.

PRECAP: Imran gets sick while practicing. Shrivastav ji insists in Mariam to do business with him. Younis also hears this in market and is shocked as Mariam is.

Update Credit to: Sona

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