Laut Aao Trisha 5th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Laut Aao Trisha 5th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Trisha panics seeing Bobby wearing a hooded jacket and asks to get away from her. Doctor asks her to relax and Meghan gets her water. She drinks water and relaxes. Doc asks what happened to her. She says she thought someone else has come to hurt her seeing Bobby wearing hooded jacket. Meghan asks if they should stay with her. She says she will be fine and they can leave. Meghan and Bobby leave. Doc gives her injection and she sleeps holding his hand.

Bobby and Meghan reach home. Lavanya asks how is Trisha. Meghan says she got afraid seeing Bobby wearing hooded jacket. Kushan realizes he wore hooded jacket during his last meet with Trisha. Bobby says she got panicked and asks him to go away, looks like kidnapper was also wearing same kinda jacket. Meghan says they are planning to throw a party to make Trisha feel normal. Lavanya says that is a good idea. They both leave for arrangements. Kushan asks Lavanya why did she agree to attend party. She says if not, everybody will doubt them. He says Trisha Panicked seeing hooded jacket and she may get more panicked seeing him. She asks him to burn all evidences which Trisha saw. He says okay and says he will go for a walk. Lavanya thinks she herself has an important evidence with her. Meghan asks her to give her new swimming costume. Lavanya says it is in her cupboard and will get it.

Lavanya sees Trisha’s letter in cupboard and tears them. She gets Mehata’s call and gets busy on phone. Meghan comes and reads torn letter. Lavanya sees that and takes them from her. She says it is Trisha’s handwriting. Lavanya says Trisha wrote her these letters when she went to Paris. Meghan asks why will she in this internet world. Lavanya asks her to forget about it and gives her swimming constumes. She likes it and leavs with Bobby for swimming.

Trisha says doctor that he is very boring. Kabeer comes there and asks if she is feeling nervous or something she remembers from her past. She says she knows he came to interrogate her and says she does not remember what happened in 1 month.

Meghan says Bobby that mom and dad are behaving weirdly these days. He says we have a habit of seeing them fight and now they are in a love mood. She says she feels they are hiding something. He says nothing like that and takes her for swimming.

Servant gives Trisha juice. She does not like its taste. Kabeer says beetroot juice is good for health. She says it has bitter guard in it and asks him also to try. He tries it and makes weird face. Trisha laughs and asks if he does not like it. He gulps it in 1 breath. She is surprised to see that and thinks she challenged a wrong man. Kabeer says she has to drink her glass now. She hesitantly drinks juice. He thinks get well soon Trisha and please be safe, he lost his dear one once and will not let it happen again.

Neha calls Kushan. He asks why she called him. She says she is tensed as Kabeer came to interrogate her, so she wants to meet him. He asks if she is nuts, he will also be in problem. She says if she is caught, even he will not be spared. He asks her to meet him in 1 hour.

Kabeer gets his officer’s call and says he will come right now.

Meghan calls Trisha to check how she is now. Doc picks call and says she is sleeping and will inform her once she wakes up. She says it is okay. Doc says he is happy that Trisha has such wonderful cousins and she will recover well like a magic. Meghan says even he has a magic that Amrita and Trisha’s other close ones are believing him. He says nothing like that. She cuts call and thinks she likes him.

Neha meets Kushan and says Kabeer is doubting her now and wants proof. He asks if she has any proof. She says no. He says Kabeer is trying to trap her and she should not get into it. She says even he looks tensed and reminds him about the incident after Pratik suspends him from work and she meeting him and telling that she will help him take revenge. He says Pratik must have sent her. She says he has kicked him out of job, then there is no need to send her, she can help him take revenge from Pratik as she is his secretary and girlfriend. Kushan says he took her help and paid money, but she trapped him now and freed Pratik. She says if she is trapped, he will also be not spared and will not his answer.

Kabeer comes there and they both get tensed seeing him. He acts as meeting them for the first time, then says he knows them well and asks if they know him. He says they must have met by coincidence and asks them to discuss what they were talking. They both leave from there. HE asks if can drop them to office, house, police station…

Pratik comes to Trisha’s room and sees her sleeping. He pampers her and she wakes up. She says it is good he woke her up, else her doc wants her to rest always and asks where is he. Pratik says he just went out. She asks why did Neha call her. He says she is just a business associate and it is pure business. She says she is trusting him and asks not to break her trust. He asks her to rest now, else her doc will come and say rest. She smiles and goes to sleep. Neha calls him and he goes out of Trisha’s room and scolds her not to call him when he is at home. She says it is important and says Kabeer is following me and doubting me. He says he is a police officer and it is his job to doubt everyone. She says when she went to meet Kush… He asks who Kush…She says her friend Khushi. He says he will do something and asks her not to call when he is at home.

Kabeer says his officer that looking at the evidence, Kushan may be the main culprit and Neha his puppet. Abhay asks if they should interrogate Kushan. He says he will get alert and should instead pressurize him to make mistake and get caught himself.

Kushan comes home. Lavanya asks where was he. He says Kabeer is doubting on Neha and she called him and told that. She asks why did he meet him, now Kabeer will catch him via Neha. Kushan says he will kill Neha to save himself. She says if he kills her, Kabeer will first catch him. He asks what to do now. She says if Kabeer had proof against you, he would have caught you long ago, so dont panic and get into trouble. She goes in to get him food. Kushan sees Kabeer standing at door and waving him. He calls Lavanya and says Kabeer has come to arrest him and is at door. Lavanya checks and says nobody is here. He says how is it possible, he was right here. She says he is stressed and imagining things, she hugs him tight.

During board meeting, Pratik says board of directors think Japanese deal is not good for company, so they are cancelling deal. He says directors want an experienced CEO now and wants Gaurav to resign right now. Sonali asks how can he do this to his younger brother. Pratik says this is Swaika group’s office and only business matters, he will play brother’s sentiments at home. He asks Gaurav to sign resignation letter.

Abhay informs Kabeer that Trisha is not shot by any of Swaika family members and in hospital, bullet was shot by country made gun. Kabeer asks him to get team to the kidnapping spot.

Sonali asks Gaurav not to sign resignation letter. Gaurav signs it. Pratik announces Lavanya asks new CEO. Everyone congratulates her and leaves. Sonali angrily looks at Pratik and says he did not do goo. H says he warned her not to mess with him, but she did not listen, she is allowed in board meeting as she was sitting CEO’s wife, now she cannot attend it. He asks her to go out from where Gaurav went. She walks out angrily.

Trisha gets a flashback in sleep of a man dragging her and trying to push her from cliff. She wakes up nervously and thinks who is that. Doctor comes and asks what mudra/yoga she is doing. She asks him to not joke and leave her alone as she is tensed about unclear visions. He sadly gets up to go. She apologizes him. He says he knows she wants to find out what happened to her in 1 month, but she should not stress too much, he is explaining her as a friend not to torture herself.

Gaurav freshens up in his room and asks Sonali if she will not have coffee. She asks how can he think of coffee after being kicked out of his CEO position. He says even he is upset, but it was board of director’s decision and even he feels Japanese deal was harmful for company. She asks if he is telling she is wrong and says he does not have brains to understand that they used him. He says she is right, being good is bad for oneself.

Kabeer and his officers reach Trisha’s shot place and Kabeer imagines how Trisha was shot. He sees a bullet on tree and asks officers to examine it. Abhay says this bullet is completely different from Trisha’s shot one. Kaber says that means 2 different guns are used.

Precap: Trisha tells Kushan that he is the only person she shares her problems with and tells what him about her flashbacks. He holds knife behind his back to stab her.

Update Credit to: MA

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