Tum Saath Ho Jab 30th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tum Saath Ho Jab 30th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Salman Baig tells Younis that he is going to post office. I will talk to Jamaal’s boss about revoking his suspension order. Younis has no hopes, either from Jamaal or his boss. I don’t think Jamaal will even work efficiently even if you do this. His Abbajaan still wants to give it a try. It is good if things work out fine. I want Bilkish to be happy. YOunis offers to drop him. the kids fight for sitting in the rickshaw. Salman Baig meets them one by one lovingly. Saba wants her Ammi to get two rickshaws today. I am wearing a beautiful suit today. Nasima cannot do anything about it. If your Abbu hears it then he will scold you. Fiza is told to sit in the back but she has no option when Younis tells her to. Nasima sits with Waqar. Saba and Fiza tell him to sit in their Ammi’s lap as there is no place for Saba to sit. Salman Baig tells Younis to take Waqar with him. I will come with Heeralal. Nasima tells Younis to drive slowly. He replies in his typical style. Waqar hugs his Abba but he is told to hold the handle in between. Nasima is worried what if he falls. Hold your Abba only. Younis starts the scooter with much difficulty. They all leave finally. Najma is sad to see them go.

Bilkish has brought taviz for Jamaal. She wants him to be quiet for two days as per the rule of wearing this taviz. You will get your job back in two days. He is against it for he wont be able to say his shayaris then but she stays put. She puts the taviz around his neck. His Amma scolds him for waking up at this hour of the day. He is about to say something when Bilkish reminds him of the taviz.

Imran wants to hold a tennis tournament just like the badminton tournament in the other school a few days back (Najma’s school). It will be good for our school’s image too. Principal appreciates his thought but you know kids from middle class school study here. For them even badminton rackets are expensive. How will they buy tennis rackets then? Imran knows there is a very bright future in tennis. Principal reasons that half of the population of the world is busy in their daily life and its tensions! Who has time to think about future? It isn’t that I am against it but people here are worried about the basic necessities of life. Who will buy rackets worth 2k? I don’t think anyone will let their kids participate in this tournament. I know their parents well. Imran still wants to try. Maybe there is someone among these kids who has this talent. We will inspire and motivate that particular kid. We are running a school, nurturing kids like plants. Why should we make them realise how expensive is the sun or how economical is water? Society will do it. Maybe that kid only will represent our country one day and that will be a thing of prestige for our school only. We should give them this chance. If not too many teams come in then you can surely cancel the competition. I assure you I will personally go to schools to get as many teams as I can. Principal agrees. Try your luck. Imran thanks him.

Jamaal writes his shayari on a piece of paper. His Amma asks him why he is all quiet. I will have to do something. She talks about an impending wedding in the family. bilkish declines to go which irks Amma. Bilkish speaks out her thoughts taking his name. Amma is sure Bilkish has done some black magic on her son. Bilkish denies. She finally makes him speak up as Amma is blaming her for something for no reason. She makes a fuss of this also. Jamaal is relieved to have gained his speech again. amma is curious about the taviz. Jamaal whispers something in her ears and she stares ahead blankly. Jamaal speaks out his shayari loudly.

Mariam is doing her work. Najma says, even Fiza had gone to my Nani’s place with me. plus whenever Mamujaan comes, he brings something for her as well. Badi Ammi could have taken me with her too. Naima Khala is my Khala too. Badi Ammi thinks that I will snatch Waqar’s Nani from him? Mariam replies that Badi Ammi dint take her because of her. everyone was going so I would have been all alone otherwise. Najma knows it was an excuse. Have you never stayed in the house all by yourself? Najma is getting bored. Mariam agrees to play with her after finishing her work asap. Najma wants to go out and plays with the kids in their locality. Mariam reminds her how her Bade Abbu doesn’t like it. Najma sits on the porch as she waits for her Ammi to be free. She looks at the storeroom. There is no problem in taking one round on the bicycle!

Najma is having fun as she rides the bicycle but she isn’t able to drive straight. She collides with someone who tells her to be careful. She points out sweetly that she has blown the horn. You still came in the way. She resumes driving it.

Mariam thinks about Najma’s words as she takes dry clothes from the terrace. She agrees with Najma. I have stayed alone in the house earlier as well but Tauseef was with me back then. She recounts a past incident where she was doing some work. Tauseef had hugged her from behind and she was all shocked. All the family members had gone to a wedding. We can romance now. She reminds him that Abbajaan is also at home. He tells her that Abbajaan has gone out with Heeralal kaka. Now we can romance. Bol na halke halke plays. They had chased each other all around the house. They shared a long eye lock as they come face to face. She could see love in his eyes. Flashback ends. You are still like before Tauseef. You come anytime you like. She calls out for Najma but there is no reply. She goes downstairs to check and notices the open door of the storeroom. She is shocked to see that the cycle is gone.

Najma is riding bicycle in the locality. She is not able to control it well though. Imran is coming from the other side on his bike. She collides with Imran and they both fall in the process. Everyone gathers around them. Imran helps her in getting up. Did you get hurt? They both bicker as usual about who was wrong. She is shocked to see that the cycle has broken. You broke my cycle? He tells her not to blame him. it is because of your mistake. She continues to fight with him. I honked. He points out that you stop a cycle with brakes, not horn. Your eyes were closed and you banged in my motorcycle. She continues to blame him for it as she cries. Why did you get out of your home when you don’t know how to ride it? she retorts atleast you know how to drive a bike. You broke my cycle. He is in no mood to fight with her. pick it up and go home. She cries thinking about what would she tell at home? He tells her to remove it from here. Go home and tell everyone the truth but she cannot do it. Bade Abbu will get angry again. Ammi will have to bear the taunts again. Imran wonders about the problem while Najma continues to cry sitting in the same position. He offers his hand to her but she pushes it away. My cycle broke because of you. He agrees to get it repaired. She is surprised. Will you? He agrees and helps her hold the cycle.

Mariam is at the threshold of her house. She looks around for Najma but in vain. Where has she taken the bicycle? It will be a problem if bhabhi or Younis bhaijaan return before her.

Imran and Najma are at the repair shop. She tells the guy at the shop to fix everything like before. No one should get to know anything. She continues to blame Imran for it. I was trying to ride it nicely. Bade Abbu and Badi Ammi can come back anytime. If they see me with this then I wont be spared. He tells her not to out on the cycle when she is told against it. she cannot ride it when they are home. I can learn this way only. He realises that they are against it. she almost spills that it is for Waqar but covers up saying that they are worried about my safety. He understands it all.

Mariam cannot see Najma anywhere. I cannot go out leaving the house like this. the land line rings. Nasima has called Mariam. She is irked as Mariam picked up the phone late. She is on her way home only. Mariam is shocked. Nasima brings her out of her reverie by calling out to her again and again. she is told to keep some water bottles in fridge. Mariam agrees but she is really tensed about Najma’s whereabouts.

Precap: Imran is getting late too. Najma wants to reach home before her Bade Abbu and Badi Ammi. They both are shocked to see Nasima return with the kids.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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