Laut Aao Trisha 30th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Laut Aao Trisha 30th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sanya requests Kabeer to show magic in front of her friends. Kabeer agrees and shows magic tricks. Everyone clap. Lavanya calls Kushan, but he does not pick her call. Kabeer sees Prem coming there and shows him handcuff. Prem starts drinking alcohol heavily. Pratik sees that and asks him to stop. Prem says alcohol cannot control him and asks why did he give lavish party. Pratik says he could not say no to Sanya. Amrita reminisces her last meeting with Trisha in party and gets emotional. Trisha is shown in jungle.

Lavanya calls Kushan again, but he does not pick her call. She sees Meghan with her boyfriend who tries to get intimate with her and asks friend to leave. Meghan asks how can she insult her friend. Lavanya asks not to overreact as already people are talking about them.

Pratik meets Prem. Prem asks him not to spoil his mood. Kabeer says he saw scotch bottle at Trisha’s hideout venue in Lonavla and it was of same brand which he is drinking. Trisha is show still running in jungle. Prem comes near Lavanya. She asks him to go away. He holds her hand and asks her to speak to him. Lavanya asks him to leave her hand. She sees Bobby there and pushes Prem. Before Bobby can look at them, Prem leaves.

Sonali and Gaurav look at Pratik talking to his client. Sonali asks Gaurav to mingle with clients as he is also important to Swaika industry. Gaurav joins client and Pratik. Pratik asks Gaurav to get drinks for client and asks him to contribute at least something for their deal. Gaurav gets embarrassed but goes to bring drinks.

Amrita and her friends dance dance on song chanda chamke cham cham…. song… .Everyone enjoy their performance. Sanya asks Pratik and Amrita to dance. They both hesitantly dance. Kabeer silently watches them dancing.

Sanya cuts birthday cake with everyone clapping and wishing her happy birthday. All her friends give their gifts. Sanya happily receives them and show them to Amrita. He asks Kabeer what gift he gave her. He asks her to open it and find herself. Servant brings a parcel and gives it to Amrita. Amrita reads gift and is shocked to see it is from Trisha. Everyone is shocked to hear that. Kabeer asks servant who give it to him. Servant says a man with black pant and skyblue shirt gave it to him. Kabeer runs out and finds a man starting his bike and asks him who gave him parcel. He says he is a delivery boy and gives his office address to get sender’s address from there. Amrita reads Trisha’s letter for Sanya which reads she will be with Sanya forever.

Kabeer checks trisha’s gift and thinks if someone is trying to mislead. Sanya says it looks like Trisha will come out after opening this gift. Pratik asks her to open gift box. Sanya opens it and sees a parrot, says she used to play parrot game in Trisha’s mobile. Kabeer says he will check with courier company about the sender. Amrita says she will accompany him. Pratik says he even will join them. All 3 of them reach courier company and Kabeer asks courier owner to give address of sender. Owner says he will get it in the morning, but checks on Kabeer’s insistence and says gift was ordered 3 months back by Trisha. Pratik asks how can anyone send gifts 3 months before. Owner says people send gifts 1 year before. Kabeer says he is telling right. Amrita thinks how can it happen.

Trisha is running in jungle and comes on a road. A car comes and man gets out of it and drags her inside car. Trisha pleads him to leave as it is her sister’s birthday today, but man takes her.

Precap: Pratik scolds Sonali. Amrita says Sonali is also a daughter in law of this house and should be respected. Kabeer thinks Prem must ahve gifted on behalf of Trisha.

Update Credit to: MA

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