Tum Saath Ho Jab 30th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Najma is sleeping peacefully while Mariam cannot stop thinking of Najma’s words. Marry new neighbour. He will be my Abbu after you marry him. there is nothing wrong with him. he is a great guy. She thinks of Abbajaan’s words too and how he was sure about Imran that he will prove out to be a great father and her perfect life partner. She goes out of her room.

Imran is pacing in his balcony. Mariam too comes out on her balcony and walks around worried and lost in thoughts. She notices him and he too notices her. she turns to go but he requests her to hear him once. She covers her head and turns to look at him. Imran apologizes to Mariam. I dint intend to hurt you. I cannot tolerate seeing you or Najma getting hurt in any way. This is what made me angry and I said all that. This wont happen now as I am leaving from this locality tomorrow itself so that you don’t get insulted anymore. I can see my Mehak in Najma since a very long time. Maybe this is why or with this right only I fought with your family. my Mehak stays alive in your Najma in front of me. I cannot bear it if anyone shouts on her or scold her. I feel like killing that person. I forget that my Mehak has drowned long time back. I couldn’t save her. this girl is Najma, Tauseef’s daughter. But now I promise you wont be in any problem. I will leave tomorrow morning itself. Please forgive me. she continues to look at him in shock as he goes inside his house. Maula plays. Altaf has been watching everything from a distance. Mariam goes inside.

Imran’s words echo in Mariam’s head. she notices the closed window and opens it a little. She finds Imran sitting inside lost in deep thoughts. Altaf asks Imran if he bade goodbye to Mariam. We are leaving this locality tomorrow? Imran nods. Altaf calls him and Mariam a big liar. You both are using Najma. Mariam is taken aback. Imran gets angry but Altaf continues talking. The truth is you have started to love Mariam and she too likes you. imran tells him to think clearly but Altaf in turn wants them to realise it. najma is just an excuse. You guys are fooling each other using Najma’s name. The truth is you both have started loving each other. On one side, it is Mariam who mortgages her husband’s ring seeing your plight. On the other hand, you go and pay for it. She risked her life and went to school to prove you innocent. She brought proofs for you. And you lost your cool hearing about Srivastava’s acts. What is this if not love? please come to your senses. Hear your heart. It will be great for Najma’s future too. Imran gets thinking. Najma turns in sleep and Mariam looks at her.

Bilkish and Jamaal come home. Amma asks them about Mariam. Did Imran really say that he will marry her? Bilkish affirms. People have started gossiping about it. they think that Mariam bhabhi and Imran were having an affair since a long time now. Jamaal tells her to be careful before saying anything. Bilkish talks about Shabnam. Jamaal asks her if she doubts Mariam. Bilkish is sure Imran wouldn’t have said all that in any other case. Amma too speaks in Mariam’s favour. Jamaal supports Mariam too. She is pure. How would you understand someone’s purity? This is why Allah has kept you away from motherhood. This is why we have no children. Bilkish looks at him in shock / hurt. He says you call Imran a drunkard but he is a very good guy. He is not Najma’s father yet he wants to give her that love. you couldn’t give that much love to Najma even though you are her Fufi. You don’t have that love inside you. Amma scolds Jamaal for hurting Bilksih. She is anyways heartbroken that she cannot become a mother. Jamaal is irked that Bilkish always talks against Mariam. How has Mariam bhabhi harmed her? Amma comforts Bilkish. You are not entirely at fault. Your pain comes out in this form. You will have to forget about this pain if you want to be free from it. Najma may not be your daughter but it doesn’t mean that you cannot love her like your daughter. Love her like your own daughter. Jamaal has found his happiness. You too should find it. Jamaal explains to bilkish that hatred is not the answer for everything but love clears all the issues. Bilkish understands their point. I have made many mistakes unintentionally but I wont let this continue now. Please talk to Mariam bhabhi and make her agree. She can never find a life partner like Imran.

Next morning, Younis is talking to some people (Ibrahim ji, Shukla ji) of his locality regarding throwing Imran out of their locality. He has eyed the women of our house today. this can happen with your families too. People support him. we should gather the rest of the people and throw Imran out of our area. They get up to go when a Maulvi comes there. He is surprised to know that Abbajaan has called him here.

Abbajaan tells them that it is Mariam’s nikaah (wedding) today. Younis is confused. Abbajaan clears it that she is marrying Imran. Younis looks at him in disbelief. He is glad to see two other people with Younis as he would need two witnesses. A widow is getting married. I think it is good that we are going to be a witness of such a moment. Maulvi ji supports him too. Younis is against getting Mariam married to that drunkard. Abbajaan corrects him that he will get Mariam married to that person who has helped and supported Mariam and Najma every time. I am sure they will be happy with him. Younis refuses to abide by his decision. Abbajaan makes it clear to him that he is standing in his house. Everyone here follows my decision. If you have any problem with my decision then you can leave this house. Younis stands there speechless.

Mariam is getting ready. She recalls her wedding when Tauseef was all mesmerised seeing her thus. She is in tears to see herself in those colourful clothes once again. she wipes her tears as Najma comes there. She makes her Ammi ready. You look like an angel from the sky. Hope no evil eye befalls you. MAriam holds her hand emotionally. Najma asks her why she is upset. You should be happy today. mariam says my happiness is you. are you happy? najma nods. Mariam adds that she is also happy then. we both will be starting a new life from today. Najma agrees. She brings out the box where they have been savouring their memories. Mariam looks at it tearfully. She thinks of all her past moments spent with Tauseef. Najma writes a new chit – Ammi and Najma’s new beginning. She adds the chit in the box. Mariam hugs her daughter.

Imran says Qubool Hai to his wedding with Mariam. Mariam is all quiet when the Maulvi asks her if she agrees to this nikaah. Mariam is thinking about Tauseef. She hears his voice. He tells her that life is calling out to her. remove my name from your memories. Life is to be lived in the present. Maulvi asks Mariam once again. She says Qubool Hai this time. Saba, Fiza and Najma hug her excitedly.

Altaf calls out for Imran as he has called a rickshaw. Najma, Mariam and Imran come there. Altaf talks about Najma’s match. Saba, Fiza and Waqar too come out of their home. Najma again calls him new neighbour’s mamujaan. Altaf points out that she should call Imran her Abbu now whereas I am your Dadajaan. Imran adds that for him. everyone smiles hearing that. Altaf is irked with Dadajaan. Najjo can call me new neighbour’s mamujaan only then. Abbajaan, Nasima and Younis come out of their house too. Mariam and Najma get sad seeing them. altaf tells Imran to sit. Family leaves in rickshaw only. Imran notices Mariam’s sad face as he sits on the rickshaw. He holds out his hand for her. title track plays. Abbajaan smiles seeing it. Mariam keeps her hand in his and sits in the rickshaw as well. Mariam and Imran look at each other. They are still holding hands. Najma asks them where she will sit. Imran tells her to sit in between them. she happily takes her place. Abbajaan is really pleased. Altaf tells Imran to responsible now. give me some time too so that I can find a Mumani jaan for you. he wishes good luck to Najma and the kids also wish her luck. They leave like one big happy family.

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