Itti Si Khushi 30th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Itti Si Khushi 30th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

In their room, Neha takes out Aman’s cricket kit. She picks up the bat from the kit. She recalls how Aman used to play cricket so well back when he was a kid. Aman comes there just then. They both look at each other. Neha recalls how he had returned the ball to her sometime back saying that she had kept this dream alive with her over all these years. I am scared that I might throw it in a bin if it remains with me. I have anyways forgotten how to catch now. Flashback ends. Aman takes the bat from Neha. He too thinks of all the times when he used to play cricket. The ball had once hit the window of their house, Neha had taken the blame on herself while Aman’s mother was irked with Aman for playing cricket. He also thinks how his mother has been worried that he will start playing cricket like his father. Things have settled down now in our lives. I am scared that we will lose all this. He had reassured his mom that he will fulfil all his responsibilities always. Flashback ends.

Aman keeps the bat back in his kit. He gestures Neha to sit while be takes out the first aid box. Cute song plays in the background. He takes her hand in his and they both look at each other. He smiles thinking of their all past moments together. He puts band aid over her wound. Neha smiles as she too thinks of their happier times together. He asks her if it hurts. She shakes her head and then withdraws her hand. he says I have been living here in this room since so many years but now I cannot live without you. She says she wants to come back but he is not calling her. He requests her to withdraw her condition but she stays put. I have decided, now you have to make up your mind. She walks out from his room after saying bye to him.

Sandeep returns home and throws his bag angrily on the bed. Shagun gets concerned. He is fed up of his work environment. She gives him water. He talks about the corporate culture. It is all so new for me. I am learning things but my boss is so irritating. He always points out at my faults. She points out that he is having problems as it is all new for him. He refuses to continue his job. She reasons that you are also new for him. sandeep talks about his aggressive behaviour with him. he gives me so much attitude. He humiliates me in front of everyone. Everyone jokes about me behind my back. My boss treats me like his slave. He intentionally makes me do some mistakes and then insults me. they are all pathetic people. She explains him that there is difference in running a shop and managing a big office. He feels lonely there. I miss papa. He used to shout at me or scold me but he always protected me. he has taught me everything from the scratch. I just left him for a stranger company which neither thinks about me nor cares about me. I just wait to hear his voice now. I have hurt him a lot. I have made a very big mistake. I will leave this job and join papa again. she is surprised seeing him talk like that. Has something else happened too?

He tells her that he made a trivial calculation mistake. Boss humiliated and insulted me in front of everyone. He could have explained me things in private but he made a joke of me in front of everyone. He actually told me to bring a coffee for him. am I his servant? I cannot do this. it was so different when papa and I used to work together. We had workers under us whom we used to explain things so calmly whenever they made any mistakes. We used to encourage them but it is the opposite thing there. I cannot give time to this company. They don’t deserve it at all. I will never work for them. If I would have devoted this much time to my shop instead then the shop would have been a great success today. She tells him not to take so much stress. These are all small problems. One day these very people will praise your work. The salary is so good. Our life will be sorted. Things will sort out when you will get adjusted there properly. You will make new friends, you will start liking it. Some Anil Mishra has got promoted in three months and his salary ahs doubled. If this happens with us then our life will be so much better. He is in no mood to go to office. I don’t feel like going there at all. I might die if I continue going there. He leaves from there while Shagun is all sad and tearful.

Sunita ji and Akku discuss about Sandeep’s bad mood. Sunita ji doesn’t want to interfere in the matter as Shagun might not like it. let your papa come, he only will talk to Sandeep. Akku nods. Neha comes there. They get worried seeing her wound. Neha tells them everything that happened at Goyal house. Sunita ji hugs her daughter happily. you set everything right. Akku praises her sister too. The landline rings. Neha picks it up and agrees to reach somewhere at 10 am tomorrow. She ends the call and hugs Akku and her mom excitedly. Aman has been called for NCL trials tomorrow morning.

Gayatri gives milk and medicine to Dadi ji. Aman says the doc will come soon but Dadi ji assures him that the injury is small. There is nothing to worry. Gayatri is feeling bad about kicking Jayanti out of the house. Kamini ji replies that I have been asking her to leave since last two days. Agreed that I am fault but I cannot let her stay here if she will go to the extent of killing someone. I will do penitence for what I have done with everyone. She asks Aman to bring Neha home asap so that she is relievd of this burden. Gayatri ji gets a call. She moves to another corner to attend it.

Dadi ji understands that she has been really bad with Neha. You have always forgiven me for my every mistake. Now I will fulfil my responsibilities. He reminds her that she has already apologized to Neha. There is nothing to worry about. Kamini ji is still upset with herself for all that she has done. Aman suggests her to forget the past. Gayatri ji tells Aman that Divakar ji got really happy to know that you want to work with him. He has called you at 10 am tomorrow. I know you don’t like all this but we cannot help it. you can leave this job once you get a good once. I wont say anything to you then. Kamini ji looks at Aman in confusion. She is pleased for Aman upon knowing about his new job. Aman agrees to go to meet Divakar ji tomorrow morning. Neha hears everything from a distance and is shocked.

Precap: Neha tells Aman that he still has an option. She talks about the ad but he tells her that that matter is over. Neha insists that the matter is still open. He refuses to agree to her condition. She knows that already. Just listen to me once. He requests her not to talk about this particular matter. All my wounds get fresh whenever you talk about cricket. She tells him about his admission in NCL.

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