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Najma comes running there excitedly. We have to leave, right? Mariam is confused. Najma lies that she had promised to take her to the mosque today. Mariam doesn’t recall anything like that. Rehmat Bi jokes that Mariam is getting older. She goes to the kitchen.

Mariam confronts Najma. You have started lying as well? When I did I say we will go to mosque today? Najma denies. I have decided to play tennis. Mariam gets happy. how did this miracle happen? Najma gives the credit to Imran. he said that I am his Mehak. He had wanted his Mehak to play tennis for our country. I thought to play tennis for him as he will be happy then. Mariam appreciates her. you did the right thing. Imran really thinks of you to be his Mehak. My Najma is getting very mature. She is learning to live for other people. They share a hug. Najma says you only have taught this to us. They both decide to get ready and leave asap.

Waqar stares at Saba while she is doing something on the laptop but she shoos him away. Fiza comes running excitedly to tell him that Najma Appi has agreed to play tennis again. she just left with Choti Ammi. Waqar gets happy. Saba is curious to know the whole thing but is shocked when they tell her that Najma is playing tennis. Before he can say anything else, their Abbu Ammi come there.

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Younis writes down the email id of someone named Khalil. He is irked as he ends the call. He tells Nasima that Khalil’s uncle has asked us to send Naima’s photo and bio data on the email id. They will decide then only. Nasima doesn’t find it odd but he is more interested in talking face to face. Saba explains that this is the trend nowadays. Her friend Keerthi’s sister got married the same way. This saves time and money both. Thereafter a guy and a girl meet and if everything is ok then they get married. Nasima reasons that they will have to do this only as the guy is in Delhi. Younis talks of making bio data and scanning the photos. Saba offers to do it. Nasima tells him to sit with Naima then. He says I must do some work too first. Go to Mariam. I had given her some designs. She must have made something by now. See if its ready as I have to show it to a new client. She agrees. By then you sit with Saba and make Naima’s bio data. He nods reluctantly. She leaves.

Imran tells his Mamu to hurry up. They must be waiting for us. You know that girl (Najma) wont spare us if we reach late. Altaf tells him to leave. I will come asap. Imran leaves.

Nasima doesn’t find Mariam and Najma at home. If it wasn’t about samples then I wouldn’t have spared them at all. She finds the samples finally.

Altaf closes the door but forgets the lock and key inside. He comes to pick it when he notices someone in Mariam’s room. He mistakes Nasima to be Mariam as she has her back towards him and the curtain is blocking max view. He shouts that she hasn’t left yet whereas Imran has been after me for no reason. he will not spare her too if she reaches late. Nasima hears his voice and is confused. Altaf calls out for Mariam. You are still here? Leave this sample work, reach garage with Najma. The match is day after tomorrow. we have to practise a lot. Come fast or Imran will get angry. He leaves. Nasima finally gets the whole story. This means Shabnam was right. Mariam takes Najma to garage where that drunkard teaches her tennis.

Saba and Younis are making Naima’s bio data when Nasima comes there. She tells him about Najma learning tennis. The kids are taken aback and so is Younis. Nasima tells him everything in mute. He says if you are saying the truth then God knows what will happen. Fiza and Waqar request him to forgive Najma. Tennis is her passion. He deduces that they knew it already. You hid such a big issue from your Abbu? Nasima comforts Waqar and tells her husband to go to garage first. He leaves from there angrily.

Mariam and Najma are waiting for Imran. najma points out at the same. he is late today as well. He was lecturing me a while back about becoming a national player. See he himself is late. Altaf comes muttering to himself and Imran that Mariam is still at home. He is surprised to see them there already. How did you reach here before us? Najma says we reached here a long time back and have been waiting for you. Altaf is confused that Mariam was at home. Najma tells him to stop making excuses. We should start the practise now. Altaf is still thinking about the whole thing while Imran gives Najma her racket. Imran tells Najma that she lost her match as she spent all her energy in her first set only. Conserve it till the last round. This time you yourself will have to find out the weak point of your opponent. Najma nods. They are about to begin the practise when they all stop in shock upon noticing Younis at the door.

Younis says this is what was going on here since past so many days even though I had said no for it. Mariam tries to say something but he doesn’t let her talk. You started meeting this stranger in this garage because of tennis? You forgot about our status in the society. What will people think or say? Imran tries to explain but Younis tells him to be quiet. I am talking to my younger brother’s wife and his daughter. Tell me Mariam, why did you backstab me? You lied to Abbajaan too. Tell me who did you lie for? this rubbish game or for this drunkard? Mariam again tries to say something but in vain. He takes the racket from Najma. Come home with me. I wont hear another word from anyone. he holds Najma’s hand and starts walking when Imran comes in his way. Mariam requests him to listen to her once but he tells her to come along right away or there will be bloodshed. He pushes Imran and walks out with Najma and Mariam. Altaf stops Imran somehow. It is their household matter.

Nasima paces in her house angrily. She (Mariam) crossed all her limits. She sided with that drunkard. How will we face people if anyone gets to know about it? Salman baig asks her if she isn’t mistaken. She says you were mistaken all along, not me. You thought Mariam and najma have been saying the truth to you. Your misunderstandings will be cleared today. shabnam dint tell me all this. I heard it from my own ears. Ask Waqar and Fiza if you don’t believe me, they know everything.

Younis, Najma and Mariam reach home just then. he tells them that Najma has been learning tennis stealthily in Ibrahim’s garage. Abbajaan asks Mariam if this is true. She nods. Nasima tells him to ask them now what they have been doing with that drunkard. Najma tells her Dadajaan that she was only trying to fulfil her Abbu’s dream. I wanted to play for my country. Please forgive me. waqar and Fiza also request their Dadajaan and Abbu to allow Najma to play. She plays really well. Abbu tells them to be quiet. He tells his Abbajaan that he has been tolerating everything till now but today this mother daughter duo crossed all their limits. I wont let them play with our family’s dignity from now onwards. They wont be allowed to go out of the house from today onwards. Najma wont go to school. If you event think of playing tennis now then I will not spare you. Najma cannot understand her mistake. Why are you punishing me like this? She asks her Dadajaan too. Nasima says being a girl you are thinking about playing sports. This is not less than a sin. Everyone will think bad about us if they get to know about it. this time Marima cross questions her. what’s wrong in playing tennis? I wont mind what people say. My Najma will play tennis. Younis is surprised hearing her reply. I will make her play tennis. Nasima asks her if she will go against Younis’s decision. Mariam doesn’t want to do that but she cannot break her Najma’s dreams too. Younis says enough of your nonsense. Go to your room.

Mariam says forgive me, but I wont stay quiet now. I have listened to you a lot. I have thought about society a lot but not anymore. A woman doesn’t have any right to live her life as per her wish? Has Allah made women a slave for men? Younis is in no mood to argue with her but she shocks him by saying that she wants to argue with him, calling him Younis Baig Sahab. Everyone is stunned by her boldness including Abbajaan. She apologizes to him for that but she wont stay quiet unless Younis Bhai gives answers to her. It is about my Najma’s future. Younis is strictly against tennis. Mariam wants to know why that cannot happen. He talks about their religion. It doesn’t allow that. She cannot understand the sense behind his words. If Allah had made us only for praying to him then he too would have kept us in heaven like all his angels. He has blessed us with this life, to live. It is our responsibility to make it beautiful or our every breath is meaningless. Allah hasn’t given this responsibility only to men. Remember that we women are the source of giving life. Life rolls down from our womb only. I am Najma’s mother. I know what’s good or bad for her more than you. This is why I will make decisions for her future, not your religion or society. Najma will play tennis. Younis is about to slap Mariam when Imran holds his hand. They are all super shocked to see him there.

Imran tells him that he is raising a hand on a woman. Younis is all the more angry seeing him there. How dare you come here? Leave right now. Abbajaan too suggests him to go for his own good. Altaf tries to take Imran but he refuses to leave. I wont be able to leave from here as they are about to hurt a woman. Younis questions him again. who are you to speak in between our family matters? I am their guardian. They will have to follow the rules of this house; they will have to do what we say. Who are you? Who are they to you? What is your relation with them? Imran replies that if a relation can give him the right to fight for them then he will hold their hand. I will marry Mariam. Another shocker for Baig family! Younis holds him by his collar. How dare you talk like that? Take him or I will kill him. mariam continues to look at Imran tearfully while Altaf takes him from there by force. Najma too stares at them wide eyed. Mariam leaves for her room. Abbajaan is in thoughts.

Precap: Mariam cannot stop crying because of the whole incident. Altaf supports Imran in his decision. Mariam declines to marry Imran.

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