Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 27th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 27th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, viraj announces laksh academy would like to have nisha as their new trainee for shooting, gayatri gets shocked, viraj turns to nisha n says happy bday nisha n this is ur real bday gift, nisha says thanku sir, viraj says don’t thank me, life is shprt don’t waste ur time as an assistant u have great potential. Gayatri says this is good news, but are u sure I think u shdnt hurry, viraj says I know what im doing n I trust nisha but this is just an offer n I will allow nisha only if dadaji allows her.
Dadaji says this is a big thing, im happy that u have given nisha a chance but I will have to think on it, today is party time have fun for now enjoy the party n I will let u know my decision soon, viraj says sure dadaji I will wait for it. Sourabh says ok guys now dinner time it will be served on the terrace, dadi says ok u all have fun n plz bring my dinner to my room, gayatri says lets leave, viraj says no I think we should stay orelse they will feel bad.
Rukhma asks aman to go out n join others, aman says no rukhma virajs aunty is here n she had seen me once in academy, for once suku saved me but if she recognizes me we can get into trouble, rukhma says why are u getting scared I think u should go, rukhma enters n says oh so this is the think u two are chit chatting go out n serve food, mohan comes n says what are u doing here come lets go n join others, roopan says lets send food to ritesh n his family, mohan says ok, roopan says rukhma take food to guest house, rukhma says I will take poonam along with me so that I will have a company while coming back, roopan says ok but be quick.
Cousins n viraj are playing passing the parcel, gayatri isn’t liking all that happening n viraj getting well along with cousins. Viraj is out but cheats n says its sourabh, dolly says ok sourabh as a punishment u have to imitate ur boss, viraj looks at sourabh n says u imitate me, sourabh says sir, viraj says cmon show me, sourabh says nisha come help me, nisha says no no, cousins force her, nisha agrees.
Sourabh stands on stool n says so miss disha, nisha says sir its nisha, sourabh says u shd me known by ur work n remember, everyone shouts nothing stuff, viraj says oh u all know it, jwala sasy yes sir whenever we cousins are caught in idle of something nisha says it, bunty says yes once I was unable to do potty n nisha di said nothing stuff, everyone laugh at it.
Suku sees gaytri walks off the room he goes to sourabh n says go find out where is she if she goes she will take viraj sir along with him, sourabh says ok n goes behind gaytri n says oh ur going, gayatri says ya im bored, sourabh n ramesh sing a song for her n stops her, laxmi joins them n says oh gayatri ur clothes are ready, gayatri says ya ok I will go n change.laxmi tells ramesh dadaji is calling him.
Jwala is out, nisha says jwala u should do something that will bring smile to kirtis face, kirti says im fine plz. Nisha is out, dolly says u have to dance that to paper dance with a guy, nisha says no I wont n leaves. Cousins get upset n look at viraj, viraj says what, dolly says ur her boss plz say something, sourabh says ya sir ur the only one who is remaining n has to dance wit her, viraj says suku is also there, suku says I cant dance I have vitamin promble, cousins call viraj spoil sport n so he agrees to bring nisha back.
Viraj goes to nisha n says oh cmon nisha ur breaking ur cousins heart so come, nisha says sir I cant dance, viraj says I will teach u, cousins gather n jwala lays a paper on floor nisha n viraj step on it, viraj says don’t worry nisha, nisha viraj start dancing, jwala goes on folding the paper n nisha n viraj get closer while dancing, nisha steps on virajs feet n both start dancing. Gaytri n ramesh go upstairs together n see viraj n nisha dancing together. Gayatri says to ramesh this viraj I tell u is peculiar prince time u know flirting n all, this viraj on all his bdays have new girlfriends n u know he is so charming all girls love him, gayatri then says oh im sorry if u are hurt but nisha is a good girl so I thought of telling u.
Cousins clap for nisha n viraj, gayatri says to ramesh they are kids after all u know n leaves.

Aman hears, ram n sunita saying that gangwals are fool they agreed to what lies we told about kirti.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. Ritesh & his family

  2. Are disgusting $_$

  3. Thnks… but y so late??

  4. Loved❤ NIRAJ dance. Dis bua is disgusting.v want to know Viraj feeling after he heard confession of Nishu.

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  6. brainless sooraj

    Oh super cute niraj
    Btw ritest truth is cuming out

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