Tum Saath Ho Jab 1st October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Nasima is stuck in traffic. She likes the guy whereas Saba dint like him at all. I know Naima Khala wont like him too. Nasima is impressed with his credentials. He earns well too. Saba dint like anything about him. no fashion sense, obese! Nasima tells her to be quiet. We got this after prospect after so many difficulties. You shouldn’t dream big. If you will think like Naima then you too will sit at home for life. Saba gets sad. The traffic clears.

Mariam asks a kid named Zafar about Najma. She gets to know that Najma is riding bicycle in a nearby lane. She tells him to tell her to come home asap. He runs off to look for Najma. A lady greets Mariam meanwhile. Mariam comes back inside, praying that Najma returns home before bhabhi.

Najma asks Imran if he knows how to ride a bicycle. He nods. How old were you when you learnt it? He was quite younger than her when he learnt it. she is curious about his driving skills too (bike). He replies that he was a little older than her when he started riding it. she asks him if he will teach her how to ride a bike when she grows up. He is confused at her question. Imran is getting late too. Najma wants to reach home before her Bade Abbu and Badi Ammi, along with the cycle. Plus I am hungry too as I haven’t eaten anything since morning. He looks behind her and she too follows his gaze. They both are shocked to see Nasima return with the kids. Najma hides behind Imran. Nasima stops the rickshaw to buy some veggies.

The cycle has been repaired. Imran pays him money. He tells Najma to take the cycle home. She cannot as her Badi Ammi is standing right in front of her. help me. I am in this situation because of you only. You will have to help me. She continues to request him so he reluctantly agrees to stop her Badi Ammi somehow. You should quietly head for home from behind. Najma holds his hand. You wont get me caught, right? He frees his hand and sits on his bike again. he intentionally hits Nasima’s rickshaw. She scolds / taunts him for it. you might not be in your senses like always. Najma leaves from there quietly without getting noticed by anyone. Imran asks about rickshaw’s price to buy some time for Najma. He heaves a sigh of relief as Najma finally escapes from there. Mad girl! Nasima heads for her home.

Najma hurriedly walks inside her home. Nasima too reaches outside. Mariam questions Najma but she is in a rush. Mariam helps Najma hide it again. why did you take Waqar’s bicycle out? Najma replies she would have been home earlier but she was hit by Imran. Cycle broke because of it. mariam is shocked but gets to know that its all fine now.

Waqar is feeling hungry again. saba and Fiza laugh at him. they all head for their room. Nasima notices Najma and Mariam in the storeroom. She questions them about it. Najma did you touch cycle again? Najma lies that she was just cleaning it. mariam asks about the guy who had come to see Naima. Nasima replies in positive. Mariam wishes them well. Fiza tries to tell Najma about what happened at her Nani’s palce but Nasima takes her to their room. Mariam wants to know from Najma about what she did this time.

Jamaal and his Amma come back from doctor’s place. She is in pain because of the injection. Bilkish and Amma continue to banter as usually. Jamaal wants to go outside as he has hopes that many people will come over to buy them from him. Bilkish stops him. you are not going anywhere. You will be going to post office from tomorrow for your work like before. My Chachajaan has spoken with his boss. Things have worked out in his favour because of my Chachajaan. He declines to go but Amma makes him understand.

Nasima is happy for Bilkish. Younis is sure Jamaal will do something again as he is not interested in doing work. Mariam takes Jamaal’s side. he wont do anything like this this time. Salman Baig suggests her to talk to Jamaal. He listens to you. Bilkish is our family member only. We have to take care of her too. Mariam agrees for it. Salman Baig asks Nasima about the guy who had come to see Naima. She is all positive. They all wish that things work out in their favour this time. Someone knocks at the door. Rehmat Bi goes to check. She tells Younis that Azhar has come.

Younis is surprised to see him here. Azhar looks tensed. Their order from a big party has got cancelled. They think that our design is not original. Someone else has also sent them the same design. Younis is taken aback. This cannot be. Nasima gets worried too. Salman Baig encourages Younis to get another sample in its place. Younis too wont let it go. I will get new designs. Azhar reminds him that both their labourers are out of town. Who will make it then? Younis is in a fix. Mariam looks at the sample and is in some thoughts.

At night, Altaf cannot stop laughing at the incident that happened in the afternoon. I find it a little weird but it is good. You got Najma’s cycle repaired and saved her from her Badi Ammi’s wrath? You asked about the rickshaw’s price? Imran still cannot understand why he did it. I could have paid her some money and she would have gotten it fixed. There was no need for me to stay with her throughout. Altaf feels that Allah has connected him to Najma in some way. He hopes against it. altaf is pleased at his gesture though or the consequences would have been drastic. I have heard that Najma and her mother have to bear a lot after Tauseef’s death. Imran is in thoughts. She recalls how scared Najma was from her Bade Abbu and Badi Ammi. He agrees with his Mamu. Altaf is sad that bad things are happening with good people. Imran doesn’t want to think about anyone else. Imran goes to make a drink for himself but Altaf tells him to stop. I don’t think you need this anymore. Please leave it. things are going good. New life is calling you. I feel that something good is going to happen in your life. He coincidentally looks at Mariam’s window. The lights are on. She is still awake? Imran gulps down his drink. Why do we care? We have so much going on in our life do we really have to think about others? Close this window. Altaf yet again looks at the window.

Najma is sleeping peacefully. Mariam is doing some embroidery on a piece of cloth.

Next morning, the kids greet their Dadajaan. Fiza enjoys teasing Waqar. Nasima stops them and sends them to school. Salman Baig smiles saying that Fiza is getting naughtier by the day. Nasima knows she is after Waqar all the time. Salman Baig finds it sweet though as this only strengthens the bond of a sister and brother. She gives him tea. He asks about Mariam. She hasn’t come out of her room since morning. Rehmat Bi has made breakfast for kids. He is concerned about her. he gets to know that Younis has fever too. She has given him medicine too. She is sad about the cencellation of order. He had worked so hard on it and its all gone down the drain.

Mariam greets them. she tells them that she has made a sample. I wanted to show it to Younis bhai. I found him worried so I made it for him. maybe it can help him in some way. Nasima doesn’t appreciate her effort. You shouldn’t interfere with things you know nothing about. Salman baig suggests her to show it to Younis once. He knows more about samples. It might be of help. Younis comes downstairs just then and greets his Abba. He is concerned for Younis’s health. He is going out to look for a labour. We cannot put things at stake when we have such a big order to work for. Mariam shows him the sample that she has made. He doesn’t want the women of his house to meddle in his work affairs. Salman Baig tells him to look at it once. Younis is about to say no when he looks at the sample. It is very beautiful. He is relieved. I got it. I will show it to party right away. He leaves from there. Salman Baig prays that everything works out well. Mariam hopes the same.

Precap: Salman Baig is against the idea of borrowing money from someone. Mariam tells Najma not to trouble new neighbour.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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