Tum Saath Ho Jab 18th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tum Saath Ho Jab 18th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Younis checks Salman Baig’s reports. His haemoglobin is really low. Mariam complains that he doesn’t take care of himself. He feeds everything (fruits, dry fruits) to kids. Salman Baig feels happy to see the kids happy. mariam decides his strict menu (boiled food, fruits, everything). Younis and Nasima side with Mariam. Salman Baig asks Younis about Najma questioning him over things. Younis is helpless as she is his late brother’s last memento. He also tells Mariam to make Najma understand. Don’t take her with you for Ijtema if she doesn’t understand it properly. Abbajaan wants to know where Najma was wrong. Younis is taken aback. You think she was right? Should I allow her to play tennis? Abbajaan wants him to think straight for once. Kids are very curious. Their questions help them grow. This is why Allah has kept humans above everything else. Younis says she was thinking of playing. She even asked me why Waqar and I don’t cover our heads. She was born in front of me. isn’t it ill manners to ask such questions? Abbajaan asks the same questions to him as he is elder to Younis after all. Younis is at a loss of words while his Abbajaan waits for his answer. This is the problem with us elders. We shout or scream when we don’t have the answers for the questions asked by our kids. We mistake it for the fact that they are actually cross questioning us or are arguing with us. If possible then please answer her questions. She too will get to know about the subtlety of our religion and you too will be at peace. Younis has an expression of disbelief and helplessness written all over his face.

Najma reaches school. She finds Imran giving caps to the students who are taking coaching from him. he tells them that the best two out of the whole lot will get the whole kit. He goes to meet the principal. Afshaah shows off her cap to Najma. Afshaah continues to indirectly taunt her. you cannot play but you can atleast wear this cap. You are my friend after all. Najma reasons that no one becomes a player just by wearing a cap. Afshaah gathers all her tennis player friends against Najma. She means to say that we are not good tennis players. They don’t like her statement. You are a badminton champ but tennis is not your forte. They all throw their caps towards her head so as to humiliate her. najma cries. Fiza and Waqar come to Najma’s rescue.

Imran comes there just then. He scolds the kids for their behaviour. Fiza is sure Afshaah would have instigated everyone against Najma Appi. He makes Afshaah and all else apologize to Najma. They oblige and leave on his orders. Imran stops the siblings. Don’t cry, you are a brave girl. Won’t you listen to your new neighbour? She replies that this is school, not your locality. He holds out a cap for her as well. She denies but Fiza insists. Najma thinks of her promise to her Ammi. He tells her to keep it as a get well soon gift. Najma takes it hesitantly only after her siblings give her a green signal. She is really happy to wear it. Imran too smiles seeing her thus. The kids share a group hug and then head inside.

Bilkish comes to Baig House. There is no one at home except Mariam. She has brought sweets for them as Jamaal’s full pay has come. They both pray that his job continues like this for a longer time so that all the debts can be paid off.

Kids come home. They are discussing about how new neighbour scolded Afshaah. Mariam gets curious. Fiza begins to tell them but Najma interrupts her. There should be some secrets between us too. Waqar wants to tell but Najma and Fiza talk him out of it. bilkish offers them sweets. Mariam and Bilkish go inside to get sherbet for the kids. Najma dint let Fiza say anything as Ammi will feel bad. She would have been more hurt than me.

Saba has written a letter to be sent to Municipality on Younis’s behalf. He is upset with her as the language is very much like the language used in sms-ing people. Is this the way to address people? Nasima tries to take Saba’s side but Younis stays put. He keeps pointing at all the faults (short forms). He makes Saba sit in front of him and dictates the letter to her. her phone starts singing just when he starts dictating. He is irked again as she is getting calls from someone at night. Naima is calling Saba. Naima wants to meet Shabbir tomorrow. please talk to him. saba nods and then ends the call. Nasima is curious about the convo but Younis wants Saba to focus on the letter first. Naima calls Saba again. did you get to talk to him? saba agrees to tell her when its done. She ends the call. Naima calls yet again just when Younis was dictating again. Nasima wonders what’s actually cooking between them. you both had gone out yesterday as well. She picks the call this time. Naima wants to know if she (Saba) had a word with him (Shabbir). Nasima is confused. Naima ends the call as she gets scared. Younis sends both of them outside. I will write the letter on my own.

Next morning, Najma thinks of her Bade Abbu’s words as she takes out a note book from her desk. She prays to Allah. I dint want to hurt him. Please forgive me and don’t give him any pain because of me. You know how much I respect him. she packs her bag when she notices the cap in her bag. She thinks of the entire incident. She smiles as she goes in front of the mirror to see her appearance after wearing the cap. I look like a tennis player. Thank you new neighbour! She immediately keeps it in her bag as she hears her AMmi calling out for her.

Waqar wants a new belt. Nasima agrees for it while Younis teases him about it. Najma greets them. They reply curtly. Nasima talks of encouraging kids. Waqar has decided it finally that he will become a tennis player. Waqar nods. Younis thinks of the money that will be spent in buying a tennis racket. Najma replies that it will come under 2k. The atmosphere gets tensed again. nasima speaks up in favour of Waqar. There wont be much expenses. I will get racket from school plus our new neighbour is coaching us for the same. Younis gets upset to know that that drunkard (Imran) will coach his son. Waqar and Fiza talk in favour of Imran. He isn’t that bad. He doesn’t come to school in inebriated state. He teaches well and has even started loving us now. He has also gifted tennis cap to Najma. All the eyes turn on Najma.

Precap: Mariam returns the cap to Imran.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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