Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 18th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 18th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aashi sys I tried all the flavors of ice cream. Vishesh recalls some weird events that occurred during the case. He says baby food got dropped on this file at pushkar’s house and there were toys everywhere. they concealed when I went there. This means seema’s son isn’t kidnapped. its at pushkar’s house.

Vishesh goes to pushkar’s house and says we have search warrant. Cops come in too. pushkar says this piece of paper can’t let you search our house. Vishesh says its not a piece of paper. Inspector starts rummaging but they end up finding nothing. His mom says are you satisfied now? Go and ask that woman who abducted her own son. Just because she shed tears doesn’t mean she is innocent.

Scene 2
The woman comes in aashi’s room and starts stealing stuff. Aashi comes in and says kaki. She is scared to turn back. aashi says what are you doing here and what is this pen doing in your hand. she says until I don’t write I can’t sleep. I forgot my pen and diary at home. I thought you must have it. aashi gives her a register and says you can keep it. Aashi’s phone’s battery is dead. she looks for portable charger but its nowhere. Vishesh calls ashi and asks her to come.

Aashi is leaving. Jhabro aunty stops her and says is that kaki okay? SHe looks weird. She doesn’t look like she is from your family. Aashi says we are different families. Jahbro aunty says wait let me know. Aashi leaves.

Scene 2
Mansi is setting her closet. Ashish comes in anger. She asks why are you worried? He says papa is teaching students. Everyone is asking me why is he working in this age? Mansi says aashi said she will keep them. What happened in two weeks? When he lived with us why he never started working. Ashsih says he is doing this for insulting me. Mansi says don’t be angry. Leave them, why should we care what they do. Mansi says we should be worried about the real issues. did you talk to mohan builders. Ashish says they didn’t pick my phone. I think I have to go to their office.

Vishesh tells ashi and sahil that kid wasn’t at puskar’s house. vishesh hears a news on tv that a kid cries on farm and someone sings a lullaby for him. There is a resort there that belongs to pushkar. vishehs says so pushkar has kept the kids at the plot.

Late at night aashi and vishesh go to the plot. He asks sahil and ashi to stay out. aashi says we won’t create any problem this time. sahil says I will make noise if something happens. Vishesh says you will keep quite. Aashi says take care of yourself. He says you to. Vishesh goes inside the plot. AAshi says to sahil I am worried for vishesh I wanna go in too. sahil says what if there is a ghost there? He says vishesh has asked us to stay out. aashi says he might need my help I am going in. She goes in. sahil is scared of the dark.

kaki sneaks out the house. prabha sees the gate open and wonders why is it open. prabha closes the gate.

Aashi is scared she is looking for vishesh. She says tahnk God vishesh didn’t see me, I will follow him. Vishesh sees a toy. He says this means the child is here.

Prabha sees kaki standing out in the dark. She says to Vishnu this kaki is quite weird. she is standing out alone. She tells him that she saw her smoking. She says her parents aren’t here we are responsible for the house and kaki. Vishnu says you are right. She is aashi’s relative how can we tell her. Vishnu says aashi shouldn’t be hurt due to us.

Sahil is scard alone and so is aashi. he recites mantra. he says why am I scared I am an actor, I can polish my skills here. A hero is never scared. I have to observe myself here. Aashi can’t find vishesh. She hears a kid crying and so does vishesh. Vishesh says where is thins coming from.

Precap-someone shoves aashi and binds her foot with rope.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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