Tum Saath Ho Jab 18th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Imran agrees that her anger is justified. I came here not to apologize but to seek punishment. She declines to punish him or even talk to him. I just want to stay away from you. He requests her not to say this. I have always seen my Mehak in Najma. I cannot lose Mehak once again. please forgive me. I will do anything, I can even give my life. Najma asks him if he will quit drinking for her. he nods. Najma asks him if he thinks that she is his Mehak. You don’t want to lose me right? Promise me you wont touch alcohol from today onwards. He promises her. tum saath ho jab apne plays. Najma finally smiles and hugs him. he too is in tears. He kisses Najma’s forehead emotionally.

Imran apologizes to Mariam as well. She too tells him to leave alcohol. He promises that he wont let it repeat again. please allow Najma to play tennis. It is my fault. Why to break this kid’s dreams? She has her match due in one day. Let her practise. Mariam agrees to bring Najma for the practise. He smiles in relief.

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Saba looks really beautiful in her dress and makeup. Her friends keep her stilettos in front of her. They stumble as she tries to wear them. ayaan holds them for her. she is reluctant but he insists her to go ahead. Her friends smile seeing him doing that. He boosts her confidence. We all want to see you win this title. The organizer tells everyone about their line up. Saba’s turn is sixth. Saba is nervous thinking everyone will be present in the auditorium. How will I ramp walk in front of everyone (including guys)? Ayaan tells her not to think anything. The audience has come here to see you. Every big model gets nervous too before going out on ramp. You are the best. Just believe in it. Only think that it is just you here in this world.

Saba gets Naima’s call. Naima wishes her luck. I couldn’t come today as I have to meet Imran. Saba thanks her. Naima asks for good wishes too. I have written a love letter to your new Khalu / Imran. He would have received it today. Saba is amazed. Naima assures her that she did the right thing. just pray that we both get success. Saba ends the call as she hears the announcement.

Mariam and Najma get ready. Najma wonders if those goons will come again. Mariam declines. You should stop thinking about this. You should only fear Allah, no one else. I will kill them if I see those goons around the garage again. Najma hugs her Ammi happily. let us go now. You will have to do extra practise for tomorrow’s match. Abbajaan comes to meet them. I wanted to see Najma as I felt that she is a little upset. Nasima peeks from outside to hear their convo. Najma assures him that she is fine. He is relieved. I am sure you (Mariam) are not hiding anything from me. you know you can say anything to me. you are not my DIL but my daughter. You can say anything to me by that right. Mariam says I am not hiding anything from me. He adds that Younis and Nasima have been complaining every day that you leave without telling anything to them. I don’t want to keep a watch over you both but just wish to know what’s going on in your lives. Your and Najma’s responsibility is on us only. Najma notices her Badi Ammi outside. She turns and signals to Mariam about her Badi Ammi. She lies that she gets bored at home so goes out to mosque or river side at times. Najma says I only had said this to Ammi as it will be a good change for her. Abbajaan nods. I can understand it very well. A woman’s life is anyways restricted to their house. You should go out I don’t mind it at all. You and Najma can tell me in case you both face any problem. Maybe Allah has kept me alive for you guys only. Mariam prays for his long life. We will come directly to you only in case there is something. You and this family is all that we have! Najma asks for her pocket money. He gives her more as he doesn’t have change. She hugs him with joy. Nasima is irked that she got no info.

Altaf is all set to leave for garage. He finds Imran lost in some thoughts. Imran says I have been thinking about Mariam and Najma. What if something would have happened to Najma? I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself then. altaf tells him not to think about what dint happen. They have a really big heart that they forgave you. But don’t drink alcohol again. imran agrees. I took to alcohol as I was really hurt after losing Mehak, but not this time. I wont lose my Mehak again. Altaf gets happy. they both get up to go when they find Jamaal standing at their door. Jamaal asks Imran about the lady who had accompanied to the clinic. Imran lies that he started coughing blood while he was on his way home. That lady brought me to the clinic. I myself don’t know who she was. Jamaal was thinking the same. he brings Naima’s love letter for Imran. both Altaf and Jamaal want to know has sent it for Imran. Imran reads Naima’s letter. He tries to hide it but both Altaf and Jamaal insist. Jamaal asks for tea but Altaf and Imran decline as they are in a rush.

Mariam tells Najma to behave well with Imran. we should help him feel normal again too. Najma agrees. He wont even scold me now as he thinks I am his Mehak. Shabnam meets Mariam and Najma near the garage. She wonders what they are doing here and calls out for them. both of them are taken aback to see Shabnam.

Altaf and Imran continue to wait for Mariam and Najma. Altaf asks imran about the pink envelope (letter). Imran gives it to him. Altaf reads it excitedly. He teases Imran a lot as he reads it really dramatically. Imran tells him to tear it. altaf wonders what will happen to Shabnam now.

Shabnam talks to Mariam about Imran and asks them what they are doing here. Mariam lies that she heard some noise. We were going to buy groceries. Shabnam nods and they all head in different directions. Mariam and Najma head towards the garage as soon as they think that Shabnam is gone whereas Shabnam observes them from a distance. There is some reason for their going to the garage.


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