Itti Si Khushi 18th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Itti Si Khushi 18th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gayatri ji is doing some work. She is surprised to see Aman back home so early today. he lies to her that he is still on vacations. She suggests him to join again. you will continue to think about the same things if you will sit idle. There have been so many expenses in the wedding. Situation is really tough right now. Why don’t you start giving tuitions side by side? Ask principal sir to give you some extra classes of other subjects. That will be a good source of extra income. I don’t think we will be able to give Neeta’s fees this time. He agrees. I too was thinking of giving tuitions. Teachers get good money in coaching classes. I will just call. He leaves.

At night, Neha and Akku come to Goyal House hiding under a shawl. Akku tells her to go home but Neha says we will finish faster this way. Akku agrees. They both sneak inside Kamini ji’s. She walks closer to her bed angrily and looks at her. She turns and collides with the table because of which the vase falls down. Both the girls hide behind the curtain in the room. Kamini ji wakes up with a start. She panics as it is dark in the room. She calls out for everyone and they all come rushing inside. Kamini ji says I am sure someone is here. Gayatri gives her water. Aman tells her that the whole house is in dark because of electricity cut. She asks about the noise. He notices the vase. She is sure someone is in the room. Gayatri turns to check Kamini ji’s jewels but Kamini ji says the key is with me. Aman begins to look around but doesn’t find anyone. I am sure it must be a mice. Neha gets irked hearing that. Akku somehow stops her from going in front of everyone to fight over that. Jayanti tells her to keep her window closed. Gayatri agrees to do so from tomorrow. Kamini ji sends them out. Gayatri suggests sleeping in that room only but Kamini ji acts brave. I wont be scared of some mice. Akku signals Neha to be quiet. They all leave one by one. Kamini ji lies down again. Neha and Akku come out of their hiding place and leave from there.

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Next morning, Aman is reading newspaper. It wont be easy to find another job so soon. gayatri ji asks him why he isn’t ready yet. The more you will be on leave, the less pay you will get. He agrees to talk to the principal sir after breakfast. She reminds him to talk about the tuition thing as well. He asks for Dadi ji. Gayatri ji talks about the yester night incident.

Kamini ji herself is surprised that she slept for so long. I was worried the entire night about what happens next. Even the electricity was cut. She wipes her face with the towel but there is something in it because of which her face gets all the more dirty. She calls out for Jayanti. Bring badam kesar milk for me. Jayanti starts laughing seeing her face. Look at your face in mirror. Your face is all black. Kamini ji scolds her. gayatri too asks her about her face. Jayanti shows her a plate in which she looks at her reflection. Who blackened my face? She suspects Jayanti. Jayanti declines doing it. Kamini ji warns her not to act smart with her. Jayanti speaks of her innocence. Who would have done this? Neha hears it from outside and gets happy. my work is done. You shouldn’t think low of anyone Hitler Dadi. I will give you tit for tat. She gets Akku’s call. The work is done. I heard Dadi ji shouting. Akku smiles. You should leave from there asap. What if someone sees you? Neha nods.

She is surprised to see Aman there and so is he. You dint go to school? She tells him that she left it. he talks about her dream of pursuing her education. She replies that all dreams don’t come true. How could I study in that school when they consider me a cheater? What will I get by studying there where they don’t trust their own students? It is good though, atleast you dint have to suffer. Sometimes someone else’s need is bigger than your dreams. I am happy that you will continue your job. I would have thought I really made a very big mistake if they would have fired you from your job. I am happy for you. She leaves. Aman is shocked at the realisation that they both were fired from the school.

Neha is cooking. Akku is happy that her Didi is doing everything perfectly today. the kitchen is all tidy and the fragrance of the food is awesome. You learned everything so soon? Neha tells her to wait for a while. Let me complete. It is Aman’s favourite dish. I learnt it in one day only from the cookbook. Akku gives her hope that she will get a chance to make Aman eat it soon too but Neha is not as hopeful. I was not able to cook anything nicely in that house. Akku says that would have happened if Dadi ji wouldn’t have messed things up. After a very long time I am getting the same feeling when I was a kid. Neha calls her sweet, you irritated me a lot when you were a kid. Neha gets sad. I smile but I stop all of a sudden. Akku assures her that everything will be fine soon. Neha is worried what if she loses Aman. Akku is sure that wont happen, he loves you a lot. Neha cannot understand why he isn’t showing it. I came from his house just now. He was showing as if my presence or absence doesn’t matter to him. why is he so cool? I miss him so much but I don’t know if he misses me at all or not. Akku says I think you both haven’t spent any time together. You got married, then all these rituals and now this drama. You guys should spend some quality time together. Neha says it cannot happen now as he doesn’t trust me. you trust the people you love. He said maybe this marriage is a very big mistake. She leaves from there in tears. Akku thinks of doing something.

Aman gets Akku’s call. She greets him first. I know it is your personal matter but I have some right to talk in between you both as I have tried to unite you both. I did this as why Didi came back from coma after 12 years for you. She had wanted to meet you as soon as she was back. I know you both are upset over whatever has happened. I am not giving any justification of any sort. I only want you both to meet once and talk to each other. You both should talk it out. I request you not to let misunderstanding come in between you. Hope it doesn’t get too late to realise that you both dint give each other a chance to explain or understand each other. Please meet Didi at 5 pm tomorrow. He asks her if Neha has said all this (about meeting him). Kamini ji overhears his convo from the window. Akku says Didi is missing you a lot. She is childish but she is trying her best to change herself. He tells her to inform Neha to meet him in New Cafe at 5 pm tomorrow. Akku gets happy. They end the call. Kamini ji is irked at Aman’s actions. What if he brings Neha back in the house? I will have to separate them anyhow.

Neha is keeping her clothes in her cupboard. AKku tells her against it. you don’t have to stay here for long now. Meet jiju once and everything will be sorted. Neha denies. he hasn’t even called me once. Akku reasons that he is unaware that it is Dadi ji’s plan. He is not at fault if he gets a little upset with you. Meet him once at everything will be fine. Neha refuses to meet him. he doesn’t want to meet me so I wont go to his house. Akku suggests meeting him outside then where no one from his family would be there. He will realise that you are his old Neha who cares for him. Neha is sure he wont come but she gets happy upon knowing about the meeting in New Cafe tomorrow. she starts thinking of what should she wear.

Aman is thinking why principal sir resigned from his job. He calls him up. I am really sorry for my mistake. I cannot understand why the trustees made you resign from your job. I was wrong so I should be punished for my mistake. Principal too is not sure why this happened. this all has been planned. Chaubey Sir has always been looking for a reason to throw me out of the school. He wanted to put his acquaintance in my place since long. He has manipulated it all as per his wish. Aman is unhappy hearing about school politics. What’s his issue with Neha? She dint even cheat. Principal sir takes Neha’s side. I know her since she was a kid. I spoke on her behalf but in vain. She has been brought in this issue purposefully. Aman is shocked. I will think over it and see if we can do something about it. they end the call. Aman thinks he wont let this happen. It was Neha’s dream and she has been insulted and then rusticated from the school. I will do something. Neha will complete her education at any cost. He calls someone and fixes a meeting for tomorrow.

Precap: Aman is happy thinking that neha will be happy. her dreams will fulfil. He gets a number from Neha’s message. I don’t want to meet you. You should stay at your home. I am happy in mine. I made a mistake by marrying you. He gets angry.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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