Tum Saath Ho Jab 17th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tum Saath Ho Jab 17th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Najma and Mariam tie the net in their room to practise. Najma talks about a girl in the school who was saying that she wont be able to win with this old racket. She challenged me and I told her that I will prove it to her. mariam explains that winning or losing isn’t to show someone but for your own betterment. Your Abbu used to say that one should enjoy the game. Winning and losing is a part of the game.

Imran comes out on his balcony. He notices Najma and Mariam playing in their room and looks on intently. Najma exchanges her position with her Ammi. Now Imran is able to see Mariam. Maule mere maula plays. Imran smiles too as Mariam smiles when she plays well against Najma. Altaf watches him in surprise. Allah is doing some magic today by bringing a smile on your face. Can I know the reason behind it? he follows Imran’s gaze and notices Mariam. There is something about this mother daughter – a widow and an orphan – yet they know how to live life fully. Mariam hits on the net by mistake and it falls. Najma hugs her. altaf points out that they find a way to live life in small things. Mariam and Najma are all smiles and Najma kisses her Ammi which brings a smile on Imran’s face again. he goes inside while Mariam and Najma set the net once again.

Nasima ties three taviz on Waqar’s hand for good luck and Allah’s blessings. Rehmat Bi as usual cribs. Younis tells Nasima to stop as he is going to play, not to some war. She knows it well. Competition is no less than a war. Fiza teases her if she got taviz from their whole locality. Nasima is ready to tie two more from Waqar’s sister’s side. Najma asks her to tie a taviz on her hand too. I too will play today. Nasima asks her if her Ammi dint do it. salman Baig comes there. Allah is with you then you don’t have to worry about anything else. Plus you have everyone’s blessings with you. Najma smiles in agreement. I have my Abbu’s racket too. Younis prays that (someone from) their house wins eventually. The auto has come. Saba too wants to go to watch match and cheer for Waqar and Najma. Younis agrees on his ABbu and Nasima’s insistence. Nasima holds the holy book of Quran and all the children walks under it for Almighty’s blessings. Waqar reminds his Ammi about his cycle request while going out.

The kids see the trophies kept on the board. They go to see the list. Waqar will play against Salim and Najma is to play against Afshaah (the same girl who won the championship last year). Coach tells everyone to settle down. First match will be between Waqar and Salim.

Imran takes his position as the game is announced. Najma and he stare at each other again. Saba tells Najma that things are not looking good. Najma prays to Allah to do justice. First match begins.

Bilkish too brings a taviz for Waqar. Nasima, her Ammi and her sister are really excited. Younis comes to tell them that Waqar is playing good. He is in the final rounds now. Nasima thanks Allah. Nasima asks Younis to bring a cycle for her Waqar. He is irked and tries to explain it to her but the ladies insist. He has no money as he got the grocery yesterday only. Nasima tells him to get it on credit from Amjad bhai’s shop. He leaves for his work.

The kids cheer for Waqar though Salim has a upper hand in the game. Break is announced.

Nasima wants to distribute jalebis in the locality if Waqar wins. Mariam prays for both the kids.

Match resumes. Imran observes Waqar and how he is breathing heavily because of all the running around. Waqar loses out to Salim from 6 points. The kids feel bad for their brother. Najma still encourages Waqar. She repeats her Abbu’s words. Afshaah tries to scare Najma but her sisters talk in her favour.

Girl’s final is announced. Saba tells Najma that they have to bring one trophy in their home anyhow. Show this Afshaah that you are Tauseef Baig’s daughter. Fiza wishes her luck. Najma and Afshaah take their positions. Najma kisses her Abbu’s name on the racket and also looks up for his blessings. Imran observes this. The match finally begins. Both the girls play really well. Initially Najma is losing out to Afshaah.

Rehmat Bi assures Mariam that Najma will surely win. She is Tauseef’s daughter. This game is actually in her veins. Mariam picks the memories box again and takes out a chit that talks about Najma’s win. She recalls a previous incident where Tauseef was playing badminton match (district level badminton championship). He too was losing out initially but Mariam gave him confidence. She tells him that he should win for his Najma. He is confused but finally realises that he is going to become a father. He was about to hug her but she reminds him about their surroundings. He was all charged up to win for his Najma afterwards. He wins the match eventually. Title track plays. Flashback ends. Mariam smiles as she looks at the chit. Rehmat Bi reminds her that she had made halwa when Tauseef had won. Today I will make halwa for our Najma. Insha Allah she will surely win.

Imran observes Najma keenly as the match continues. Najma keeps kissing her racket as and when she gains a point against Afshaah. They both finally reach 19-19. Najma’s siblings are happy and anxious. If she wins these last two points then she will win. Najma recalls her Bade Abbu and Badi Ammi and how they have always stood against her regarding playing sports.

Precap: Afshaah hits the shuttlecock and Najma fails to hit it back. It land near the badminton court. Afshaah jumps with happiness while Najma and her sisters / brother are sad for her. Imran and Najma look at each other.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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