Sinhasan Battisi 17th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sinhasan Battisi 17th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with blacksmith moulding the arrow for raja vikramadityas kingdom raja arrives there and asks the blacksmith to identify who has ordered to prepare the arrow the blacksmith remember that maharani chitrakal has ordered him to prepare such an arrow listening to this raja his shocked sena[pati asks raja about who has ordered
Then maharani chitrakala is seen practicing her sword fighting skills she wins during practice against her opponent her guru tells her that she has to practice more for bow and arrow as she has excelled in sword fighting she releases an arrow which is stopped by samrat and he asks her that weather she recognises the arrow she remembers of when has she used that arrow she tells rajan that she has used that arrow for practicing in a jungle to killa an animal raja asks his soldiers to take maharani to jail

Into old fort devi asks raja that wat does he thinks that raja vikramaditya did was right or wrong to this raja bhoj replies that whatever he did was right as people in his kingdom trust him and so he has to be true and do justice to it devi agrees and tells the further story
Raja vikramaditya is seen in jail with maharani asking her how did all this happen then she tells that wen she was sleeping she heard a noise around her tent and thought that it must be an wild animal in jungle and so used that arrow listening to this raja replies that it was not an animal but a blacksmith who was going to take some water from the river
In to the court roon raja tells the lady that he has found the murderer of her husband and asks senapati to to bring the culprit in the court room seeing that the murdere is a female the lady victim starts cursing her and asks raja to give her a severe punishment while maharani apologises to the lady for her crime the victim lady then request raja vikramaditya to give her severe punishment to this raja vikramaditya aks the lady victim that wat punishment should he give to the culprit mrityudand or kill her to this the lady replies that instead of this the culprit should be given punishment of living her entire life as widow and i will kill her husband listening to this maharani requests the victim lady to not to give this punishment but she refuses the victim lady requests samrat to bring her husband as soon as in front of her raja vikramaditya asuures that this punishment will be fulfilled listening to this maharani faints and raja asks the soldiers to take her away . samrat then orders to give tha same aroow and a bow to the victim and she asks samrat to bring the culprits husband in front of her raja walks down and stands in front of the victim and tells her that i m her husband and please do the justice u want to do

Raja bhoj tells devi that doing this wont be a good justice done then the victim is seen asking raja vikramaditya to go away as if he wants to do something then bring back her husband listening to this raja vikramaditya is shocked

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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