Tum Saath Ho Jab 16th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tum Saath Ho Jab 16th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Some drunk guys come there. They are surprised to see the garage all tidy. Najma tells them to go out of here as it is her practise area. They lock the door from inside. Najma tells them to open the door but they start walking towards her. her repeated pleas are ignored by them. she calls out for Imran but in vain. Imran falls unconscious for a second under the effect of alcohol. Najma panics and calls out for Imran and her Ammi in fear. Imran recalls that he left Najma alone at the garage.

Mariam reaches the garage and is surprised to find it locked from inside. She knocks and calls out for Najma and Imran. Najma starts shouting for her Ammi to come inside. Mariam hears her cries and tries to open the door. she is finally successful in doing so. The guys hide their liquor bottle as soon as Mariam steps in. Najma runs and hugs her mother immediately. Mariam sends them out of the garage. Imran returns just then. Mariam assures Najma that everything is fine. She scolds Imran for leaving Najma alone. I had given you this responsibility but you left her alone to drink alcohol. Do you realise what could have happened today? I always supported you and overlooked your mistakes but I feel disgusting to even talk to you today. Imran is not able to stand on his own. I wont have let anything happen to Najma. Mariam tells him to learn to stand on his own feet first, then only you should take someone’s responsibility. She leaves with Najma.

Altaf scolds Imran on what he has done. Imran accepts his mistake. Asad called me and I lost my control. Altaf points out that Asad is not at fault here but his alcohol because of which he cannot stay sane for even two minutes. Imran agrees that he committed a sin. I am hating myself at this moment for what I have done. Please punish me. altaf says you are the culprit of Najma and Mariam; of the coach on whom Mariam had left her daughter. You saw the end result of drowning in your alcohol? You could have lost your Mehak again today. this time you would have been responsible for it. Imran holds his head.

Saba tells her friends to reach two hours before the contest. They are more than happy to agree and boost her confidence. Bring my dress and confirm with Ayaan about the makeup artist. They joke that he might bring the artist right away if he can. Waqar and Fiza come there so she ends the call. She notices their sad faces. They tell her that something has happened to Najma. She is sitting quietly and is not able to stop her tears. She doesn’t even get this upset when Abbu scolds her. don’t know what happened to her today. she looks all scared. Saba is surprised.

Najma cannot stop herself from thinking about today’s incident. She hugs her Ammi in fear. Mariam tells her not to be scared. We are in our home. No one can harm you here.

Imran looks at Mehak’s photo. He recalls how he had lost her. altaf tells him not to think too much. Imran cries that he wont be able to live after losing Mehak once again. I cannot lose Najma. Altaf comforts him.

Mariam keeps reassuring a scared Najma that nothing wont happen to her. Saba, Waqar and Fiza come there to check on Najma. Imran and Altaf look at them from their window. The kids tells Najma how she had told them to face things bravely. They try to cheer her up but in vain. Mariam sends the kids outside as Najma really not in a condition to talk today. they oblige. Mariam tries to make Najma lie down but Najma is not ready to let go of her mother. This worries Imran. should I talk to him? Altaf declines. Imran wants Najma to talk to him, scold him or hate him a little more but she will say something to me. Altaf takes him away. we will talk tomorrow. you should sleep now.

Mariam caresses Najma’s head as she sleeps. On the other hand, Imran too is sitting on the bed all awake. He thinks of Mariam’s words. He looks at Mehak’s photo. In her sleep, Najma continues to think about how those drunkards were advancing towards her. Imran hears Mehak crying out for help. Imran and Najma both shout in unison. Najma hugs her mother. Imran tells his Mamu that some goons have caught Mehak. Altaf makes him realise that Mehak is no more. Imran cries that she is there (pointing at Najma’s window). Mariam comforts Najma that those goons will never be able to touch her till she is alive. Imran finally falls asleep. Altaf rues why life (hope, happiness) leaves Imran’s hand after a while.

Bilkish makes tea for her husband and Amma. Jamaal is hiding something in his bag. Both the ladies ask him to show what’s inside the bag but he says some random shayaris to diver their attention. They think that maybe he is hiding money in his bag but he produces a doll which someone had gifted him. he thinks of giving it to Najma but Bilkish suggests him to give it to Fiza. Nasima bhabhi will get happy too. He disagrees. I saw Najma’s face in this doll’s face when I held it for the first time. I dint feel sad that I dint have a child when Tauseef had given Najma to me to hold her for the first time. I thought that Allah gave me a child in Najma. Bilkish nods solemnly. Amma asks bilkish why she is running away from Najma when she loves her so much. Bilkish replies that he thought he got a daughter. Same time something had pinched me. I wondered why Allah dint let me give birth to such a beautiful daughter. They all get emotional.

Next morning, Altaf makes tea for Imran but he refuses to have it. he has his eyes set at Najma’s window. She will wake up now as it is time for her to go to school. I want to talk to her, see her, and apologize to her.

Mariam touches Najma who wakes up with a start. Mariam tells her that it is her only. Don’t be scared. Forget all that. I will break if you will stay sad like this. talk to me. I wont let anything happen to you till I am alive. You can rest. There is no need to go to school. Najma wants to go to school.

Precap: Waqar asks Mariam what has happened to Najma after all. Mariam lies that she had scolded Najma a little too much yesterday which is why she is angry with me. waqar tells Najma not to be upset over such it. Fiza notices Imran and they all look at him in surprise.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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