Itti Si Khushi 16th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Itti Si Khushi 16th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Neha sits in the courtyard outside and looks at her and Aman’s photo. Aman too is thinking of Neha. Bhare Naina plays as they both miss each other and recall their past happy moments together. They both are in tears.

Akku paces inside anxiously. She is sad to see her sister’s state. She asks the same to her mother. Why are you not calling Didi inside? It is cold outside. She will fall ill. Sunita tells her to let Neha act stubborn if she wants to. Akku is sure something is wrong. Didi is not at fault. You are punishing her for no reason. please bring her inside. Sunita tells her to let it be. I too do not like this but Neha must understand that she cannot come to her parent’s house like this now. How should I keep her here? What will Gayatri bhabhi think about it? Akku reasons that there is no point worrying over what they think when they dint bother thinking what we will think about their this decision. Is this a way? They should have stopped Didi and should have spoken to us. I am angry at Aman jiju too. Anyways, we will see that later. Bring Didi inside. Who will support her if not us? Sunita ji continues to tell her how Neha is now a part of their family so it is up to them to decide what Neha should do. Akku disagrees with her. didi was, is and shall always be a part of our family. This way in-laws will continue to trouble their DIL’s should the girl allow them to torture her? What will happen to the girls then? we wont support the baseless logics of this society. We will do what is right for us. She folds her hands before her mother. Please bring Didi inside. We will see everything else tomorrow. I could have brought her inside but it will be good if you will do that.

Sunita apologizes to Neha. The doors of this house will be open for you for forever, come what may. Neha hugs her mother. Akku joins in the hug.

Neha asks her mom if she is still upset with her. I dint do anything I swear. Sunita ji tells her that they will discuss this matter tomorrow. Even Sandeep cannot understand where this ghost came from. Neha assures him that she dint do any mischief. I am just telling you what I saw. Shagun thinks that they all shouldn’t interfere in this matter. He refuses to sit quietly as the Goyals are calling his sister mad. Shagun points out how he doesn’t like it when her mother tries to step in between them. neha and Aman will sort it out. Neha says nothing will change for good now. Akku tells her to take her medicine and sleep. Neha realises that she forgot it there only. Sandeep offers to go and bring it but his mother tells him to leave it. they have extra medicines at home too. Akku agrees to go and bring Neha’s medicine from Goyal house tomorrow. they all leave from there. Neha keeps her head on Akku’s shoulder and closes her eyes.

Next morning, Aman is surprised to receive a call from his principal. He tells him how everyone has got to know about his wedding with Neha. Management wants to meet you in the same regard. Aman agrees to come tomorrow. Principal asks him to bring along Neha then. she had been caught cheating so she wont be allowed to sit for the rest of the exams. Aman explains that Neha dint cheat. Principal repeats that Neha has to come to put forward her point. Aman agrees. Like I had said, if the management has to choose someone between me and Neha then they should let Neha continue her studies. Principal suggests him talk it out with the management only. They end the call. Aman calls Neha and hears the phone ringing here only. He sends a message to Akku.

Akku tells Neha about Aman’s message. You have to go to school tomorrow. neha rues that he has changed. He doesn’t even want to talk to me which is why he messaged you. He used to fight for me with everyone earlier and used to understand me but he dint even support me yesterday. He left me alone outside my home. He has so much ego in him. akku explains that maybe he is thinking over things right now but he loves you a lot. I am sure everything will be fine soon. Neha reasons that he doesn’t trust her. love is there where you trust people. Sunita ji comes to talk to Neha. I know you are feeling hurt as you love Aman a lot. I know you wont be able to live without Aman. We shouldn’t stretch this matter as time will only create distance. You should go and talk to him once. He will understand you more than we do. Neha says he is not even ready to hear me out. He is upset with me. why should I make the first move always? I dint do any mistake. I said sorry so many times. Why should I bend in front of him always? I too have self respect. I wont talk to him. Her mom and Akku get worried.

Jayanti brings halwa for Kamini ji. It is sweet. Jayanti too sits down to eat it with her. you had sworn to throw that girl out of this house in 10 days but she left in 5 days only. Kamini ji too is surprised that Gayatri and Aman acted as per her wish so soon. Maybe Gayatri couldn’t tolerate it that she lost her jewels. Where is Gayatri? Jayanti tells her that she is in her room. She is feeling bad for Aman. What if they bring Neha back in the house? Kamini is sure that is not going to happen. Jayanti pities Neha. She fell in our trap real soon. She talks about what all they did to throw Neha out of this house. Kamini ji rues that the fun ended soon or Neha would have ended up at the asylum only. They both laugh over it whereas Akku looks at them stunned from outside.

Neha paces in the courtyard as she waits for Akku. She asks Akku if she spoke to Aman. Akku is in tears. Don’t cry over what people would have said about me. I know and I don’t care about what Dadi ji feels for me. Akku hugs her sister which scares Neha. Akku tells Neha that it is actually good that she is back here. You actually fell in their trap. They have been taking advantage of your innocence. Akku tells her everything. Why are they doing this to you? Even Neha cannot understand why Dadi ji is doing this. I tried everything to make her love me and to gain her trust. I don’t know why she hates me so much. Why did she fool me? Akku says they made a joke of their own DIL. Neha is sad that she had trusted Dadi ji so much. I tried to keep her happy but she did so wrong with me. Why? What have I done that she is doing this with me?

Akku says don’t take tension. They dint even think about their own son and did this to you. Neha thinks of telling Aman but Akku tells her against it. why will he accept it? what if Dadi ji lies again? Dadi ji will anyways say that. Only we know this truth. Don’t tell this to mom too. I think we should trap them in their own game. Neha is confused. Akku says we shouldn’t rush into things but go slow just like them. she tell the plan to Neha in mute. Neha agrees. Now Dadi ji will see what I can do!

Neha picks up her dad’s phone call. Sunita ji signals her not to tell anything to him so Neha diverts the topic. Sunita ji doesn’t talk to him as she wont be able to lie to him. I don’t want him to know all this. Mama ji is ill. Plus now he will have to handle the shop all by himself as Sandeep has got a new job. Neha replies that he will get to know about it once he is back. Sunita ji asks Neha if she spoke to Aman. Neha assures her that Aman will come to pick her up. Neha thinks, Kamini Dadi ji I tolerated it till the time I knew that you hated me. but now I have come to know that you want to separate me and Aman. I wont let it happen. Now you should wait and watch what I do now to stop you!

Precap: neha walks closer to Dadi ji and whispers in her ears. I wont do anything to you but what if something happens to you on your own? Kamini ji looks at Neha in shock. Neha continues, what if I am an evil spirit for real?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  3. I love neha and her act …she is so sweet..i used ro watch suvreen on v channel…it was so nice.. Hope this show wil b more d best

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