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Mariam asks Imran the reason behind his anger. He tells her to make Najma understand that this match is pretty serious. She agrees to make Najma understand. He apologizes for over reacting. She is concerned but he denies that there is no problem. He suddenly gets very serious and angry as he looks in her direction. This makes her uncomfortable. Why are you looking at me like this? he keeps his racket down and continues to stare in her direction. She turns to go but he tells her to come closer to him fast. Mariam does so ever so reluctantly and Imran pulls her towards him. there is a cockroach. Please shoo it away. she laughs as he is scared of a cockroach. He climbs over the table while Mariam shoos it away. he refuses to get down as the cockroach will come back. She assures him that it is gone. I thought you to be quite brave but you turned out to be a coward. He denies that that isn’t the case. She shouts cockroach and he runs towards her and holds her while shouting for help. She laughs at him for the same. he suddenly starts coughing badly which makes her concerned. He coughs blood as she goes to get water. She is shocked to see blood. She runs outside but cannot see Altaf anywhere. She stops a rickshaw and goes back inside. Imran refuses to come along so she has to scold him. you are stubborn and make people quiet by shouting at them but I am not scared of you. He tries to say something but she warns her that he is actually infuriating her this way. We are only going to a nearby clinic. He looks at her in awe. She takes him outside with her.

Ayaan has brought a gift for Saba. She declines taking it at which he makes a sad face. She says I will take a gift from you on my birthday. He replies that that gift would be special. Naima interrupts them. she takes Saba aside. I met Imran ji. I met him yesterday at the garage. He teaches tennis there. I followed him there. Saba gives up all hopes on her. no one can make your marriage happen, not even Abbu. Naima tells her how Imran had held her hand and had pulled her to him. saba is taken aback. He has even agreed to teach me tennis. Ayaan picks up his gift and gets up to go but Naima stops him. she asks Saba about Ayaan. Saba introduces them to each other. Naima asks Saba about the goon who has been sending messages to her and had clicked her pics too. Saba and Ayaan look at each other. Saba tells Naima that he has stopped troubling her. he had apologized to me in his last message. Naima is relieved. Please come to the garage with me today. you boost my confidence. I am sure Imran comes there daily. Saba advises her to stay away from all this. all this isn’t right. You know how Abbu will react if he gets to know about it. Naima tells her to be quiet. I am not scared of your Abbu. I will marry Imran at any cost now.

Younis complains to the doc about Nasima taking unwanted tensions and stress. Doc supports Younis. Problems are a part of life. There is no point thinking so much about them. you wont find a solution that ways. He tells them to wait outside for a while. Mariam tells Imran’s name to the receptionist outside. Nasima and Younis come out of doctor’s room talking about why they were sent outside suddenly. They decide to wait near the door only so that they can go inside as soon as the other patient is attended. Mariam and Imran hear their voice and look in their direction in shock. Younis suggests Nasima to sit and wait but she stays put. Imran tells Mariam to leave but Mariam covers her eyes with her veil (of burqa). Nurse calls out for Mariam (as Madam). Please bring the patient inside. Younis and Nasima look at Imran and then at the lady with him (in burqa). He realises that it is Imran who is coughing blood. Who is this woman? Nasima is clueless about it. nurse asks Mariam to come inside as the doc is waiting. Imran and Mariam head toward the room. Nurse tells Mariam to wait outside. Doc will call you himself once the check up is done. Imran goes inside.

Younis and Nasima look at the woman in burqa. Nurse tells them all to take a seat. Younis and Nasima oblige while Mariam stays rooted to her place. Nurse insists again as it will take time. Nurse asks Younis to sit so that the lady (Mariam) can sit. She goes and stands near the chairs. Younis asks her to sit so Mariam sits there worriedly. Mariam covers her bangles well.

Altaf and Najma return to the garage but they don’t find Mariam and Imran there. Najma sees blood on the floor and they both get worried. Najma worries if someone has killed her Ammi. Altaf assures her that her Ammi will be fine. I will call Imran. The phone is with Mariam. She walks to another corner to talk to Altaf. Mariam tells them to go home and ends the call. Altaf tells them same to Najma. They both are still worried for Mariam and Imran.

Younis and Nasima are restless to know who this mystery woman is. Nasima wants to go and talk to her to find out who she is. Younis agrees after thinking for a while. Nasima goes and asks Mariam as to who she is. I have never seen you at his place. You can tell me I am his neighbour. Where are you from? Mariam stands there quietly / uncomfortably. Right then doc calls Mariam inside. Nasima sits with Younis again. younis deduces that the lady was very much scared. What’s the matter? Who is she after all? Nasima tells him to eavesdrop near the door of doctor’s cabin. She will talk to doctor after all. We can find out some clue by her voice. He goes and stands near the door finally.

Doc tells Mariam that the matter is serious. Imran corrects doc that she is not his wife. Right then Nasima too walks closer to Younis asking him if he heard anything. He tells her to sit at her place as she is unwell and focuses on the doctor again. Doc tells Imran that his liver and lungs are affected. I will be able to tell any solution once I get your x-rays tomorrow. mariam asks about the treatment. Doc replies that you can start medicine but he will have to leave alcohol at any cost. Imran gets serious. Nurse tells Younis to take a seat. He pretends to go but walks closer to the door once again as the nurse goes inside doctor’s cabin. Doc tells them that Imran will have to quit alcohol as it will destroy his liver. This blo*dy cough is the first warning from his body. Doc writes down a few medicines for Imran. Mariam and Imran thank the doc and get up to go so Younis comes back to sit near Nasima. All four of them look at each other for a minute after which Imran and Mariam walk out of the clinic.

Saba assures her siblings that Ammi will be back soon. she will get well soon don’t worry. Naima tells them not to worry as it was just a headache. I should be tensed. Saba agrees. You are the reason of Ammi’s tensions. Naima tells Saba that she couldn’t meet Imran today. he dint even come to garage today. saba is irked that Naima Khala went to garage today as well. Fiza and Waqar get worried as they hear the word garage from Naima. Which garage? Why did you go there? Naima tells them to be quiet. I am very worried I saw blood on the floor there. The kids panic. Naima gets irritated. Nasima and Younis return home. All four of them go to ask after her health. Younis questions Naima as to why is she here. Naima replies that she was worried about her sister. After all she is worried because of me only. Younis sends Nasima inside with the kids and sits down to think about who that woman could be.

Precap: Through the window, Imran tells Najma and Mariam not to worry about him ever. I can take care of myself. He takes the liquor bottle and goes from there. Altaf, Najma and Mariam worry as he is still not ready to leave alcohol.

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