Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 11th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 11th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radha telling LD that their way is different now. She leaves and LD looks on. She takes an auto and goes home, while LD follows her in his car to safeguard her. LD says she is strange, if our way and destination are same, why can’t we go together. They stop at the signal. LD sees Radha as the traffic inspector and smiles. Music plays……………. He recalls about her and feels love for the very first time. He sees Radha everywhere. She asks him to go, and signs is he mad. He sees her going home, and smiles. He comes home and sees Sadhna sleeping at the table. He turns and sees Radha. He smiles. Ye tera hai asar……………..plays………………..

He holds her and she disappears as Sadhna calls LD. He comes out of his imagination. He asks her was her and dad’s arranged marriage. She says yes. He asks what used to happen when you thought about dad. She asks why is he asking this. He says tell me, when did you know you love dad. She says have food. He says please tell me, that was the one moment, when you felt yes he is the one, I love him. She says love does not happen in one moment, it’s a journey and all the memories combined makes a moment. She says when I went to my Maayka after my marriage, your dad came before time and made excuses to take me, I felt this is the moment of love.

LD smiles and thinks about Radha. Sadhna asks what happened. LD says he felt such moment, the moment which have many memories, it came in my life. He says I m in love. Sadhna is shocked. She asks does he love….. He says yes, Radha… She is shocked. He says I don’t know how this happened, I feel she is right for me, you tell me what I should do, I m married to her, but no, don’t know, if you say, I will marry her again, but Radha is the one. Govind hears this standing behind LD and is shocked. He scolds LD. LD says I m saying the truth. Govind asks Sadhna to explain LD. He asks her to show LD what radha showed them, Radha is refusing and the matter is going to end tomorrow and you are showing us this drama.

Sadhna asks him to take rest and she will explain LD. Govind says we are going to Mathura tomorrow and LD is coming with us, its Bua ji’s birthday and we have to be there. He leaves. Radha comes home and apologizes to her parents. Suhasini hugs her and asks how can she go out without telling her. Radha says you might be happy that I was gone, and says hindi serials lines. They smile. Sudhakar says he has sent her uncles to their homes. She asks did he do this for her. He says no, for us, as my children are most imp for me, then afterwards friends and relatives.

He asks her to promise that what happened today will not happen again. Radha promises. He says you feel you have grown up, but you are still little Radha for us. Radha says sorry and hugs him. Suhasini asks if their talk is over, can she serve food. Radha hugs Suhasini. She asks where did she go at night. Radha says LD’s house, to meet his parents. They are shocked. LD tells Sadhna to believe him, he did not know when this happened, but I really love her, you understand me, its just a moment when we realize, if I m realizing, what can I do.

Radha tells Suhasini that she won’t go with LD for the sake of society. Suhasini scolds her. Radha says you taught me to be independent, and I m doing this, how can you get weak, why are you scared of people, is my life dependent on others. Suhasini says she worries for her, its her long life ahead, what can she do now. She gets angry and leaves. Radha asks Sudhakar to explain Suhasini. He asks her to relax, and he will handle everything. LD tells Sadhna to understand. She says you will tell tomorrow that you love someone else. LD says no, I m not that type of guy, I really love Radha.

She asks what did you like in her. He says everything, her style, anger, smile, guts and honesty. He says no girl can do this what she did today, I m sure you also noticed this. She says this guts can create a problem between you both. LD says so what, we will see it tomorrow. She says your problem is you just think about present, marriage is not a toy, to play for sometime and throw. LD says I don’t know how this happened, but she is the one with whom I want to spend my life with.

Sadhna tells Radha’s family that she likes Radha a lot and would like to make her bahu. Radha is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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