Tum Saath Ho Jab 10th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tum Saath Ho Jab 10th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Najma comes there excitedly wanting to talk to her mother. Younis tells her to say it in front of everyone. Najma gets thinking. He gets a call so he excuses himself. Salman Baig tells Mariam to go with Najma as it might be something important. Younis comes back and tells them that the guy’s family has said yes for Naima. They have accepted our proposal. Nasima and everyone is thrilled at the news. Younis notices Najma pulling her mother. He again tells her to say it in front of them but Salman Baig acts as her saviour. He is happy to see her happy. may Allah fulfil all her wishes. Younis nods.

Najma brings her Ammi at terrace. Najma and Altaf request Imran to speak his heart out. Mariam looks uncomfortable. Shabnam comes at Altaf’s terrace with a bowl. She continues to talk to Imran but he acts all distant. He turns to go but she jokes that he only likes the food cooked in that (Baig) house. You always say no to me whenever I bring something. What were you going to talk to Mariam bhabhi about? He loses his cool. Don’t talk like this to me again and please leave. Shabnam complies but looks angry.

Bilkish congratulates Nasima. Nasima is really happy for her sister and her Ammi. Shabnam comes to their house. Mariam gives her sweets too. Shabnam talks about how so many relations are coming together here. Your sister’s alliance has been fixed. Plus Mariam bhabhi’s relation is also being fixed by you. They are taken aback. Shabnam taunts them taking Imran’s name. Whole locality knows how both the houses are getting friendly (feasts and how he even delivered veggies at their place today). shabnam is not ready to fall for Mariam’s innocence. Was the guy not about to speak his heart out to you a few minutes back? Nasima is irked though Shabnam repeats it. Salman Baig is disgusted with her thoughts but she is not in a mood to relent. You want to trap him, right? Younis hears her too. What do you know what’s happening upstairs? Najma and Mariam bhabhi are always after him. it is just me today but tomorrow everyone will start talking about it. Younis and Salman Baig show her the door. mariam wipes her tears. Salman Baig points out to Nasima that he doesn’t want to see Shabnam in this house again. younis and nasima scold Mariam for not listening to them. stay away from that drunkard. Bilkish supports them. tauseef will not be happy to see it. mariam is hurt. Salman baig wonders why they all are blaming Mariam. A new neighbour has come so people are bound to cross your path all the time. Greetings are nothing to be bothered about. Younis doesn’t want to give anyone a chance to point fingers at them. Abbajaan sends Mariam to her room. Bilkish supports Younis. Why to talk to someone who has been rebuked by the whole world? Nasima adds they cannot stop people from talking.

Imran is playing with a ball as he sits near the window. Altaf is cutting veggies and making random talks. He is missing the food that Shabnam had brought. Imran gets angry hearing her name. She is ill mannered to talk like that. Altaf nods but he still misses the food. You can only shout at me. You go all quiet when you were actually supposed to talk (to Mariam). Imran doesn’t want to say anything to them as he is no one to do so. Altaf had raised the topic for him only as he used to talk about Najma’s talent. Imran cannot help it if Mariam herself doesn’t want Najma to learnt tennis. Should I go and distribute pamphlets in every single home? Enough! You don’t choose your words aptly. If someone hears it then what will they think? That woman said all that because of that only. Be careful. It is about Najma’s Ammi’s respect too. You must take care of this fact. You don’t think before talking at times.

Mariam sits sadly in her room. Shabnam’s and everyone’s words echo in her head. She looks at her window and recalls all the times when Altaf and Imran had actually greeted her through this window and the market incident. She closes it. altaf and Imran hear the noise. They get up to see what’s happened. they notice the closed window. Mariam too recalls when Altaf had been talking about how Imran wants to share what’s in his heart. Najma notices her sad mood. Everyone is quiet. Has something happened? mariam answers in negative. Najma continues to ask her the same question. Mariam suggests her to sleep as it is late. Najma rues how she couldn’t make her Ammi talk to new neighbour. Shabnam aunty ruined everything. Mariam gets confused. Who told you all this? najma says I only had taken you upstairs. New neighbour was going to talk to you about my talent. He feels that I can become a good tennis player. He was praising me for the same and even talks to his Mamu about it. I will ask him in front of you if you don’t trust me. she goes to open the window but Mariam stops her. From now onwards this window will remain closed only. I am telling you for the last time to stay away from him. Najma is confused and curious as well to see her Ammi so worried. I know you are angry with me for talking about tennis again. I promise I wont talk about it again. I will neither talk about it nor will I play tennis without your permission. A tearful Mariam hugs her. She thinks it isn’t about tennis but about your Ammi’s dignity. What should I do? There is your dreams and wishes on one side while on the other hand, the family’s respect needs attention too.

Next morning, Altaf is worried to notice that the window of Mariam’s room is still closed. He points out the same to Imran. I am feeling guilty that I said a little extra yesterday. Do something about that girl. please talk to her Ammi somehow and make Najma play. Imran says her Ammi has said no. it is their personal matter. Plus Younis is Najma’s guardian. Even Mariam Bi wont be able to talk to him even if she wants to. Altaf too is against the idea of him talking to Younis. Imran leaves.

Mariam is looking at her and Tauseef’s photos. She thinks about Shabnam’s words. Jamaal comes to meet her. he has even brought breakfast for her as she hasn’t eaten anything since morning. Rehmat Bi knows she is still hurt over what Shabnam said. Jamaal and Rehmat Bi insist. mariam eats while Jamaal says a sher. Mariam coughs as she dint like it. he doesn’t mind it. she smiles at this. he tells her to smile like this always.

Najma walks from a distance as Afshaah and Meethi are practising tennis. She recalls Imran’s instructions. She imagines herself to be playing too with Imran guiding her all along. Meethi notices her and invites her to play with them. Najma declines. Afshaah repeats Imran’s words. Whoever will practise nicely will get a tennis racket as a reward. Your problem will be solved. Najma stays put. Meethi tries to convince her. you are a champion like your Abbu. Afshaah taunts Najma indirectly as she talks about Tauseef. How many trophies has he won? He had reached state level finals after a lot of struggles and couldn’t even reach the national level. Najma warns her not to say anything against her Abbu. Afshaah is unaffected. I dint say anything wrong. What has your Abbu achieved in his life? In the end he became a teacher in a school only. You are a loser and so were your Abbu!

Precap: Imran holds back Najma from attacking / hurting Afshaah. He says he has heard everything. You should surely reply to her but not with your hands but racket. He gives her a racket. Hold it an play it so that this girl understands that you are not a loser.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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