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Meethi thanks Maiyya for accepting Rani. Maiyya says she can do anything for her (Meethi). Gomti and Malvika are not happy. Meethi, AKash and Rani head upstairs. Gomti needs an explanation. Maiyya couldn’t say no today as Meethi would have left the house with Akash following her. Malvika adds fuel in the fire. Its good that you stopped Rani. Meethi cannot become a mother so this family will get a heir this way. Maiyya holds her by her neck. I will not spare you if you say this again. a pr*stitute’s daughter can never become my house’s heir. She tells Gomti and Malvika to clean the whole house. Malvika is still in shock and angry too. I will have to throw this Rani out of this home. What will happen to Ambika’s baby if some other kid makes a place here for himself? Ambika only will get a heir of this house. I wont let just about anyone become the heir of this house.

Chameli paces in her cell as she thinks about the people with whom she had seen Rani.

Akash is working on his laptop and feels tired. Meethi massages his head. Tujhko jo paya plays. he gets all romantic. He back hugs her. you can try to run away from me as much as you want to but you wont be able to do it. she replies that she doesn’t even want it. you are so good. Who will love me like this? she thanks him for talking to Rani and Maiyya and convincing them. thank you for supporting me. he only did what he felt is right. She feels they are getting closer since Rani is here. He agrees but don’t you think you are giving me a little less time. They share some nice romantic moments but her phone starts ringing just when they were about to kiss. She takes Mukta’s call. Mukta tells her about Chameli’s call. She wanted to meet the family with whom Rani leaves. It is ok if you have a problem. Meethi agrees to meet her. They decide to meet tomorrow morning from where they will go together to meet Chameli.

Next morning, Rani too wants to go with Meethi. meethi says Mukta Didi has asked me to come alone this time. I don’t know where we are going. Once I come back I will take you. Don’t know why Mukta said so. Rani knows that CHameli will start crying if she will see me. bring Chameli with you. They make a promise for the same. Meethi tells her to be a good girl. I will be back soon.

Mukta is waiting for Meethi who comes there just then. She got late as she was trying to make Rani understand the situation. She gets to know that they are going to jail as Chameli is there only. Meethi is taken aback. Malvika follows them in an auto.

Mukta asks Chameli how she came here. How did you get hurt? Chameli replies that she committed a crime of saving her daughter. Mukta wants to know everything and help her. chameli cannot take her help anymore. I had seen Rani with a rich couple the other day. Who are they? Mukta calls out for Meethi. she thinks about her promise to Rani. She greets Chameli. Mukta gives her intro. She took Rani’s responsibility as my foot is sprained. Chameli is happy to meet Meethi. you look so loving and caring. She bends down to touch Meethi’s feet but Meethi stops her. She talks politely to her. Chameli says don’t give me so much respect. I am that woman who sells her dignity to survive. Meethi says you are a woman, a mother. Rani is a very good girl. she keeps talking about you. She misses you a lot. I had promised to make her meet her mother today but I dint know you will be here this way. Mukta and Meethi both understand how much Rani misses her. she needs you a lot. She misses you every single second. Mukta wants to know everything. I will hire a lawyer and help you in getting you out of here. Meethi nods. We will help you. What will we say to Rani after going home? Chameli is all quiet while they both request her to talk. Chameli thinks about Ratna Bai’s words (she has made a deal with someone regarding Rani). Tell Rani that her mother is dead. Meethi and Mukta are stunned.

Gomti brings veggies from the market. Maiyya calculates the expenses and there is some amount missing. Gomti gives it back. I thought to try what Pavitra does. Maiyya praises Pavitra for it. she can steal anything without making it obvious. Gomti is about to pick the bags to take them inside when she drops them hearing Rani’s voice. Rani calls Maiyya bob cut oldie again. maiyya calms herself. Rani realises her mistake and helps Gomti in picking the veggies. What will be cooked today? they haven’t thought of it yet. Rani gives a list of all that she and her mother like. Maiyya asks her if they will cook food as per their mother’s liking. She nods. My mother is coming after all. Maiyya is shocked. My Gori Didi has gone to meet my mother. She had said that she will bring my mother along with her. maiyya is shocked to realise that Chameli (a pr*stitute) is coming to her home.

Meethi politely declines to lie to Rani. Mukta supports Meethi. we wont be able to do it. Chameli begs them to do it. They say they can help her. we will get you out of here and get you a good house to live the rest of your life. Start afresh. That girl cannot live without you. She keeps thinking about you all the time. Whenever I give her food, she keeps half of it aside thinking that you will come and eat it. she even keeps pastries in a box saying she will give it to her Ma whenever she will meet her as you love sweets. I have promised her that I will make her meet you. How can I go back and tell her that her mother? I am sorry but I wont be able to do it. why are you doing this? Mukta again asks her to speak up. Chameli sadly says a pr*stitute’s daughter will grow up to be a pr*stitute only! The daughter will take after her mother. It is a very bad profession. You don’t know anything. Even if I get out of here I will be taken back to that hell. I am good here. I wont be able to save my daughter if I go away from here. They will find us from anywhere. Meethi suggests her to run away from here along with Rani. Go away from this city. Chameli rues how long will they run. They have made a deal regarding my daughter. They wont let me or Rani live. It is better that a mother like me dies. Meethi gets sad. No one can understand it better than me what it feels to not have a mother.

Precap: Meethi apologizes to Chameli for she wont be able to lie. Chameli asks her what if she really dies. Meethi stops in her tracks in shock.

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