Tum Mere Kya Ho – Part 7

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Hi Ishqbaazians,
Im back with an another part of my FF “Tum Mere Kya Ho”. Before starting off with it, I would love to thank each one of you for reading and appreciating this FF and giving so much support and motivation to me to continue with this FF. I hope to continue receiving all the love, support and motivation from you all.
Recap – Tia enters again in Shivay’s life after 10 years, She is back from London leaving her husband(Dushyant) and son(Ishaan) in London only. She tells Shivay that she is divorced now and Shivay sympathizes with her and takes her to OM where Tia meets Prinku. Prinku is not at all happy seeing Tia back.
Here I begin with part 7 of “Tum Mere Kya Ho” –

Scene starts when Shivay and Tia arrives at OM and Prinku meets Tia. Just then Sara comes running after seeing Shivay back from office.
Sara(Happily)- Oh daddy you are back
Shivay(Picking Sara up in his arms) – Yes darling, How was your day
Sara – Great
Tia smiles looking at Sara
Shivay(To Tia)- Tia she is Sara, my daughter and my world
(AN – Guys since Tia had left the country 10 years ago and Sara ia just 7 so Tia and Sara havent met each other)
Shivay(Putting Sara down)- Beta say hello to aunty
Sara(Going near Tia) – Hello aunty
Tia(Cupping Sara’s face)- Hello meri jaan, see what I got for you(Taking out some chocolates out from her bag)
Sara(Happily accepting the chocolates)- Thank you aunty
Saying this Sara leaves from the living area.
Prinku – Bhaiya you chat with Tia, I will go and set the table for lunch.
Shivay – Sure Prinku.

Today Anika is preparing the lunch. She is working when Prinku comes in.
Anika – Prinku just a minute more, everything is done.
Prinku(Inhaling the aroma of the food)- Waao Anika you are so good in it, I cant wait to eat.
Anika(Smiles at Prinku’s compliment)- Hope you and everyone else will like it.
Prinku – Im sure we will love it but yaar you really dont had to do all this, you should just relax and tell the maids and the cooks whatever you wish to have and they will make it.
Anika – Arre Prinku I was getting really bored so I thought to make the lunch myself and look today Mr Oberoi’s friend is also there so dont you think we should serve her good.
Prinku – No Anika that friend of bhaiya is not someone special, Infact I really dont like Tia, you know she is behind bhaiya since their college days and wanted to get married to bhaiya but thank god bhaiya got saved from her.
Anika – Why are you saying all this about her, Is she not good?
Prinku – Anika dear its just that her way of style and living is very different from ours, Tia is very open and bold, She gets free with almost every man she meets and I find her totally senseless. But Anika you know I really like you and I want you to be like this forever.
Anika – Prinku you are saying this about me because you love me.
Prinku – Anika you are a darling. Acha now lets go and see what bhaiya nd Tia are doing.
Prinku calls the maid and ask her to set the table for lunch and goes out to the living area with Anika.
In the living area Prinku and Anika finds Shivay and Tia nowhere and Sara sitting on the sofa and playing with her doll. Prinku and Anika goes and sits near Sara.
Prinku – Sara jaani where is your daddy and Tia aunty?
Sara – Bua daddy went to his room to change leaving Tia aunty here with me but she too went to daddy’s room after he went.
Prinku – Okay beta you go and wash your hands and come for lunch.
Sara leaves with her doll.
Prinku(Annoyed) – Oh God what is happening in this house, Anika I really dont like Tia getting so free in this house. Yaar will you do me a favour?
Anika – Prinku you dont have to ask me, tell me what do I have to do?
Prinku – Anika just go to bhaiya’s room and tell him that the lunch is served and that Im calling him for lunch.
Anika(Hesitantly )- Prinku how can I go in his room?
Prinku – Anika just go and tell him what I have told you. I will go and see whether Sara has washed her hands or not.
Saying this Prinku leaves and Anika starts moving slowly towards the stairs to go to Shivay’s room.
@SHIVAY’S ROOM(Guys imagine Shivay’s room in the serial)
Tia is sitting on an arm chair near the window while Shivay is standing nearby and looking outside at the pool area while listening to some old song. Tia is sitting and seemed bored.
Tia(Totally bored) – Shivay baby do you even understand such songs?
Shivay – Tia if Im listening to them then isn’t it obvious that I also understands them and as far as I remember I had sent you a mix of these evergreen songs in a CD. I believe by now you must have thrown it.
Tia(Getting up from the chair and coming near Shivay)- Shivay baby how can you think that I will throw something which you have given to me, you know I still have all the gifts which you have given me since our college days.
Shivay listening to Tia gives her a fake smile(Dar gaya mera SSO after listening to this pagal Tia)
Tia(continue speaking)- Shivay baby the place which you have in my heart and life cant be given to anyone, even Dushyant cant take that place. Dont know when will you understand my feelings.
Shivay is speechless and is blankly looking at Tia.
Tia holds Shivay’s arm and says – Shivay baby was I so bad that u couldnt give me a place in your life?
Shivay(Holding Tia by her arm)- Tia its not like…..
Just then Anika enters the room and sees Shivay and Tia holding each other(by their arms) and feels awkward. Shivay and Tia also looks at Anika. Shivay realizes Anika’s awkwardness and removes his hand from Tia’s arm.

Shivay(Embarrassed and trying to explain himself)- Anika look…
Anika(cutting Shivay)- Mr Oberoi the lunch is served, Prinku is calling both of you for lunch.
Shivay – Okay Anika, Lets go Tia.
Tia(Annoyed) – Dont you have manners to knock before entering in someone’s room?
Anika(Politely) – I did knock but you both were busy.
Shivay looked at Anika after what she said.
Tia – Oh really you knocked and didnt get a response from inside so dont you think that you should not have entered and gone back.
Shivay – Tia its okay, stop it now.
Tia – Shivay you dont know these ‘maids’.
Anika feels sad and get tears in her eyes after Tia called her a maid. Shivay looks at Anika and feels sorry for her. Anika runs out from the room.
Tia(after Anika went off)- Oh God what wrong with this maid, Why did she run like this
Shivay(Annoyed at Tia for calling Anika a maid and making her sad)- Tia she is not our maid, She is Anika, my late accountant’s daughter.
Tia(Feeling no remorse for calling Anika a maid)- So what is she doing here?
Shivay – I will tell you about her later, now lets go and have lunch, everyone must be waiting for us.
Everyone except Anika is sitting on the table for lunch. Soon Anika comes with a jug of water and keeps it on the table and is about to leave.
Prinku – Anika where are you going? Come and have lunch.
Anika – Prinku you all have your lunch, Im not feeling hungry.
Saying this Anika leaves to her room while Shivay looks at her leaving and understood why she left.
Sara – Daddy why did Anika aunty left without having lunch? Is she alright?
Shivay – Yeah beta she is fine, you eat your lunch, Anika aunty will eat later on as she is not hungry right now.
Prinku(worried)- Bhaiya dont know what happened to her, just now she was telling that she is hungry and now she is saying she is isnt hungry.
Tia(Realizing why Anika went off)- Oh come on Prinku, stop worrying about her, she is not a kid and she will eat when she will feel like. Let us eat, Im really hungry.
Shivay(Upset because Anika left)- Yeah you all start, I will just come.
Saying this Shivay gets up and leaves the dining area. Tia doesnt like Shivay going and fumes in anger.

Anika is sitting on her bed and is crying badly remembering how Tia called her a maid and scolded her unnecessarily.
Just then Shivay enters her room and looks at the crying Anika and feels bad.
Shivay(Showing fake anger) – What’s wrong with you Anika, why do you always say no to food and cry sitting in the room. Come on, lets go and have lunch.
Anika(crying)- I dont feel like eating.
Shivay(Going and sitting near Anika on her bed) – Okay fine, dont eat, I will also not eat.
Anika(Getting up from the bed and standing nearby)- Mr Oberoi please dont pity on me, I dont need anyone to sympathize with me.
Shivay – Who is saying that Im doing all this because of sympathy?
Anika(Looking at Shivay)- You dont have to say it, I can see and feel it.
Shivay(Feeling bad for Anika, he got up from the bed and goes near her and holds her by her shoulders)- Look Anika, I know why you dont feel like eating.
Anika – You know? But how?
Shivay(Smiling at her and still holding her by her shoulders)- Oh come on Anika, Im SSO and nothing goes unnoticed from me, I know that whenever you are sad or hurt you dont eat anything and skip meals. Saying no to food is your way of protesting and showing anger.
Anika is continuously looking at Shivay with tears in her eyes.
Shivay(continue) – Anika Im sorry on Tia’s behalf for whatever she has told you, she doesnt know who you are and misunderstood that you are a maid. I know you are sad and hurt because of Tia but please forgive her and please stop crying and smile. You dont look good when you cry.
Anika(smiling after listening to Shivay) – But still I wont eat.
Shivay(Smiles at Anika’s stubbornness)- Okay fine then even Im on hunger strike with you and I will not leave this room until unless you come with me for lunch.
After a few seconds –
Shivay(Holding Anika’s hand) – Okay Im really hungry, come with me.
Sara has finished her lunch and went to play in her room. Prinku and Tia are waiting for Shivay and Anika to come for lunch. (Guys Tia is only waiting for Shivay and not Anika)
Just then Shivay enters the dining area with Anika. He is holding her hands and both Prinku and Tia sees it . Prinku gets happy seeing it while Tia fumes in anger. Shivay leaves Anika’s hand seeing Prinku and Tia looking at them.
Prinku(Seeing Anika in tears) – Anika what happened darling, why are you crying, did bhaiya scolded you?
Tia gets happy thinking that Shivay has scolded Anika.
Shivay(Politely) – Tia you know why is Anika crying and didnt want to have lunch?
Tia(confused) – Im sure she said no to lunch because she wanted your and Prinku’s attention but seems like her plan backfired her because you scolded her for not having lunch and spoiling our mood.
Shivay(Annoyed after listening to Tia) – Stop it Tia, Whats wrong with you, You dont even know Anika and you called her a maid and now when she is sad, in place of apologizing, you are again saying rubbish about her. I didnt expect this from you. You know what Anika is not even a point of what you think and said about her.
Tia(Annoyed after listening to Shivay) – Shivay I didnt expect this from you, How could you say all this to me for a stranger(Anika)
Shivay – Tia I want you to apologize Anika

Tia(Shocked) – What, Are you kidding me, I have done nothing wrong too her, I wont apologize.
Shivay – You have to apologize to Anika for whatever you have said to Anika. Im sure you will apologize to her if you consider me your friend.
Tia(Annoyed) – Shivay you are more than a friend to me but I will not apologize to her
Shivay(Annoyed) – Tia do it now, Im waiting
Anika(crying badly) – Mr Oberoi leave it, I dont need any apology from anyone. Im okay.
Prinku – No Anika, Tia needs to apologize for her rude behavior towards you.
Tia(Helpless) – Fine I will apologize to Anika if Shivay and you(Prinku) feels I should do it. Anika Im sorry for my behavior and for whatever I have said to you.
Anika looks at Shivay who nods her back.
Anika – Its okay Tia. I didnt mind anything.
Shivay(Relaxed) – Okay great, thank you Tia for apologizing and thank you Anika for forgiving my friend. Now please lets have lunch.
They all have lunch. After lunch Prinku leaves to her house while Anika goes to Sara’s room.
Shivay and Tia are sitting on the sofa and having coffee.
Tia(Annoyed after the apologizing incident) – Shivay what you did today is a good way to insult your friends in front of strangers.
Shivay(confused) – What do you mean Tia?
Tia – What do I mean? Really Shivay baby? I dont understand why are you favoring that middle class girl so much, what is she to you? You know somewhere I feel that you love her.
Shivay is shocked listening to Tia.
Precap – All are sitting in an ice cream parlor and Shivay is asking everyone their choice/flavor which they wish to have. Shivay asks Anika about her choice and Anika says mint chocolate ice cream , listening to Anika Sara says that it is also Daddy’s(Shivay) favorite ice cream. Prinku says that it seems like Anika and Shivay have common liking and taste. Listening to Prinku and Sara Tia fumes wile Anika and Shivay looks at each other.
So guys here I end this part. Hope you all liked it. Kindly comment and share your views about it. I hope it was not boring, do tell me if it was.
Waiting eagerly for the comments
Chameli, tamatar, eggs and everything are accepted here.
Take care everyone
Love you all ♥♥

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      Nithu dear don’t worry Sara will always be on Anika Aunty’s side..?

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      Thank you Pallavi dear, Glad u liked it. Soon I will unite Anika and Shivay..Keep reading ?

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      Dear I’m so glad you are liking my FF and just don’t worry about Tia, she can never use Sara against Anika..
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    1. Vaishalijha

      Thank you dear for the constant support and comment, Glad you are liking my FF.. ?

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      Thank you so much dear, I really appreciate the support and love you have given to me and my FF..I’m really happy that you consider my FF as one of your favourites..?
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      Thank you so much dear Jerry for your constant support and lovely comments, I’m really glad that you are liking my FF..
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      Hey Vivikhta dear, I will love to be your friend and since we are friends now you can call me anything you wish..?
      Dear I’m so glad that you felt this FF worthy of your first comment on TU.. I’m happy that you are liking this FF and even liked the letter..
      I will surely put more of Anika-Sara scenes in the next part..
      Thank you again dear for such a wonderful comment and the lovely appreciation.. You really made my day??
      I will post the next part soon..
      Lots of love to you..??

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