Shivika ss- SE MIO part 13

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Part 13

Shivay: I know you are angry Annika but I am sorry. I promise that it will never happen again.

Annika: Mr. Oberoi u promised me that u will do anything for me. I hope u never fail to fulfill your promises.

Shivay: Anika, please listen to me

Anika: hope you remember our marriage day. U already told me that we will get divorced next day after marriage.

Shivay: stop it Anika. It’s our past and I promised u that we will not remember it again.

Anika: I am leaving Mr.oberoi and it’s final.

Shivay: u will not leave me

She started to pack her bags. Shivay was asking her to stop. But she was not listening. He pulled her towards him and she collided on his chest.
He held her close and whispered dangerously in a low voice.

Shivay: don’t ever try to leave me Anika. If u ever do again u will definitely see that version of shivay whom u never witnessed.
U will definitely regret it. Don’t make me a beast again.

Anika: I am not afraid of u.

But before shivay could reply her she fainted on his arms. He got tensed and called family doctor.

Doctor informed that she was weak as she didn’t eat anything from morning. He asked them to take proper care of her.

At night

Anika woke up from her deep slumber. She tried to get up but she was weak. Shivay saw her struggling and helped her to get up. She didn’t look at his face. She remained quiet.

Shivay: Anika tum thik ho na. R u mad
Why didn’t u eat from morning?

Anika: I don’t want to talk to you

Shivay: Anika stop it yaar

Anika: why does it matter to u whether I eat or not? After all I don’t have any name or status. Don’t u think u r wasting your time for a girl who is just your mere responsibility.

Shivay: don’t kill Me with your words. I am sorry anika I know I was wrong and hurted u again. Please understand I was angry and u know right I always mess up everything and u always clear it. I promise u this will be the last time.

Anika: u can never change shivay. To a man like u blood lineage is  very important. But I don’t have anything. I don’t know who r my parents? All I have is only sahil, my brother. Its only because of him I am still alive. I thought God was very good. He gave me a good family. He gave me two brothers omru, dadi, jhavi aunty, shakthi and tej uncle. My best friend cum sister priyanka. I even considered pinky aunty as my mom. A mom always scold her children because they care for them.

But he gave a priceless gift to me. He gave u to me shivay. I never had anyone who could care for me. I never had anyone who will feed me, take care of me when I am ill, talk to me, be my support system. I thought this will never happen in my life. But u came into my life. Yes to be honest I never liked you from the beginning. Infact when u forced to marry me, accused me for sleeping with daksh I was hell angry with u. I even scolded God for sending u to me.

But when u took bullet for me I forgot everything. I forgot all those worst moments. All I wanted that time is u in front of me showing your tadi to me again. I wanted to see my kanji aankhon Wala bagad billa. I thought you changed. But I was always wrong u always proved me wrong. Whenever I thought I started to understand you u proved me wrong.

Shivay: woh

Anika: just answer my question shivay. Will u be able to introduce me to your business partners after all I am not from a well reputed family.
Will u be able to tolerate all those words they will say to u? What if u blame me for your business loss because i don’t have any deals for you.  Will you consider our children as yours or u would treat them as half blood. I can’t take more shivay. I always wished for a simple life. All I wanted in my life was self respect and self confidence but u already destroyed it into pieces.

Now I want my old self back shivay. It would be better because we can never stay together.

I wish we could have met in other circumstances.

Shivay: u will not leave me Anika.

He hugged her tightly and started crying. She didn’t expect this. She knew how to handle tadibaaz shivay but not this vulnerable and weak one. His voice was weak. His eyes displayed his gulit but still she was not able to forgive him. She already had enough. What if he break her heart again? She was not his punch bag. She also doubted that he cared for her because of his guilt but not because of love. Yes, it was true that she didn’t expect him to love her back. But she accepted the fact that she cannot live in a relationship where love does not exist. Moreover to him only blood lineage matters. She always wanted to give him the best. She decided to stay away from him for their good future.

He cried like a child and slept on her lap. She heard him whispering in his sleep “please don’t leave me Anika”. She made her heart a big Stone and wrote a letter.


This is Annika, just Annika
Signing off from u. Probably we will not meet again. We had a lot of pleasant moments. I will always remember it. But to me my self respect means everything. I free u from this unwanted marriage. I already signed the divorce papers. Now u no need not to be ashamed to address me as your wife. U can marry a girl of your choice. If possible take care of your health. If u r healthy your family will be happy because u r their support system. Take care of rudra he was like another brother for me. Tell Priyanka that her best friend will miss her. Omkara I am sorry u r my best friend but I was not able to bid u good bye. Dadi if possible please forgive me because u r the only one in the family who always trusted me when my own husband failed to understand me. Jhanvi aunty u r independent and strong. Being the eldest oberoi bahu u can do anything. U r very intelligent and please don’t hurt yourself because omru needs u. Tej uncle I wanted to say only one thing to u. You r losing the most important gift of your life. I hope you will understand. Shakthi uncle thanks for always helping and supporting me. U supported me like a father and to a girl like me it means a lot. Pinky aunty I don’t have any grudge against u. If u felt disappointed by me I am really sorry but I am only Annika and I am happy about it. Khanna ji please take care of shivay I know he will not listen to u but please take care of him. Shivay I know u will be angry after reading this but this is the best solution I got for our problem. Please don’t search for me. We r never meant to be together. I wish u all the luck for your future.


Hi everyone I am very happy with your response. Thanks everyone for your likes and comments. I hope I met your expectations in this chapter. If u want next update soon like and comment because I’M BAD NOT VERY BAD.

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