Tum Jo Mujhe Yun Mil Gaye – Chapter 3

Chapter 03

Something is not right

“Finally, itne time baad apne shehar wapas aaya hu (Finally, after a long time I am back to my city)” Abir exclaimed as he got down from the train.

Following him Naksh, Mishti and Kuhu also got down with their luggage.

“Chaliye hamara saath bas yahi tak tha, ab pata nahi phir kab milenge (So our journey together was till here, I don’t know when we will meet next)” Abir said looking at the other three “Mujhe sach mein bohot majja aaya aap logo ke saath, akele toh bore hi ho jaata (I really enjoyed a lot with you all, if I were alone I would have been bored)”

“Hume bhi majja aaya, aap kafi acchi company the (We also enjoyed a lot, you were a good company)” Kuhu said with a bright smile, Naksh and Abir smiled hearing this while Mishti made a face, the three had during the entire journey made a team against her, she did not like it, especially the bond that had formed between Kuhu and Abir.

“Waise agar aap logo ko koi help chahiye kahi jaane mein toh main help kar sakta hu, aap log naye hai iss shehar mein (If you need any help, I can help you, you are new to this city)” Abir asked Naksh.

“Iski koi jaroorat nahi hai, hum naye hai, par bacche nahi hai, manage kar lenge (That is not needed, we are new here, but we are not kids, we will manage)” Mishti replied before Naksh could say anything.

“Jaise aapki marzi, main chalta hu, bye (As you wish, I should get going, bye)” Abir gave Mishti a look, who gave him the same look; he smiled at Kuhu and Naksh and turned around walking away.

“Kya Mishti, mana kyu kiya, woh help kar deta naa (What was this Mishti, why did you say no, he could have helped us)” Naksh said.

“Bhai, maine kaha naa hum manage kar lenge aur waise bhi thodi der aur uski bak-bak sunti toh pakka bhairi ho jaati (Bhai, I said we will manage that means we will, and moreover if I heard his talks for some more time, I would have become deaf)” Mishti said and took out her phone to find the address Sonakshi had sent her.

“Aapki behen thodi crack hai (Your sister is a little mad)” Kuhu whispered in Naksh’s ear.

“Mujhe toh bachpan se hi pata hai (I know it from childhood)” Naksh whispered back and the two chuckled.


“Hey bhagwaan yeh main kya dekh rahi hu, Dr. Sonakshi Bose, the nutritionist Sonakshi Bose, kitchen mein puriyan tal rahi hai (Oh God, what I am seeing, Dr. Sonakshi Bose, the nutritionist Sonakshi Bose, she is frying puri in the kitchen)” Keerti said loudly entering the kitchen which made Sonakshi shake her head at her overdramatic friend “Jo ladki hume har meal ke saath free diet tips khilati hai wo puriyan bana rahi hai, wo bhi (The girl who gives us diet tips with each meal is making puri here, that too)” Keerti opened the lid of the other utensil kept on the stove “Chole ke saath (With chole)”

“Tu yeh drama jara kam karegi (Will you please do less drama)” Sonakshi said rolling the puri “Aur waise bhi tum log hamesha mere diet ke hisaab se khana khate ho, ek din cheat kar sakte ho (And anyways you all always eat according to my diet, for one day we can cheat on it)” she said continuing to do her work “Waise bhi aaj main jara jaldi aa gayi toh socha dinner mein kuch khaas bana lu (Anyways I came early today so thought to make something special for dinner)”

“Hmm, sab samajh rahi hu, sab dikh raha hai mujhe (Hmm, I am understanding everything, I am seeing everything)” Keerti looked at Sonakshi with narrowed eyes and Sonakshi looked at her confused “Dinner mein khaas nahi, dinner hi kisi khaas ke liye ban raha hai (Something special for dinner, or dinner for someone special)” Keerti moved to the other side of Sonakshi “Chole-puri toh Dev Bhai ko pasand hai, kahi yeh sab unke liye (Chole-puri is Dev Bhai’s favorite, what if all this is for him)”

“Aisa kuch bhi nahi hai, yeh tum sab ko pasand hai isiliye bana rahi hu, iska Dev se koi lena dena nahi hai (There is nothing like that, you all like this that is why I am making it, Dev has nothing to do with it)” Sonakshi said avoiding any eye-contact and concentrating on her work.

“Bana le bahane, main sab jaanti hu, tu aise hi kuch nahi karti (Make as many excuses you want, I know you, you don’t do anything just like that)” Keerti said.

“Tu naa kuch jyada hi bolne lagi hai (You are speaking too much)” Sonakshi gave her a glare “Jaa yaha se mujhe kaam karne de (Go from here and let me do my work)”

“Haa-haa mujhe toh bhagaegi hi, saiyyan ji ke liye khana jo banana hai (Yes, you will chase me away after all you have to make food for him)” Keerti teased her more.

“Tujhe toh main (You)” Sonakshi picked up the rolling pin, Keerti laughed and ran out of the kitchen, Sonakshi switched off the stove and chased Keerti from behind “Aaj toh maar khake hi maanegi tu, ruk Keerti ki bacchi, aaj nahi chodungi (Today you will definitely get my beating, stop Keerti, I won’t spare you today)”

“Pehle pakad ke toh dikha Sona ki bacchi (First catch me Sona)” Keerti laughed as she ran across the living room.

Hearing the noise, Ishwari and Dev also came to the living room and shook their heads seeing their acts; the two would never grow up.

“Maa inka kuch nahi ho sakta (Nothing can happen of them, Maa)” Dev commented.

“Chahe jo bhi ho Sona Keerti ke saath hamesha khush hi rehti hai, dil se hasti hai (Whatever it is Sona is always happy with Keerti, happy from her heart)” Ishwari said looking at Sonakshi.

“Maa, chinta mat kar, Sona ab hamesha khush hi rahegi (Maa, don’t worry, Sona will now always be happy)” Dev said to his mother who smiled at him.

“Kya hua Sona, healthy food khake bhi stamina kam hi hai, itni der mein pakad bhi nahi payi mujhe (What has happened Sona, all your healthy food did not give you any stamina, you could not catch me in all this time)” Keerti knew it would irritate Sonakshi more.

“Khabardaar jo mere khaane ko kuch kaha toh (Don’t you dare say anything to my food)” Sonakshi ran behind her.

“Yeh toh bilkul nahi badli hai abhi bhi healthy khaane se kitna pyaar hai ise (She has not changed at all, she still loves her food the most)” Kuhu commented as she reached the entrance of Dixit House along with Mishti and Naksh, they were surprised by the scene in front of them.

“Bilkul thik kaha tune Kuhu, iska pehla pyaar toh healthy khaana hi rahega hamesha (You are absolutely right Kuhu, healthy food is her first love forever)” Mishti said looking at the chase game of Sonakshi and Keerti.

Before Keerti could realize that there were people standing at the door, she collided with Mishti making her shocked by the sudden collision; Kuhu helped Keerti from falling down by holding her hand.

Sonakshi was surprised and happy seeing them, she stopped running and stood at her place, Dev and Ishwari also turned to look at the entrance hearing her.

Naksh was about to hold Mishti’s hand and help her when Abir came from behind her and caught hold of Mishti thus saving her from falling back, Mishti, Kuhu, and Naksh were shocked seeing Abir while Dev, Keerti, and Ishwari smiled seeing him.

“Mishti” Sonakshi was about to move forward but stopped seeing Abir standing at the door.

“I am so sorry” Keerti said looking at Mishti as Abir made her stand properly.

“It is okay, main thik hu (It is okay, I am fine)” Mishti said with a smile, she then looked at Abir who was also looking at her.

“Abir, tum yaha (Abir, you here)” Naksh asked surprised.

“Haa kyun ki yeh mera ghar hai, par tum sab yaha (Yes, because this is my house, but you all are here)” Abir also asked confused.

“Hum toh yaha hamari friend Sona ke liye aaye hai, kal bataya tha naa sagai (We are here for our friend Sona, I had told you yesterday, the engagement)” Kuhu said and Abir remembered the conversation from the previous day.

“Sach mein small world, pehle pata hota toh hum sab saath mein aate (Small world, if we knew earlier we could have come together)” Abir said.

“Abir Bhai” Keerti said and hugged her brother while he smiled and hugged her back, Dev and Ishwari also walked to the entrance, Abir then took blessings from Ishwari and hugged Dev.

“Madam tujhe invitation bheje kya, aa swagat kar hamara (Madam, do we send you an invitation, come and welcome us)” Mishti called out for Sonakshi, who gave a small smile and walked towards them.

Sonakshi hugged Kuhu, Mishti and Naksh, and introduced them to the others, Kuhu also told them about meeting Abir and their journey together.

All throughout the conversation, Abir stole glances at Sonakshi while she did not look at him even once, Dev and Ishwari noticed this.


“Sona ke haath ka khana hi toh maine sabse jyada miss kiya hai (I have missed the food made by Sona the most)” Kuhu said as she savored the first bite of the puri dipped in the chole curry.

All of them had freshened up and were now sitting at the dining table eating the dinner Sonakshi had prepared. Dev, Ishwari, Keerti, and Naksh smiled at her, Mishti shook her head, and Abir and Sonakshi were lost in their own worlds.

“Woh toh hai Sona khana itna acha banate hai, kabhi-kabhi toh mujhe samajh hi nahi aata ki yeh nutritionist kaise ban gayi, chef banti toh acha hota (After all, Sona makes amazing food, sometimes I wonder how she became a nutritionist, she should have become a chef)” Keerti said eating the food.

“Bilkul sahi kaha Keerti (Absolutely correct Keerti)” Kuhu said.

With the two girls talking, others rarely got a chance to talk and were only listeners to their conversation.

“Are Abir, tu toh kuch kha hi nahi raha hai, tu thik toh hain naa (Abir, why are you not eating anything, are you fine)” Ishwari said looking at Abir who had not eaten much from his plate.

“Haa bilkul thik hu Maa, bas thoda thak gaya hu (I am fine Maa, just a little tired)” He said with a smile and ate his food.

Mishti could notice a change in his behavior, he who could not stop talking at all throughout the journey, was now sitting quietly, something was not right.

“Waise Dev Bhai, aapne tareef nahi ki abhi tak, itna sab kuch aapke liye toh kiya hai Sona ne (By the way Dev Bhai, you did not praise Sona till now, after all, she did all this for you)” Keerti said, hearing her Dev started coughing while Sonakshi gave her a glare.

Mishti, Kuhu, Naksh, and Ishwari laughed seeing Dev’s condition.

“Aisa kuch nahi hai, khana to sab ke liye hi banaya hai maine, sabko pasand hai, tu apna dimaag jyada mat chala (Nothing like that, everyone likes it so I made it, you don’t use your brain too much)” Sonakshi said.

“Are use kyu bol rahi hai, sahi toh keh rahi hai (Why are you saying it to, she is right)” Mishti said and shared a hi-fi with Keerti.

“Tum logo ko kuch samjhana hi bekaar hai (Explaining anything to you all is useless)” Sonakshi said and stood up from her place, she walked away before anyone could stop her, she needed a chance to get away and at the first opportunity she got, she used it.

All looked at her surprised.

“Ise kya hua, aise kyu chali gayi, Sona kabhi aise chidhti nahi thi (What has happened to her, why did she leave like this, Sona never got irritated like this)” Naksh said.

“Main thak gaya hu Maa, sone jaa raha hu (I am tired Maa, I am going to sleep)” Saying so Abir also got up and walked away.

Mishti looked at Abir, her doubts were getting strong, and something had definitely changed ever since their arrival in Dixit house that had changed Abir’s behaviour.

Dev, Keerti, and Ishwari looked at each other. Even Kuhu and Naksh felt something was amiss.


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