My Fault-Riansh OS by Parita

My Fault-Riansh OS

This starts from the point when Riddhima was stabbed in Vansh’s dream however here it is true. Suggested by  AditiSingh1084   on wattpad.


Vansh was going through his files, sitting in his study when he came across Riddhima’s words and complaints. Closing the file, he rested his head back on the chair and thought over her words. He got flashes of the times whenever Riddhima fell in danger, her life was on stake almost every day in his mansion. He wiped off the sweat buds that had formed on his forehead and took a sigh.

He was in deep turmoil, thinking if he should trust his family over Riddhima or listen to Riddhima before he loses her? He loved Riddhima like anything, it was indescribable. It had no limits and he would cross any limits to bring her closer to him. Still thinking about the mishaps that were happening with Riddhima, he picked his phone and dialed Riddhima’s number.

Placing the phone on his ear, he waited for her to pick up. Not getting any response in the next few rings, he hung and shoved the phone on the table, nervous.

Vansh: Why is she not picking up? (worrying) Is she again in some sort of trouble?

The phone rang and Vansh quickly picked it up without seeing the caller id.

Vansh: Sweetheart, why didn’t you pick up? You know how worried I was? (spoke at a go)

Kabir: Since when did I become your sweetheart Vansh!

Vansh: Kabir! (gritting his teeth) Look I have no interest in talking to you nor arguing with you so please!

Kabir: It’s something about your sweetheart…still you won’t listen? (smirking)

Vansh: What do you mean Kabir?

Kabir: I mean that I just came back from saving her, she was about to die.

Vansh: What! (shouting) What happened to her?

Kabir: Oh Vansh, she went for a night stroll when someone targeted her and I came in between, saving you and your baby! Oh yea, she’s safe don’t worry, she must be returning home. Oh yes and don’t need to thank me, I’m just like someone close to her.

Vansh: Chang! (muttering) Kabir, where is she? Why didn’t she call me?

Kabir: As if you’d listen to her? Anyway she’s headed back home.

Vansh: And why did you do this? I mean you hate me and you would want to take an advantage of this situation then….? (curious)

Kabir: I have no enmity with my….I mean Riddhima. All I know I have enmity with you! Vansh Rai Singhania! (hung the call)

As the call got disconnected, Vansh stood up from his chair pacing around the study room. He was boiling in anger and pacing in worry. He fidgeted with his hand and picked up the glass paper weight ball, playing with it.

Vansh: Why didn’t she call me? She could have called me! (Anger)

“As if you’d listen to her” Kabir’s words rang in his ear. He held his forehead in tension and finally agreed with Kabir.

Vansh: He was right…..I wouldn’t have listened to her! Damn it!

Angre: Boss

Angre knocked on the door and Vansh hummed for him to enter. He entered with a straight face and stood beside Vansh. Vansh banged his hand in anger on the table, resulting a small cut on his palm. Angre rushed to him and enquired about his doings.

Angre: Boss, why are you doing this? (worried)

Vansh: It’s all my fault….I didn’t listen to Riddhima! Her life was in stake because of me, if I would have heard her say maybe things would have been different. (frustrated)

Angre: Boss why what happened? Bhabhi is fine? (confused)

Vansh: Kabir called me, Riddhima was in danger and he saved her.

Angre: Why didn’t Bhabhi call you?

Vansh: That’s exact reason why I’m angry, not on her but on myself! From the time she revealed her pregnancy to me I realized I ignored her completely, I didn’t pay attention to her complaints and now because of my doings she’s always in danger! But Angre (emotional) you know right why I refused for the baby… do I explain it to her!

Angre: Calm down boss, please. Talk to her, she’ll understand

Vansh: If anything happens to her then I’m not going to be able to forgive myself. (guilty)

A loud commotion in the hall interrupted him. Angre and Vansh both looked at each other and wondered. Leaving the room in haste, negative thoughts overpowered Vansh and Angre. As they left the room, they heard a few screams that were from their family members. Running towards the hall, they saw everyone under hostage. They stood at the top of the staircase as the men looked at them.

Pulling the family in hostage, they signaled a warning to Angre and Vansh. They had held each and every one on either gun point or knife point. One step further down by them, they pressed the knife deeper on to the neck and prepared the trigger for the gun.

Vansh: What do you all want? Who has sent you here? (anger)

Man 1: Keep that tone of yours down otherwise get ready to bid an adieu to your grandmother here! (threatening)

Dadi: Vansh….Vansh!

Vansh: Dadi, don’t worry. What do you all want? Who sent you here?

Man 2: Boss will call you soon till then shut up and don’t try to show any smartness here!

Ishani: Bhai please do something. (scared) Angre! (crying)

Just then Vansh received a call from an unknown number. Picking it up right away, he talked to him.

Vansh: who are you…what do you want? (anger)

: Revenge of your betrayal VR!

Vansh: Chang! You…I’m not going to spare you for doing this to my family! (anger) I didn’t betray you bastard! Tell your men to get out of my territory! (menacing tone)

Chang: Not a word VR otherwise your family will straight head up to Heaven!

Vansh: Chang!

Chang: I guess you know nothing much about your beautiful wife huh? (smirking)

Vansh: Chang, not a word against her!

Chang: Where is she? Was she in danger? Think about it.(smirking)

Vansh: That means it was you!

Before he could say another word, a petite figure lady entered the mansion shouting his name. She looked tired and pale from all that had taken place with her. Vansh looked shocked at her condition and shouted her name in worry and panic.

Vansh: Riddhimaaaa!!!!

Riddhima: Vansh…these people, dadi (shocked seeing all of them)

Aryan: Don’t come in front otherwise these guys will kill you and us! (warning)

Man 3: I’m sorry but you were too late…..Vansh should have by now fulfilled what boss wanted but he didn’t so see the consequences yourself.

Vansh: You won’t do anything! (anger)

The man, taking long strides approached near Riddhima with a knife in his hands. Vansh widened his eyes and ran down the stairs. The man aggressively held Riddhima and stabbed her with knife, she yelped in pain. Vansh witnessing it shouted her name, in pain. He could feel the pain she felt, they were soulfully attached.

The man mercilessly took out the knife and stabbed her again, giving her double the pain. Tears flowed through Riddhima’s eyes and blood oozing from her mouth. All she feared at that moment was about her baby, clutching her stomach tight she fell on her knees. Vansh rushed to her and took her into his lap. The family was horror struck witnessing everything, tears rolled down as they continued standing there shocked.

Vansh: Riddhima….no no you can’t leave me! No! come on be strong, for me, for our baby please! (crying)

Riddhima: It’s…too late Vansh! (choking) I wish, you…had listened to me! I love you!

Riddhima closed her eyes, giving up while Vansh sat there, shocked in tears. Taking her close to his heart, he hugged her once again, for the last time. The guy who could do anything, was rendered helpless, he had failed to protect his own baby, his own wife who was the love of his life. She had left him, regretting and guilty on his actions. How he wished he had listened to her.

The End

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