Tum Aise Hi Rehna 31st March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Tum Aise Hi Rehna 31st March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Rukmani asking Rajeev to stay in their home. Kapoor pretends to be emotional, but refuses to agree as Abhi is not happy. Kailash assures him that Abhi will involve in the partnership and says he won’t let Abhi break the partnership. Ria thinks Abhi is being scolded because of her. Rukmani asks Kammo to take the guests to the room. She tells Anushka to feel at home. Abhi gets tensed. Kapoor looks at Abhi and eyes him and goes to room. Ria feels helpless. Everyone go inside. Raman tells Kailash to sign on some important papers and they leave. Abhi feels helpless.

In the room, Kapoor stares Kammo. She asks what happened. He throws the money and asks her to get out. Kammo tells him that she never felt that she is a servant and refuses to take money. Kapoor says attitude. Kammo refuses to take. Kapoor walks towards her and stares her angrily. Kapoor tells that servant is a servant and reminds of her status. Kammo gets shocked. Kailash and Raman come there. Kapoor tells that Kammo misbehaved with me, when I gave her 1000 Rs note. Raman asks Kammo to keep the money. Kailash apologizes to Kapoor. Raman asks him to call him whenever needed. Kapoor says sure. Abhi tells Ria that he is not understanding Kapoor’s plan and says he is cold blooded criminal. Ria tells him about Nisha’s sayings. Abhi says I asked Kammo to keep an eye on him while he is making food. Ria says until when.

Abhi says they have to tell the truth to family. Ria stops him and says Kapoor didn’t know that we knew his full truth. Abhi asks what we shall do now. Ria says we shall do everything carefully and says Kapoor is a dangerous man. Kapoor comes and says yes, you said right. I didn’t do anything till now. Abhi asks him to leave. He said I sent invitation to you, but I didn’t force you to do the partnership. What did I do wrong? Abhi tells angrily that they know his truth. Kapoor gets angry and says I will give explanation to your wife about my wife. He then tells that it is his personal matter. He makes it clear that he doesn’t like to break partnership. It shall be ended with death. Ria says no and gets scared. Kapoor tells Ria is scared and asks her not to take tension. Abhi controls his anger. Kapoor asks Ria to make Abhi understand the situation and says I think you are more mature than him. He says he have to go and cook food.

Rukmani tells Sheetal that they will make other dishes. Revathi says she will make one dish and asks Kammo to see if Palak is there. Kammo wipes her tears. Rukmani asks what happened. Kammo says nothing. Rukmani asks her to tell the reason. Kammo is about to say, just then Ria comes. She tells that they shall make food. Rukmani says some people take everything lightly. She taunts Ria indirectly and doesn’t see her face. Ria tells her that there is a reason for her doings. Rukmani tells that some people don’t leave their doings. Ria asks her to give some time to bring out the truth. Kapoor comes and says saas bahu story. He laughs fakely.

Abhi says he have to find a way to handle Kapoor. Anushka comes to his room and apologizes. She says I can understand your helplessness, because I too feel the same. Abhi says he is worried about his family. Anushka asks him to do as Kapoor says. Abhi says you wants to scare me. Anushka says I am saying you the way. Anushka says if you becomes his loved ones then he will not do anything. Abhi calls her stupid or clever person. He refuses to becomes Kapoor’s puppet.

Anushka shows the photo to Abhi. He says I don’t have any interest in your personal life. Anushka asks him to decide after seeing the pic. Abhi is shocked to see his photo with Anushka during her marriage.

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