Swaragini 31st March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Swaragini 31st March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Swara seeing someone and thinks thief has entered her locality. She decides to teach a lesson and goes to catch him. She thinks the thief is going to Ragini’s house. She then sees Laksh’s face and wonders what he is doing late in the night. Laksh goes to the terrace. Swara follows him. Laksh takes out blanket and throws it. It falls on Swara. She hides under it. Laksh searches Ragini’s number and thinks her number is not saved in his phone. Swara comes infront of him and asks what are you doing here. Laksh jokes that he wants to know about the weather. Swara asks him, what is the urgency to meet her. Laksh says he wanted to apologize to Ragini as his life decision depends on Shekhar uncle’s decision. Swara says she can help and calls Ragini. Ragini picks the call. Swara asks her to come to the terrace. Ragini says we will meet in the morning. Swara tells her that Laksh came to meet her. Ragini gets happy and disconnects the call.

Laksh asks is she coming. Swara tells that she will bring Ragini and asks him to wait on the terrace. Ragini is in dilemma. Swara knocks on the door. Ragini opens the door. Swara asks her to come with her. Ragini asks her to go and asks Laksh to go also. Swara says she won’t leave. Ragini asks her to leave and closes the door. She smiles at the thought of Laksh. Swara asks her to open the door and says your Dadi is coming. Ragini gets worried. Dadi knocks on the door asking her to open the door. Swara signs her something. Ragini opens the door. Dadi sees no one and asks who was shouting. Swara gets worried. Ragini lies there is no one inside and makes excuses. Dadi asks her to sleep. Ragini closes the door. Swara asks Ragini to go to terrace. Ragini refuses. Swara says she will lie on her bed, if Dadi comes back. She asks Ragini to go and live the life. Ragini goes to the terrace. Laksh is waiting for her. Ragini comes there.

Laksh and Ragini look at each other. Swara smiles and looks at Shekhar and his family pic. She sprays deo and starts sneezing. Ragini asks Laksh to say. Laksh says I feel sorry is not enough for my mistakes. He says uncle is right, but he has changed now. He says if our relation is broken then please don’t keep any complain in your heart. Ragini feels bad. Dadi comes back and knocks on the door. Swara panics, opens the door and lie down on the bed covering her face. Dadi asks are you sleeping?

Laksh says I know you are troubled because of me and apologizes from his heart. Dida drinks water in the kitchen and sees Laksh and Ragini’s reflection. She calls aloud thief is here. All the neighbors wake up. Dida tells that she saw thief there. Sumi comes and asks what happened. Swara gets up from the bed and wonders what had happened to her. She gets worried. Dadi thinks to check her house. Swara lie down on the bed again. Dadi checks her house.

Swara assumes that Dida saw Laksh and Ragini. Dadi asks Dida to tell what she has seen. Dida starts taunting her. Dadi asks why did you wake up everyone. They start fighting. Dida says your grand daughter might be roaming. Dadi says she is sleeping inside. Shekhar comes. Dida tells that she saw the thief on the terrace. Laksh and Ragini hide on the terrace. Laksh tells the jokes. Ragini says this is not the right time to joke and cries. Laksh says he shall cry. Ragini says she refused Swara. She worries for her family’s respect. Laksh says sorry. Sumi says nobody shall go alone. A man accompanies Shekhar. Laksh checks and tells Ragini that someone is coming with your papa. They hide. Shekhar looks here and there for the thief. Ragini and Laksh hide and get close. Dadi looks at sleeping Ragini (Swara).

Dadi tells Dida that thief is in your home. Dada says we shall look for thief. Sumi comes to Swara’s room and finds her missing. Dadi sits near Swara. She gets tensed. Shekhar keeps on looking for thief.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Laksh and ragini are the perfect couple
    Love u gys

    1. Ya reena….eben I like laksh-ragini jodi!!
      They both look cute together <3 : )

  2. Sorry it’s even*

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